Cleaner For Android :Phone Booster & RAM Optimizer
Cleaner For Android : a versatile and effective app to boost andoptimize your Android phone’s performance. This Android optimizerapp comes with one-tap booster feature to clean junk files,optimize phone’s battery, delete duplicate files, app manager andvarious other modules to improve device’s overall performance.Moreover, this best cleaner for Android is compatible with latestAndroid version. Quick RAM booster (cache cleaner and RAMoptimizer) Manually cleaning phone’s cache and optimizing RAM isn’teasy. RAM optimizer makes it simple. By simply tapping TAP TO BOOSTyou can solve all your Android phone problem and optimizer itsperformance. Junk File Cleaner (clutter remover) Due to prolongedusage Android devices get cluttered with hundreds of junk filesthat clutter your phone. Junk File Cleaner module identifies andsecurely removes this clutter to free up space and improve phone’sperformance. Battery Saver (battery reviver) Battery Saver analysesbattery usage status and terminates battery draining apps that arenot in use but still run in the background. This featureeffectively addresses battery drain problem faced by Android users.It extends and saves battery power, plus shows device’stemperature. Game SpeedUP (enhance gaming experience) While playinggames experiencing performance or stability issues on your deviceis frustrating. Game SpeedUP frees up valuable resources and RAM togive your device a significant speed boost. It closes anybackground running processes to boost gaming processes, and toenhance gaming performance. Manage Storage Proficiently (AppManager) Application has the perfect App Manager module to locateand display space-hogging apps that are no longer in use. You canuninstall and disable such apps to recover space and speed upAndroid. Moreover, you can Archive files. This means the bestAndroid optimizer app will take a backup of .apk files beforedeleting them. File Explorer (manage your files efficiently) Managefiles stored on your device efficiently and easily with FileExplorer. It works as an intelligent tool to categorize files.Moreover, using File Explorer you can share, take backup of yourfiles and even delete them. Duplicate Files Remover (space saver)Duplicate content takes unnecessary space on the device. Thismodule helps recover space by thoroughly scanning your device forduplicate files based on file name, content and file type. Bydefault, detected duplicates are auto marked for deletion, keepingone copy unchecked. Hibernate (Save phone’s battery life) MostAndroid users face battery drain problem, during this timeHibernate module comes to play. As this feature puts your phoneinto low power state. This means it hibernates unused apps or appsthat has been inactive for a long time. To use it you will need toenable accessibility services that will be used only forinformational purpose. Please be assured your personal details arenever compromised or misused by this app or Systweak Software.WhatsApp Module (view WhatsApp data at one place) Running out ofspace on your Android device? Use this module to view and manageall your sent and received WhatsApp media including images, videos,audio files etc. at one place. It will help you in getting rid ofunwanted data taking up valuable space and improve deviceperformance.
Duplicate Photos Fixer - Similar Pictures Remover
Duplicate Photos Fixer helps to locate and remove duplicate photosfrom your Android phones which unnecessarily hog space.. The app iseasy to use. All you need to do is select scan type and start thescan to find exact or similar matches for photos. It will searchthrough the device storage including the external media. In short,it is a simplistic app which helps to remove duplicate photos, savetime and regain space on your Android device. Features: ● Flexiblescan modes: The app is a duplicate image finder that gives variousscan options, using which you can either scan the entire devicestorage at one go or select specific folders for scanning andcleaning of duplicate photos.:     ⚬ Full scan:This duplicatepicture finder does an in-depth scan to search for similar andexact photos on both phone storage and SD card.     ⚬ Cameraimages:The app gives you an option to separately scan only thosepictures which are captured through camera of your device.     ⚬Select Folder:You can scan specific folders of your choice forduplicate photos in the gallery or on external media of yourAndroid phone. The app is equipped with this useful feature. ●Group-wise result Duplicate Photos Fixer groups the duplicatephotos together so it’s easy to confirm and delete duplicates. ●Preview before deleting Duplicate Photos Fixer not only findsduplicate and similar looking images, it also shows a preview ofduplicate and original images before deletion. ● Auto- Marking Theduplicate file finder app comes with auto marking feature to makethe work easier! It automatically marks all duplicate images inevery group, leaving one picture as the original; this helps indeleting all duplicate images easily and quickly without muchmanual effort. ● Arranged gallery of photos The objective ofDuplicate Photos Fixer is to give a well-organized and neatlyarranged photo library, so that you do not have to scroll throughthousands of duplicates to find an important image. ● Recoverblocked space Duplicate and similar photos hog valuable internaland external storage space on Android phones. The app comes with anintuitive user interface to scan for duplicates and helps recovergigabytes of storage space by removing duplicate and similarlooking images. ● Set criteria for accurate results You cancustomize the matching level criteria as per your preference to getthe desired results. This feature uses 2 different criteria’snamely, Exact Match and Similar Match to determine how closely animage matches. Exact Match does this task more precisely and showsthe exact duplicate. Download this free duplicate media remover toremove similar and duplicate photos all at once. More space, moreclicks!
Save yourself some time from sifting through millions of utilityapps for your phone. App Downloader brings you some of the bestapps for your Android device directly filtered from the play store,designed & developed by Systweak Software. It is one of thefinest application suite, consisting of apps that can solve yourcommon mobile problems & fulfil your requirements. Fall in lovewith your Android device all over again! Install our suggestedapplications to improve your overall mobile experience. These appsare best suited for: - Photography Lovers - Phone Optimization -Incoming/Outgoing Call Recording - Releasing valuable storage spaceand Cloud Backup
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro - Free Up More Space
Users like you can now click loads of pictures, we have made theapplication FREE for all. Delete thousands of duplicate and similarimages with Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Keep Clicking!! Organizeyour image collection perfectly with the best duplicate cleaner!Having duplicate images in a smartphone is natural. At times, theseare clicked unintentionally and at others, to capture the best ofshots. In either of the cases, these images occupy plenty of space,which could have been used to keep other valuable data. Removingsimilar images manually is a tough and tedious activity. It is timeand energy consuming. This process can be shortened and images canbe deleted instantly using this duplicate photo remover. DuplicatePhotos Fixer Pro searches for similar images and removes duplicatephotos in no time. The advanced features of this duplicate photoremover make it the best duplicate annihilator. Smart duplicatephoto finder Scan your images quickly with these modes:     ⚬Camera Images: Scanning through this feature will search forsimilar images in camera roll folder only. Therefore, when you onlywant clean camera roll folder, go to Camera Images section of thisduplicate photo finder.     ⚬ Full Scan: Full scan will find allduplicate photos on your phone, even the ones that lay in hiddenfolders and on external storage. This helps to recover ample spaceon devices.     ⚬ Select Folder: This feature gives you the controlto find duplicate photos in any specific folder. Be it WhatsAppphotos or Facebook photos, any duplicate and similar images thesefolders may contain are easily tracked and deleted. Matching Level:Matching criteria is easy to set on this duplicate image finder.There are three levels- low, high, and default. These levels willsearch duplicate and similar images as per the preference you haveset. Groups: All duplicate images are sorted in groups. Eachduplicate and similar image is presented in a group; all duplicateshave different groups. Auto Mark: Once all duplicate images areidentified, they can be marked with a click and will be deleted inno time. Languages: This duplicate picture finder designed for allkinds of users. It has many inbuilt languages in order to assistusers from all corners of the world. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro ishandy and simple to use. You may find several duplicate photofinders, but using them may not be as easy to use as DuplicatePhotos Fixer Pro. This duplicate cleaner has a few simple and handyfeatures which you can access easily and make the app simple andplain. Users don't have to invest much of their precious time inunderstanding and extracting benefits of this app. Your phonegallery will be glad when it has no clogging. Enjoy a clean anduncluttered gallery with this duplicate picture finder. We lovefeedback! It helps us become better. If you have suggestions,comments or anything you’d like to share with us about our app, youcan freely reach us at
Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover
“Duplicate Files Fixer” finds and removes duplicate files from yourAndroid device so that you can recover additional storage spacewithout much ado. Moreover, similar photo cleaner the latestfeature added to the application will remove similar pictures too.Using this tool, you can search for similar pictures, copies offiles stored on the phone's internal or external storage. Plus,Duplicate Files Fixer scans for duplicate file contents regardlessof file name and format. What kind of problems are caused byduplicate files?   ● Slows down your Android device   ● Occupyunnecessary space   ● Creates a mess and disarray on your device  ● Clutters device making finding data difficult   ● Makes searchesmore complicated and slow   ● Reduces storage capacity by a majorpercentage Key Features of Duplicate Files Fixer   ● Searches foraccurate duplicate files stored on your Android device   ●Identifies both exact and similar looking copies of photos   ●Detects and deletes all types of duplicate files   ● White listsAndroid files to avoid accidental deletion   ● Preview all detectedduplicate files for safer search   ● Full scan mode and otheradvanced search methods   ● Comprehensive duplicate finder andremoval tool   ● Option to set scanning criteria   ● Auto markoption to quickly remove duplicates Why Duplicate Files Fixer?   ●Interface:This nifty tool makes detection and removal of duplicatefiles super easy. In just a tap you can scan your device forduplicate file and can get rid of them. Not only this, App providesdual themes - Classic & Material, to outspread its reach tousers. The difference in both themes is their interface. Where theclassic theme is simple and plain, the material theme is attractiveand shows categorized results. These themes can be accessed fromDuplicate Files Fixer and Remover settings.   ● Super-Fast ScanEngine: Scanning for duplicate files is done at lightning fastspeed.   ● Similar photo Cleaner: Cleans both duplicate and similarphotos   ● Exclude Folders: Prevent folders of your choice frombeing scanned for duplicates files.   ● Scan any file type: You canscan specific file type for duplicates be it media, documents orany. Furthermore, can scan all at once, the choice is yours.   ●Multi-lingual support: This duplicate file remover app supports 15languages in total, including German, French, Japanese,Arabic andmany more.   ● Mark Options: This Duplicate Files Fixer and Removerapp provide 4 alternatives to mark duplicates i.e. 'Mark All exceptFirst', 'Mark All except Last', 'Unmark All' & 'Unmark ShortestFile Location'. This means, don't have to mark duplicates manually.Use any of the options and you’re good to go!
Systweak Anti-Malware is a robust virus protection and malwareremoval app for Android. This Android security app protects yoursmartphone from malware and infected files.   A one-stopsolution to safeguard your mobile or tablet from harmful viruses.This Android security app is designed with advanced algorithms thatautomatically detect & shield every type of malicious contentthat can put your device at risk. The mobile security tool evengets frequent database updates so that no latest threats can enteryour smartphone.   Systweak Anti-Malware is just much morethan a simple malware removal for Android, it is built withpowerful functionalities including:   Real-Time Protection –Provides 24*7 protection for complete security & privacy.Antivirus - Scans & remove malicious content, spyware, adware,trojans & other viruses. App Protection – Comprehensivesecurity so that no harmful app is installed on your phone. WebProtection- Provides complete security while surfing online to helpprotect you against visiting malicious and phishing sites.Scheduler - Schedule automated malware scans for regular securitycheck-ups daily/weekly. Performance Boost - Offers all-roundprotection with a noticeable performance boost.   OtherFeatures At A Glance: ✔ Simple, intuitive & easy-to-useinterface. ✔ Lightweight virus cleaner tool. ✔ Offers Deep Scan& Quick Scan for detecting security vulnerabilities. ✔ Fastestscanning engine makes it the best anti-malware for Android. ✔One-click scanning and uninstalling of malicious apps. ✔ Lists allapplications in your phone that can cost you money. ✔ Whitelistyour trusted app. ✔ The malware removal for Android supportsscanning for both internal memory and SD card. ✔ Helps you Identifyapplications that are tracking your location, reading personalinformation, call details, etc. ✔ Safeguards your device not onlyfrom malware but unauthorized usage of apps. ✔ Auto update of thedatabase so that no latest threat can harm your device, making itthe Top antivirus for Android mobile. ✔ Noticeable Battery Boostafter each scan.     Keeps Your Privacy Intact Identifiesevery application’s access privileges in detail. Phone VirusScanner for Ultimate Protection Identifies security threats on yourdevice, suggests a solution. Enables Custom Whitelisting Avoidmalware-check for applications you think are safe to use. BlocksInstallation of Application from Unknown Sources To protect usersfrom apps that steal data and damage smartphone with viruses,adware & spyware. Safe Web Browsing Systweak Anti-Malware, theideal malware cleaner app protects you when a website or URL youvisit/open redirects you to a malware or phishing webpage. EnsureYour Personal Information Is Never Compromised To securely surf theInternet, you need to enable the accessibility services of yourphone. But it’s only for informational purposes and Systweakensures that no personal details are compromised or misused duringthe use. Systweak Anti-Malware provides excellent malwareprotection with a wide assortment of extra features makes itcompletely worth trying! For feedback and suggestions, mail us
Keep Photos Secret : Hide Gallery Pictures Videos
We all have some private photos and videos on our device that wewant to hide from others. You can simply lock them using KeepPhotos Secret app. To secure them, transfer your private images andvideo files to Keep Photos Secret app and lock them with a passwordand relax. Now, no one can view these photos or videos withoutentering the passcode. The app securely keeps all your private andfamily photos and videos protected. You can set different passwordsfor each album, making it difficult for others to access them. Whenyou import images or videos to the app, it prompts you to deletethem from original location to keep them hidden from anyone who hasaccess to your device. This is an amazing security feature, whichsecures your photos and videos without taking additional storagespace. PROTECT YOUR “SECRET” PHOTOS + VIDEOS Double LayeredPassword Security - Protect the entire app with 4 digit pin lock aswell as individual photo albums with a password. Fingerprint Unlock– No need to remember PIN; instantly unlock your secret vault withyour fingerprint. (This feature works in devices which include afingerprint lock.) Safe and Secure – Media is kept 100% private andis not uploaded on the cloud. Photos and videos are saved in ahidden folder no one can access. Passcode Recovery - You won't loseyour valuable files even if you forgot your passcode. The app willemail the passcode to you if you forget it. Stealth Mode - In thismode, the app disappears from recent apps list and can't betracked. Photo Management • Create various photo albums right inthe app • Import/Export from gallery • Email Photos • Copy hiddenphotos to other albums anytime. • No limit on the number of albumsthat can be created and photos to be imported. Photo Viewing •Private gallery with option of deletion and mailing of photos afteruser confirmation • Slideshow option • Save photos directly in theapp • Intuitive user interface Video Support • Import/Export videosfrom gallery • Watch Videos in app itself Using the app, you canimport all your personal and cherished photographs or videos fromyour phone’s gallery and lock them in a secret vault. Disclaimer:Locked Photos and Videos in the app are stored on your device andcannot be accessed by anyone but you. Your data is kept 100%private and is never uploaded to our servers by any means.
Social Fever – Stop Smartphone addiction
Social Fever – Beat Smartphone addiction, Manage Time Wisely &Connect With Real Life Smartphones with social media apps hasbecome more of a requirement these days than a need. Owing to whichour real life is ignored. Therefore, before it’s too late we needto limit over usage of smartphone and social media apps. Excess ofanything is harmful same is true with smartphone usage. Therefore,we need to limit smartphone addiction. For this Social Fever –break smartphone addiction app can be used. This nifty app is abrilliant solution to help limit smartphone addiction. It isspecifically designed to help curb smartphone addiction and excessuse of social media apps. This interactive and incredible app workson a simple yet effective interface, to help keep tab of smartphoneusage. It might sound as a hyperbole, but Social Fever app hasvaried features that help to limit social media addiction. SocialFever app will help to set boundaries, limit app usage and tracktime spent with apps daily, weekly and monthly. Moreover, to keepyou motivated the app will try to connect you with real-lifeinterests that you might have forgotten. This app provides thoroughanalysis of phone usage, tracks app usage individually, recordsnumber of times phone screen was unlocked, and more. Plus, no needto create an account or sign up to use the app. By simpleinstalling and adding the apps you wish to track Social Fever appcan be used. You’ll not regret using this app.  −Key features: SetInterests Make your day more fruitful by adding your favoritehobbies and interests in the app. Set Goals Don’t stay hooked withpointless technology, set your goals and start tracking app usage.Be a smart, smartphone user. App Usage Keep track of your digitaltime spent with specific app. Save time and boost yourproductivity. History Get detailed information of the saved timeand how you can use it. Ear Health Meditate with sounds of nature.Get free of your headphones receive alert message if you listen tomusic for more than 30 minutes. Eye Health Give your eyes somerest. The app shows alert message if you look at the screen for 30minutes at a stretch. It’s time to look after your physical health.Get Alert Notifications Create device usage alert, time used,number of screen unlock and app usage time alert. Receive alertmessage for app usage exceed time. Backstage Power Saving Don’t letmemory optimizing apps force quit the friendly social fever app.Track Goals: Use this section to keep track of application usage.Tap on Track Goals icon > add the app you want to track andleave everything to Social Fever. These tracking details can beviewed under Tracking Detail. Moreover, it will show you number oftimes phone was unlocked on the welcome screen. From TrackingDetails user can change individual app usage time and can even seea timeline to know app usage %, 7-day app usage and more. WaterReminder: We are so busy in our lives that we forget to drinkwater. This feature will help you keep your body hydrated. User canset water reminder to receive water reminder. Besides, theseamazing features, there’s Ear health feature to remind user thatprolonged usage of earphones can harm your eardrums. Eye healthfeature restricts user from staring at mobile screen for longduration. Using Interests user can reconnect with forgotteninterests as the app will show what user could do in the saved timeaccording to the chosen interests. These features and more makesSocial Fever an app with amazing features and futuristic approach.
