LOSTGUNS: 2D pixel online Shooting game, PVP 1.311
** This game requires WIFI or 3G/LTE connection to play. **『Over 3million downloads』 The best 2D online shooting game,LOSTGUNS!Compete and cooperate with your friends and users allaround the world!co-op, pvp now in real time!For new users, you canget various free items to be the best shooter!*Features - PVP mode,Play with multiplayers online up to 8 players (1vs1 ~ 4vs4). -Various modes including Deathmatch, Bomb Installation, Golden Robotetc - More shooting More points! Gain valuable prizes throughladder points! - Collect different weapons like rifles, shotguns,snipers, and rare skins! - Clan system updated! Make your own clanand receive precious rewards.**COOPERATIVE MODE - Cooperate with upto 4 multiplayers online. - Defend your nexus against wolves inmission mode.***COMMUNITY - Enjoy the game even better with friendsaround the world. - Supports convenient functions such as lobby,shop, and mailbox.◆ Permissions that are used in the game- AccessContacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)(When connected) Login to your Googleaccount, Google will be able to identify your handset registered inthis app. The game will not be logged reject the authorizationrequest.- Device photo, media, and file access(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE):Various options(ex: sound, optimization, etc.) required for the game are needed totemporarily store or load the status on the device.* All statementsused in the description may be slightly different depending on thedevice and OS version.
Pocket Mafia: Mysterious Thriller game 1.170
The first Mafia game with avatar! Pocket Mafia!Enjoy a real-timethriller game with 10 friends!!Game rules● Civil team is hiding inthe village, you must find who is Mafia.● Mafia team must killcitizens at night.Features● Cannot be seen in other games real-timeavatar system!● Cannot be seen in other games graphics renderingthe best tension!● A varied and interesting career play!● Up to 10player and enjoying the breathtaking psychological warfare in realtime!● Mini games and more fun as the square O/X quiz game gameplay!● Weekly updated!Weekly update, expect a variety of jobs andsystem!!OfficialCommunity: free tojoin us :D◆ Permissions that are used in the game- Access Contacts(GET_ACCOUNTS)(When connected) Login to your Google account, Googlewill be able to identify your handset registered in this app. Thegame will not be logged reject the authorization request.- Devicephoto, media, and file access (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE /READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE):Various options (ex: sound, optimization,etc.) required for the game are needed to temporarily store or loadthe status on the device.- Voice recording function (RECORD_AUDIO):The Voice Mafia will soon be available for you to enjoy Mafia byvoice chat. (Currently in beta testing)* All statements used in thedescription may be slightly different depending on the device andOS version.
팬픽 메이커 - 아이돌 팬픽 만들기/공유하기 1.12
당신이 좋아하는 스타/아이돌과 함께 팬픽 이야기를 만들어보세요!팬픽 메이커에서는 누구든지 쉽게 팬픽을 쓸 수 있습니다!기능- 친구와 채팅 하듯이 대화를 치면, 팬픽이 완성되요!- 사진/음악을 카메라에서 바로 가져와 넣을 수 있어요!- 눈/비/화면 흔들림 등의 다양한 화면 효과를 지원해요.- 내가 만든 팬픽을 쉽게 친구들과 공유할 수 있어요!- 내가 만든 팬픽에 태그를 달고, 팬픽메이커의 수많은 유저들과 공유해보세요!팬픽 메이커 카페에서 더 많은 정보를 얻어가세요!-* 아이돌, 스타, 팬픽, 팬덤, 팬, 라이트노벨, 소설, 노벨, 웹툰, 만화, 팬픽메이커 모두 모여라!----개발자 연락처 :서울시 관악구 봉천동 871-1Feel free to talkwithpaenpik star / idol you like!In paenpik Maker, anyone can easily use the paenpik!function - Like chatting with a friend hit the conversation,paenpikCan I finish this! - You can put Bring your pictures / music fromyourcamera! - It supports a variety of screen effects like snow / rain/flicker. - I made a paenpik I can easily share with yourfriends! - Put a tag on paenpik I made, and try to share withmanyusers of paenpik maker!Paenpik go get more information from the manufacturerCafe! - Http://* Idol, star, paenpik, fandom, both fans, light novel,fiction,Novell, Real Madrid, cartoon, paenpik makers gather!
