Learning English for BBC - Practice Listening 3.8.0
It's a free tool for English learners from BBC Learning Englishwith English lessons will help you to improve English skills asEnglish listening, speaking English, English conversation, Englishvocabulary, English grammar, English Dictionary,English Practice,and exercises English. PROGRAMS INCLUDED: The English We Speak,Words in the News, 6 Minute English,Drama,Pronunciation, NewsReport, LingoHack, 6 Minute Vocabulary,6 Minute Grammar LearningEnglish for BBC can help you learn English online daily and canexam preparation the English international certification such asTOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS Currently available for Features English: ★ TheEnglish We Speak. ★ Words in the News. ★ 6 Minute English. ★ 6Minute Vocabulary (Lower-Intermediate) ★ 6 Minute Grammar(Lower-Intermediate) ★ 6 Minute Vocabulary (Intermediate) ★ 6Minute Grammar (Intermediate) ★ LingoHack ★ English at Work ★Express English. ★ Drama. ★ News Report ★ Talking Business ★English At University'. App’s Features: ★ Listen & Read lessonwith Audio & Auto Scroll Transcripts ★ Search lesson. ★ Recentlesson. ★ Bookmark manager. ★ Download audio file. ★ BackgroundAudio Mode. ★ Two listen mode: Online or Offline. ★ Addon EnglishDictionary. ★ Words Bookmark: Learn Vocabulary and New Words. Let'simprove all of your English skills: English Listening, EnglishVocabulary, English Grammar and English Speaking right now.
Listening English with VOA - Practice Listening 2.6.3
Learn American English with English language lessons from Voice ofAmerica. VOA Learning English helps you learn English withvocabulary, listening and comprehension lessons through daily newsand interactive English learning activities. "Listening Englishwith VOA" is your best application to improve your EnglishListening, English Grammar, English Vocabulary and English Speaking, Practice English. * Categories - 13 categories from VOA LearningEnglish Program with audio, video, story, words. - Free download touse when you're offline. - Auto update new lessons. * LEARN ENGLISH- You will learn English through simple English Conversations from"Listening English for VOA" Program:English in a Minute, NewsWords, Leaning English TV , etc.. Each lesson comes with audio,video, story and words list, which help you to improve your EnglishGrammar, English Speaking and expand your English Vocabulary. Let'simprove all of your English skills: English Listening, EnglishGrammar, English Vocabulary and English Speaking, Practice Englishright now with "Listening English for VOA" NOTICES: - This is NOTthe official application from VOA Pod. - Created for moreconvenience and efficiency for the contents of VOA Pod. - VOA hasall copyright about these provided contents. - Feel free to let meknow if you have any suggestions about this application.
学英语听力 ( Learn English Listening) 2.1.0
BBC英语学习是有帮助的应用程序,它可以提高你的英语听力和词汇。您可以通过新闻,体育,图片,视频和音频资源学习英语。BBC英语学习是一个免费的应用程序为英语学习者。练习英语词汇,听力和口语技能BBC学习英语BBC英语学习与来自BBC的英语语言课程。BBC英语学习可以帮助你学习英语通过每天的新闻词汇,听力和理解能力的课程。专题 - - 随身英语 - (take awayenglish)《随身英语》帮你了解当代英国生活,什么走俏,什么最酷。内容包含新词、语法和听力阅读练习。可在线使用,也可下载音频文字带着走。《随身英语》,学习英语新潮流!- 地道英语 - (authentic real english)英语语言发展变化迅速,新词不断涌现。所以,了解时兴词汇至关重要。本栏目介绍英国年轻人在日常生活、工作中讲的“地道英语”。可下载音频,有文字对照。《地道英语》,真正地道。- 英语大破解 - (lingo hack) 视频栏目《英语大破解》带你饱览世界各地异闻趣事。让你高高兴兴看视频,轻轻松松学英语。 -你问我答 - (q and a) 你提问,我们回答。互动栏目《你问我答》回答你在英语学习过程中遇到的语法、词汇、文化等方方面面的难题。- 今日短语 - (todays phrase)《今日短语》教你实用英语常用表达。通过中英双语解释和大量实用例句帮你轻松掌握固定搭配、习惯用语和常用成语。 - 媒体英语 -(media english) 《媒体英语》带大家一起学习 BBC 撰稿人在报道世界大事时常用的单词、短语和固定搭配表达。 -英语小测验 - (english quizzes) 你的英语水平怎么样?试试在线小测验,考考自己的语法和词汇。 - 每周一报 -(story of the week) 视频栏目《每周一报》带你饱览世界各地异闻趣事。让你高高兴兴看视频,轻轻松松学英语。BBCLearning English is a helpful application that can improve yourEnglish listening and vocabulary.You can learn English throughnews, sport, pictures, video and audio resources.BBC LearningEnglish is a free application for learners of English. PracticeEnglish vocabulary, listening and speaking skills BBC LearningEnglishBBC English learning and English language courses from theBBC. BBC Learning English can help you learn English through thenews vocabulary, listening comprehension and dailycurriculum.Thematic -   - Portable English - (takeaway english)     "Carry English" to helpyou understand the contemporary British life, what is popular, whatis cool. Content includes new words, grammar, reading and listeningexercises. Available online or can be downloaded audio word go."Carry English" to learn English New Wave!   -Authentic English - (authentic realenglish)     English language developmentchange rapidly, new words emerge. So, understand the fashionvocabulary is essential. This section describes the British youngpeople in their daily life, work, speak of "authentic English."Downloadable audio with text controls. "Real English" reallyauthentic.   - English large crack - (lingohack)     Video program "English bigbreak" takes you around the world to enjoy different smellinteresting. Happily let you watch the video, easy to learnEnglish.   - You asked me answer - (q anda)    You ask, we answer. Interactive program"You asked me answer" to answer problems you encountered in theprocess of learning English grammar, vocabulary, culture and otheraspects.        - Todayphrase - (todays phrase)    "Today, the phrase"expression commonly teach you practical English. To help youthrough a large number of bilingual interpretation and practicalsentences with fixed easily grasp, idioms and commonidioms.       - Media English -(media english)    "Media English" we willstudy together with BBC writer commonly used words, phrases, andfixed with expression when reporting on worldevents.   - English Quiz - (englishquizzes)    How good is your English level? Tryonline quizzes, quiz own grammar and vocabulary.   -weekly newspaper - (story of theweek)     Video column "a weeklynewspaper" takes you around the world to enjoy different smellinteresting. Happily let you watch the video, easy to learnEnglish.