Locker for Whats Chat App - Secure Private Chat
You can easily secure your private and group WhatsApp chat(s) andmaintain their privacy using a PIN. The best part is, it can notonly lock chats, but it even has the ability to secure the completeapp using a single PIN. Features ★ Free for use (without anylimitations) ★ Best app for locking WhatsApp ★ Hide your personalchats from others ★ Uses very less space and resources ★ Intuitivedesign and easy to use interface ★ Minimum permissions required Howto use the app: - Download and install the app on your Androiddevice. - Launch the app by tapping on Locker for Whats Chat Appapp icon. - Create a four-digit PIN and re-confirm the same. (Thepassword is common for your chats and WhatsApp application.) -Next, provide a recovery e-mail address, to retrieve your passwordin case you forget it. - Grant accessibility permissions to the appto start using it. - Now, tap on the ‘+’ icon to add the chat youneed to lock. This app is unique and very useful as it focuses onyour privacy and security. By tapping on the ‘+’ icon, you can adda PIN of your choice to your private chats and stop worrying aboutthem being accessed by others when your Android device is leftunlocked. Concealing your private data is as easy as 1-2-3 withLocker for Whats Chat App.
Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover
Duplicate Contacts Fixer We all wish for an organized andclutter-free contacts list in our Android smartphone. However,searching and deleting duplicate contacts manually is a damn toughtask. But with a simple solution like Duplicate Contacts Fixer, youcan easily manage and optimize your phone address book with ease.It is a simple tool that allows you to filter your contacts basedon account types such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and Truecalleretc. that store all your phonebook details. You can search andclean duplicate contacts from each account. Simply download the app> scan > find & remove duplicate contacts to enjoy aduplicate- free and organized contacts book in seconds. How ToClean Duplicate Contacts On Android? Using the application is verysimple: Step 1- Install and launch the app > Select the accountyou want to fetch contacts from. Step 2- Click on ‘Find Duplicates’button > Once the scanning is completed, the app will displayall the identical contacts in your list based on same contactinformation. Step 3- Tap on ‘Delete Duplicates’ button and get ridof the clutter. Why Choose Duplicate Contacts Fixer? DuplicateContacts Fixer is a smart tool with powerful scanning algorithmsthat quickly eliminates all the identical contacts in one tap. Thetool has multiple features which makes it the best duplicateremover for Android. ● Clean & Intuitive Interface. ● Light ondevice resources and battery. ● Removes all duplicates and findsimilar contacts as well. ● Allows you to create backup of all yourcontacts before scanning begins. ● Backup folder is stored in .vcfformat, that you can easily find at the side menu for quickrestoration. ● Just one-click to get a clutter-free contacts list.● Capable of finding & merging contacts with same phonenumbers. When it comes to efficiently deleting duplicate clutter,you can rely on Duplicate Contacts Fixer, an easy solution to keepyour phone book updated! Do rate us and share your feedbacks andsuggestions in the comment section below.
