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Era Combat - Online PVP Shooter & FPS Action
✪Welcome to ERA Combat! The countdown starts...Three, two, one… Go!Get ready fo mortal online FPS battles!✪ It’s your time to join thePvP combat and fight shoulder to shoulder with the best playersfrom all over the world. Arm to the teeth and let this free onlineshooter to immerse you into the savage atmosphere of team-basedfirst person shooters. Yoy may try lots of online pvp games but ERACombat is online FPS combat inspired by it popular ones. Choosefrom lots of unique sci-fi weapons, abilities, implants andjetpacks we prepared for you. Pick your favorite type of PvPmission and do your best to dominate. This game like other PvPgames online is perfectly designed for fans of high-paced 3D freeonline shooters in small teams where the cost of any mistake isdeadly high. Survive till the end – become the winner who takes allthe trophies! Why you’ll be addicted to Era Combat - Online PVPShooter & FPS Action ✪ High-paced PvP battles 3x3 ✪Breathtaking jetpack flights ✪ Convenient auto-aiming ✪ Trophies ofall kinds ✪ Numerous maps and game modes ✪ Savage sci-fi setting ✪Challenging level layout ✪ Regular in-game events ✪ Intuitivecontrols and a perfect optimization The adrenaline-filled actionnever stops in ERA Combat! Play online with your friends in thebest FPS action PvP games you've ever seen before! ERA Combat wascreated especially for online shooters fans. The location you aremopping up is tough. It is full of ups, downs, rises, falls andunexpected turns. So, the best way to win is to put on a jetpackand fly against time at a breakneck pace. With our advancedauto-aiming system you will easily rush and shoot your way throughenemies simultaneously. To keep you in fighting shape, we will addnew content regularly. Accumulate experience, evolve your soldiersand get access to even more items, abilities, and adrenaline-filledevents. ERA Combat - Online PVP Shooter & FPS Action is ahighly competitive multiplayer FPS game to capture your time andattention. Don’t forget your main goal to strike combat of yourenemies and win the battle. ERA Combat is the place whereclose-knit teams of shooters spend their days and nights in intenseFPS action. Just imagine, a moment ago you were in control of thesituation, when suddenly all three enemies each equipped withhi-paced jetpacks sweep down on your head, cutting off your onlyone route of escape. So, strike combat of your enemies, take thebull by the horns and become a hero! Accept the challenge and useall your powerful arsenal and skills to storm the WorldLeaderboards. Oh, it’s going to be tough! Don't say we didn't warnyou. If you like multiplayer PvP and online shooting games so thiswar-online gun shooting game is for you. Get your ultimate FPSexperience! Let the action begin!
ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn 1.04.12
The world lies on the brink of disaster. National treasuresofcelebrity culture reveal their true faces -- demons, senttodestroy our world. As humanity is enslaved, only one man cansaveus: Shaq Fei Hung. A poor Chinese orphan, trained by a martialartsmaster, must face his destiny and unleash the power of thesacredGold Bond. Our hero must leave the safety of his smallvillage homein rural China and travel to the most sordid andperilous cornersof the West to fight evil on its home turf. •Battle demonic forcesas basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal •Classic side-scrolling,beat ‘em up action at its best • Exclusivenew rap track from theBig Diesel himself • Topple the evil hordeswith earth shatteringpower moves • Transform into a diesel-poweredmech suit and takeout enemies like a rumbling, exhaust spewing,mechanical BOSS! •Mutate into a giant cactus and destroy yourenemies with flyingneedles • Boss battles that will make your eyeswater
SlotoTerra - Classic Vegas Slot Casino
Come on in and try your luck at SlotoTerra casino free games!Enjoyclassic vegas slots casino game, we’ve got dozens of themedfreecasino slot machines online: from pirates and animals tozombies.Many of our slots games contain skill-based minigames, suchasMatch 3, Arcade, and Mah-jong. Feel the spirit of real Vegasslotcasino with free spins, new slot machines, big bonus slots,dailyquests, challenging events, huge bonuses and amazingjackpots,you’ll always find exciting things to do at SlotoTerra! Ifyou aresearching for among the best slot games try SlotoTerra -ClassicVegas Slot Casino - to discover new free slots casinogamesexperience. This slot machine game is made by casinoprofessionalsso you can enjoy the Las Vegas casino free games rightat home!Play more than 60 slot machines with new slots every weekand freebonus slots! Enjoy the dazzling atmosphere of socialgamblingcasino with no real money needed. Invite your friends toplay freegambling games and help each other to make the game evenmoreinteresting. And, just like a real casino, we’ve gotexclusiveprivileges for our VIP members. Don’t miss the opportunityto playAndroid classic casino slot machine game! All of the bestslotgames are waiting for you to start playing. Are you ready towinthe biggest casino slot machine bonus? Join in on freeonlinegambling just for fun with no real money or prizes. Why ouruserslove SlotoTerra - Classic Vegas Slot Casino 🎰 Free onlinegamblingwith free spins and coins every day 🎰 Variety of new casinoslotmachines with its own unique bonuses 🎰 Simulator of slotsfreeclassic Vegas casino with free slot games online 🎰Entertainingminigames while playing online casino games 🎰 VIPmembership withexclusive privileges SlotoTerra will make you spinall day long,make bets and rake in the winnings. Play classic Vegasslotscasino, level up to unlock new slot machines. Don’t forget tovisitSlotoTerra with its online casino games, sit the casinoregularlyfor special bonuses that increase every day. If you’rehaving a runof bad luck you can activate boosters to temporarilyimprove yourresults or even ask friends for help. Transportyourself to smthlike hollywood casino and play free slots casinogames as long asyou want. Dozens of slots machines free are waitingfor you! It’stime for non-stop spinning! Install SlotoTerra -Classic Vegas SlotCasino and win big bonuses and jackpot!SlotoTerra is intended foradult audience and entertainment purposesonly. No real money canbe won in this game. Wins, bonuses andjackpots cannot be exchangedfor real money. Good luck and big wins!
