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Castle BMX 1.0
A story of Castle BMX .Riding a BMX is a boy dream . Boy father bought a new BMX for him.Boy are very happy . BMX is that boy favorite . One day theboyriding his BMX wants to go to find a friend . Boy riding his BMXtoa friend house . Boy and his friend feel tired of playing onedayalready so he wants to go home . On the way home and the boysawmountains have a strange building . Boy was curious . Boy wantedtosee the strange building tomorrow . Tomorrow the Boy wokeupimmediately riding his BMX to go to that place . He arrivedthereJust know that is a castle . Boy riding BMX run in the castle.Some pumpkin in the castle . Pumpkin hindering him to run sotheboy began to learn it jump together with BMX . In this oldcastleboy learned a lot of bike jumps . Now your turn . Downloadand playCastle BMX now .Notice1 . Just tap the screen can make BMX jump .2 . Collect apples to improve your score .3 . Pumpkin is an obstacle .4 . Frog make BMX jump higher .5 . The fire will burn BMX .6 . Rabbit signboard can lets BMX acceleration .7 . Left leaf and right leaf signboard can let BMX go left andright.
Rocket Zombie 1.0
Rocket Zombie game really exciting .Thiszombie just eat hot dogs . He definitely does not hurt people.Soldiers found a zombie in the mountains . Soldiers wants tokillthe zombies . Soldiers sent a lot of rocket to kill zombies .Butthe zombies will avoid those rockets . Soldiers discoveredthezombie like to eat hot dog . Soldiers thought of a way to dealwithzombies . Soldiers put hot dogs on the plants for the zombiestoeat . Zombies smell the hot dogs taste came to the front oftheplants . Now the soldiers has begun firing rockets againstzombies. Zombie scared to climb on plants . But plants bounced upthezombies . Zombie feeling a lot of fun . When rockets fly tohimzombie felt a little scared . But zombies jumped on the rocketandthe rocket will falling . Zombie use his head to knock it downtherocket . Soldiers saw the zombies use head to knock it down alltherockets . Soldiers give up to kill the zombies . Becausethezombies too awesome .Download Rocket Zombie now . Do not waste your time . Try it .Notice1 . Just tap the screen to control the zombie jump left andright.2 . Rocket hit the zombie will be deducted from a drop ofblood.3 . Tread on a rocket can jump farther .4 . Standing flower can let zombies high jump .5 . Collect hot dogs get a higher score .
What Burger Food 1.0
Do you have played hide and seek it . Thisissimilar to the game . What the food you like to eat . What thefoodare delicious . Fried chicken or burger . Which food you liketoeat . If you like to eat burger then this game will notbedifficult to you . Right . As long as you find the burger thenyoucan through to the next level . The next level are moredifficultbecause there will be a lot of bowls and will speed up .Hope allgourmets have fun with What Burger Food game .Now your turn . Download and play What Burger Food now .Notice1 . To find out the location of burger .2 . Eyes to stare at the screen .3 . Get your high score .
Monster Planet Jump 1.0
Monster Planet Jump si a jumping game .Justcontrol monster jump . This monster jumping very powerful .Monstercan from the first planet jump to the another planet . Iftheplanet is too far than He will use those guns to let himshootfarther planet . Those guns can not hurt this monster .Because themonster is the strongest in the universe . Monster alsocollected alot of stars in the universe . Now look this monster canget howmany scores .Download Monster planet Jump now . Do not miss this game .Hopeyou have fun .Notice1 . Just tap the screen can control the monster jump .2 . Monster can not fall down .3 . Collect stars to improve your scores .
Angry Eagle 1.0
Angry Eagle is a jumping game . In thisgamethe Eagle very angry the birds . Those birds will not jump away.Because angry eagle flying too fast so the birds too late tojumpaway . The birds thus becomes the eagle food . Eagles sawtheaeroplane flying in the sky . Eagle was accidentally hitbyaeroplane . But the Eagles did not die . It is to acceleratethespeed of the eagle . If the eagle hit the devil will fall . Nowseehow much you can get the score . Hope you can be happy toplayAngry Eagle game .Notice1 . Aeroplane hit will accelerate .2 . Eagles caught the devil will fall .3 . Elongated line on the screen .
Dragon Sea City 1.0
Dragon Sea City game is easy to control .Youmust like it .There was a newborn dragon in the sea city . Dragon mothertoldbaby dragon a story . The story is small dragon become astrongdragon . Dragon mother said there was a small dragon playingin thesea city but the fish and prawns in the sea are bullied thesmalldragon . The small dragon Back to dragon mother around to crythendragon mother ask why do you cry .The small Dragon said tobebullied by fish and prawns but the dragon mother did not gotofight with those fish and prawns and the dragon mother saidthebaby grow up fast will not be bullied . Now this baby dragonaskedhis mother . So how can i grow up fast then the dragon motherwitha smile and said Of course eating seafood can grow up fast .Dragonlistening to this story and immediately to eat those fishandprawns .Download it . Support it . Play this Dragon Sea City game now.Hope you have fun with this game .Notice1 . Tap the left and right arrow button to control the dragonmove.2 . Can not bite dragon body . If bite will lose the game .3 . Eat all the seafood to let dragon grow up .
Road Cars Riot 1.0
Road Cars Riot is a cars racing shootinggameand it is really exciting .Do you have to drive a super car . Now is the chance to drivethesuper car . In this game there are many cars driving veryslowly .You can collect the rocket on the road to attack them .Those carsdriving slow in the road makes you gonna be riot . Nowyou can go tothe road and start your super car engine because riotwill become .Start your game now .Hope you have fun with this Road Cars Riot game . Downloadthiscars shooting game now . Do not waste your time .Notice1 . Just tap the button at lower left to control the car up downandbrake .2 . Collect the rocket to kill your enemy .3 . Tap the button at lower right to launch your rocket .4 . Collect oil can let you go farther .
Tiny Turbo Thief 1.0
This is a story of Tiny Turbo Thief .Heeveryday Steal things but no one can catch him . Because he wastootiny so the people can not catch this thief . Thief wasafraidthere would be caught one day .Thief do not want to be caughtso heinstalled a turbo in him . The turbo is too fast . Turboreallyfast and he almost can not control . But he slowly adapt . Healsolearned to jump to the second wall . Five years later . Now heisthe tiny bad thief in the world .Are you ready to start stealing yet . If you're readythenimmediately download this game . Tiny Turbo Thief can makeyouhappy all day .NoteIn each wall to steal the treasure and star can make toimproveintegrationEasy to control . Just control the thief jumpCan not fall to the holeHave fun
Angry Strike Birds 1.0
Angry Strike Birds game is easy to play.Funfair fans must liked . The game protagonist is a blue birds.Play this game must be agile . Your enemy is those birds .Pleasedo not be angry if you can not strike those birds . Becausethoseenemy will always appear to let you strike . Do not be angrytostrike the birds . You must be happy to strike and get thehighscore . Remember . Enemy is come out to let you strike andenemyare not come out to strike you . Relax to play it . Hopefunfairfans have fun .Download it . Support it . Strike it . Play Angry Strike Birdstoforget all the troubles .Notice1 . Tap the screen to strike the blue birds .2 . Strike all the blue birds to get you high score .
Pirate Rope Kings 1.0
Pirate Rope Kings is a cut rope game .Thepirate want to be a kings . Who can wear the king cap thatcanbecome kings . King cap is just above pirate . Now pirate wanttoget that king cap . The pirate want to be a kings . He thoughtfora moment . How to get the king cap . Pirate rely on his men tohelphim cut the big rope . Pirate hope his men can successfully cutthebig rope . The king cap must drop on the pirates head . Nowlookhow you help the boss to wear the king cap . Because you arethehelper pirates .Download Pirate Rope Kings now . Hope you have fun . Try it .Notice1 . Just cut the rope to let the cap drop .2 . Rope will shake .3 . The police car is an obstacle .4 . Collect stars .
Fishing Boat Diary 1.0
Download and support Fishing Boat Diary.Do you have a diary habit . Every time I go to the sea fishingthatI will write a diary . Because I want to write down myfishingrecords and visited places . I give this diary to take aname andthe name is fishing boat diary . Now let you know how toplay thisgame . Play is very simple . Just collect all the fish butbecareful on the sea there got some stone and you must dodge it.Thegame has two boat . At the same time you must to control bothboat. This game have some difficulty but you must like it .Hope you have fun with Fishing Boat Diary game . Thank you forplay.Notice1 . Just tap the screen to control boat2 . Control two boat .3 . Must collect all the fish .4 . Do not hit the stone .
Soccer Jump Stars 1.1
Soccer Jump Stars is a jumping game . Thisgameis really very exciting and also got some difficulty . Thisgameonly need to control the soccer to jump and collect all thestars .Do not touch the other soccer because those are obstacles .Thissoccer game is something special because the soccer iscontrolled byhand . You control the soccer is not allowed to falland If you fallthe soccer will lose So you have to take Control .Do not let thesoccer fall just tap the screen to control thesoccer jump . Now letyou play exciting games . Remember to controlthe soccer and collectmore stars to feel a sense of accomplishment. Quickly downloadSoccer Jump Stars game now . Do not miss it .Notice1 . Tap the screen to control the soccer jump .2 . The other soccer are obstacles .3 . Collect all the stars .
Hay Happy Day 1.0
Download and support Hay Happy Day . This isaflying game .The scarecrow in a green and beautiful farm working .Howeverbecause the weather is too hot and now the green andbeautiful farmhave dried already . Scarecrow saw grass are driedand he also feltvery hot . Now he saw a lot of hay flying in thesky . Scarecrowlooked very happy and he also wanted to fly up toplay . ScarecrowChallenge himself . He challenged not to hit thehay and if he hitthe hay will lose in this day . Scarecrow was funto play . He hopecan play with hay in this farm every day .Hope you have fun with Hay Happy Day game . Thank you forplay.Notice1 . Just tap the screen to control the scarecrow fly .2 . Can not drop too low because Be injured and lose thegame.3 . Do not hit the hay .