Zombie Strike Online : 3D,FPS,PVP 1.60
Let's Play FPS Zombie Strike online!Be a powerful shooter, Joinwarfare by shooting!Shooting unique pixel gun with friendsonline![Feature]- FPS zombie game with multiplayers online!-Multiplayer PVP Deathmatch / Zombie Infection / Battle Royalemode!- Use Various weapons. (Rifle/Shotgun/Sniper/Knife/pixelgunetc)- New updates are coming soon! will be awesome!Enjoy together!More friends More fun!Community: us andEnjoy Zombie Strike online shooting game online :D
Grow Stone Online : 2d pixel RPG, MMORPG game 1.396
★Over 1 Million Downloads! & 1st Anniversary Party★ It's Partytime! Come and Enjoy this PARTY now ★Scenario Mode! Season 2"Destroyed Stone" Open! ★ More Stronger Boss Monster 'Gluttony'!Fight now and meet Lakvo! ★★ SURPRISE★★ ★★Play now and type"SHOWMETHEGOLD", get 1,000,000 Gold for free ★★ ■■■ 2d onlineMMORPG game to find the legendary stone! ■■■ Welcome to Grow StoneOnline, adventure to find the legendary stone! Play 2d pixel mmorpggames and Grow stone with multiplayers online! Why stone? Causeit's the first weapon of man in the world!! [How to Play] ○ SuperEasy! Just tap and Touch, That's it ○ If you're busy, Use AutoFunction! ○ Get Rewards while you're not in game ○ Jump up and usemining machine! [Best Weapon] ○ Knife? Bomb? Arrow? what aboutstone? ○ Dig and grow stone in mine! do IDLE RPG ○ Imagine whathappened if you combine them ○ Make a Pheonix, Solar Stones etc[Enjoy 2d MMORPG] ○ Fight in Dangerous Dungeon games with friends ○Be Brave! Adventure to Tower of challenge ○ Anyone who fight withme? Let's PVP! ○ Enjoy Castle Battle with your clan ○ Run! it's aBattle Field! Co-op! ○ Hunt Monsters in many fields, do RPG! ○Exciting Raid-Boss monster online ○ Challenge! The hardest hellmode of dungeon! ○ Show me your power! Let's fight in Arena ○ GetFishing Bait back! Catch Flying Fishes now [More friends, More fun]○ Join the clan and be the best clan! ○ You're not alone! EnjoyParty Hunting! ○ Exciting Party Quest! Real RPG! ○ Become a couplewith couple system~ xoxo ○ Doing fishing, talking with others, getitems too ○ Trade at town, mine by vending machine! [So attractive]○ Meet various Avatar, pet in 2d pixel, retro graphic ○ Decorateyour avatar with armor, accessory etc ○ Time killing! addictiveCombination! like a IDLE games! ○ Enjoy rain, snow! weather justlike a real world. [EVENT] ○ Free Dungeon Tickets everyday! ○Double Gold, Rubies in 'Hot time'! ○ Got tons of gift from 'OnTime' Event! ○ Rain will bring you good luck ○ More amazing eventis waiting for you! [Contact us] ○ Please send mail if you have anyquestion or find any errors or love our game. We'll try to reply assoon as possible even though we are on the adventure. Waiting foryou, Brave Adventurers! See you in 2d pixel mmorpg game, Grow StoneOnline! ○ Community here : ○ Customer Service :[email protected] ○ Terms of Service : ■■■ Thank you!■■■
Nekoland Player - easy RPG game maker 1.551
You can make your own game with the most easy game making tool,Nekoland without Programming skill. How to 1. Make your own gamewith Nekoland Studio. 2. Upload on Nekoland App and Play withonline on Mobile. 3. Check Feedback, Enjoy other games, Talk withplayers from all over the world. You don't need to learnProgramming, Just use Nekoland Making tool which is super easy!Don't throw away your amazing idea! It's time to show your idea tothe world. So, Let's Download Nekoland Studio and Join us. NekolandCommunity: Nekoland Studio Download: