WiFiSUIT 1.1.23
For your safety using, it will inform you one of the followingconditions1. Safe(Green)- It is safe.2. Caution(Orange)- It is safefor a moment. But, this can be attacked by hackers anytime becauseit's vulnerable environment.3. Dangerous(Red)- This WiFi is beingattacked. Disconnect it right away.
AppSuit AV 1.0.5
스틸리언만의 백신엔진을 통하여, 매일 악성코드 분석을 통해 업데이트 되는 다양한 패턴과 AI분석 시스템을 통해 설치된악성코드, 악성앱을 찾습니다. 신뢰되지않는 모든 프로그램을 제거하여, 안전한 모바일 환경에서 금융 및 각종거래를 할 수있습니다. Through the steel Adrien million vaccines engines, looks formalware and malicious apps installed via a variety of patterns andanalyzing AI system is being updated by the malware analysis everyday. To remove any programs that are not trusted, can the financialand other transactions in a secure mobile environment.