Secure Lock for Apps 1.2
Want to lock popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat,Instagram & Gmail on your device? Looking for a way to keepyour confidential data secured & protected from prying eyes?With so many apps in the market claiming to secure user’s datasaved on smartphones. Systweak brings one such app known as SecureLock for Apps- a smart app protector that secure your apps &private stuff in a single-click! As our smartphones often hold anexcessive amount of important and sensitive information. Such asmobile banking apps, messaging apps, gallery, & social mediaapps, which all are required to be secured from people snooping onyour phone. Although there are screen locks for the purpose, buthaving an additional security does no harm, right? Thankfully, youcan use Secure Lock for Apps by Systweak Software, that does thetask for you and helps you to secure your data on Android deviceeasily! It’s a lightweight & a must-have personal securityapplication that prevents unauthorized access & keep bad guysout from snooping on you. It allows you to lock and protect appsusing Passcode and fingerprint unlocking options. And doesn’t shareyour personal data with third parties. Additionally, it’s one ofthe most simple-to-use tool, and it just requires a single-tap tolock & unlock an application! Download this best app lock forAndroid to have an additional layer of security to protect all yourapps and confidential data with ease! How Does Secure Lock for AppsWork? To get started with Secure Lock for Apps: • Install theApplication. • Set a 4-digit passcode or fingerprint scanning. •Start locking applications you want to protect by tapping on ‘Lock’icon. Secure Lock for Apps Features: This smart app lock tool is aone-stop way to keep prying eyes out of your gallery, messagingapps & social media. And it boasts the followingfunctionalities: • Ability to lock down just any app on yourdevice. • Supports locking via Passcode & Fingerprint. • Simple& Easy-To-Use. • Mail recovery option, in case you forget yourold passcode. • Easy reset password option, to set a new passcode.• Ad-free. • Light-weight. • Doesn’t affect battery life. • Do notshare users data with third-parties. FAQ 1. How Can I Change theSecure Lock for Apps Password? To change your Secure Lock for Appspassword: • Open the app. • Go to Change Passcode option. • Enterthe new 4-digit passcode. 2. Does It Support Fingerprint Sensor?Yes, Fingerprint app lock is supported to provide even better &tighter security for your apps and other crucial data. 3. What If IForgot My Passcode? How To Recover It? It’s damn simple to recoveryour password via Secure Lock for Apps: • Launch the app. • Clickon ‘three dots’ icon present at the top-right corner > selectForgot Passcode. • Click ‘OK’ to log out. • A recovery email willbe sent to your registered email id. • Find your old passcode andget started with Secure Lock for Apps again. 4. Does It CollectsUsers Information? No, Secure Lock for Apps doesn’t save or shareits user's data with third-parties. This smart app protector is anideal solution for people who are genuinely concerned about privacyand security. Download it now for optimum app lock security! Don’tforget to rate us & share your valuable feedback!
Multiple Contacts Cleaner Pro
Multiple Contacts Cleaner Organize and clean your phonecontactswith Multiple Contacts Cleaner tool. Simply scan yourAndroidphonebook to locate identical entries that share samedetails. Thisnot only makes your contacts list more organized, butalso makes iteasy for you to find a particular contact. Not onlythis, butMultiple Contacts Cleaner is extremely easy to use with asimpleinterface that lets you clean your phonebook in just fewtaps.Listed below are some of its features. ● Simplistic UserInterface.● Light on smartphone battery. ● Allows you to createbackup of allyour contacts before scanning begins. ● Just one-clickto get aclutter-free contacts list. ● Capable of finding &mergingcontacts with same phone numbers.
Group Chat Locker For Whats Chat App 1.6
Effortlessly secure your group Whats Chat App chat(s) and upholdprivacy using a PIN. What’s best is, user can lock chats, and thecomplete app using a single 4-digit PIN. Features: ★ Best forhiding group/personal Whats Chat App chat ★ Light on systemresources ★ Fingerprint unlocking (works on devices withfingerprint sensor) ★ Intuitive design and ease-of-use ★ Minimumpermissions required How to use the app: Using Group Chat LockerFor Whats Chat App is very simple. - As the first step you need todownload and install the app on your Android device. - After that,launch it by tapping on the app icon. - Next, it will ask youcreate a 4-digit PIN and confirm it. - Now, you need to enter agenuine e-mail address, to retrieve password in case you forget it.- Grant accessibility permissions to start using Group Chat LockerFor Whats Chat App. - Once done, tap on the ‘+’ icon and add thechat you wish to secure. This useful and unique app emphasizes userprivacy and safety. All you need to do is simply tap the ‘+’ iconand add the chat you want to lock using the PIN you justconfigured. This way you can stop nosey onlookers from checkingyour group chat even when you are not around. You can now concealall your private and group chat with Group Chat Locker For WhatsChat App.