Blighter – Jump and Shoot Action Platformer
Blighter is a one kind of arcade action platformer games withaunique mix of retro platformer mechanics and modern actionpackedgames with its jetpack flying and shooting. Take courage,enter thedungeon and start your warrior’s story full ofnever-ending wavesof enemies and furious bosses. As befits anyplatform shootinggames you should move through different locations,jump and shootenemies you face along the way. How lucky you arehaving all thenecessary! There are two types of enemies in thisaction platformergame – static and moving. Use your weapon arsenalto choose themost suitable one. You have a wide range of weapons,don’t forgetto use gold to upgrade it! Also you can feel likejetpack jumper,fly away from the monsters and deal a devastatingblow! Jump andshoot all the time to stay alive! Playing Blighter –Jump and ShootAction Platformer you become a modern hero in retrogame. Fantasyaction enemies are mythological monsters full of powerand energy.If you want to complete a level and pass a location youshouldstrengthen your hero and upgrade him. Control his runningspeed,shooting velocity, buy additional bullets and weapons.Blighterretro platformer features: - Classic platform game style-Different kinds of cool weapons - Awesome worlds and levels-Tricky enemies - Dynamic monster attack - Jetpack jumper mode-Platform shooter retro game Move through locations, jump andshootenemies. There are different types of platforms, so be fastandattentive. If you like action platformer games you know itsrulesand how to win. To progress to the next level you should killallthe enemies and find the door. Install Blighter – Jump andShootAction Platformer and fight super-strong bosses!
Tactic Slasher
✪Welcome to Tactic Slasher!✪ Tactic Slasher is a tacticalturn-basedadventure game about exploring spooky dungeons with yourunique deckof spells. What is Tactic Slasher ✪Think over yourturns✪ Planningthe game a few steps ahead is the key toeffectively completinglevels. ✪Customize your deck of spells✪Collect and upgradedifferent offensive and defensive spells thatfit into yourplaystyle. ✪Evil has different forms✪ Many monstersare waiting foryou to play with them. ✪Choose your path wisely✪Who knows what ishiding behind the next corner. ✪Dungeons andtheir secrets await✪And much more to come!
I, Viking: Epic Vikings War for Valhalla
I, Viking: Epic Vikings War for Valhalla is a real-time PvPbattlein Scandinavian setting. Looking for medieval viking gamesfree?Play with friends or battle with thousands of other playersallover the world. War battle games have never been so closetoreal-time viking battles as I, Viking is. Immerse yourself intotheepic atmosphere of brave medieval gladiators, conquernewterritories from your rivals and build viking village. Makeyourname go down in history! It is a co-op multiplayer fightingandbattle strategy game in a Scandinavian-themed world. Onlybravery,war and magic rules here. Feel like the leader of the mostpowerfularmy, gather the mightiest warriors and war heroes andachieveglory of the battlefield beyond measure! Every day thousandsofpeople who are passionate about viking games pick uptheirsmartphone to enjoy one more exciting viking battle andmastertheir art of war. This game fan base keeps growing and showsnosigns of slowing down. ⚔️True history:I, It is an action RPGgamebased on a true historical events. Here we are trying torecreatean experience of viking empire to make you dive into itsatmosphere⚔️Heavy fightings:Really dynamic viking battles make youfill inthe center of the action. Sounds of slashing weapons,yourteammates hue and cry, etc. Fight against millions of realplayers.Grab Mjolnir to strenghten yourself and hit the enemies!⚔️Uniquemix of your favourite game genres:It means you’ll alwaysbeentertained. Cool battles, elements of battle strategygames,action and viking village building – in one game. ⚔️Stunningsound& graphicsoptimized for your device. Enjoy medievalpicturesquelandscapes, realistic weapons and magnificent dragonships.⚔️Outstanding heroes: More than 8 types of viking characterswithunique abilities and leveling system. ⚔️Viking villagebuilding:Aman’s home is his castle. In this vikings game there are9 levelsof each village building to unlock and upgrade. ⚔️Trickydailytasks let you win bonuses and rewards to continue PvP battlesoverand over again Play I, Viking: Epic Vikings War for Valhallatotake part in breathtaking PvP viking battles, feel the spiritofthe authentic medieval world with dozens of territories toconquer.We know there are a lot of viking games like battlestrategy gamesand war strategy games where you should develop astrategy andthink a lot. Here your focus is on action! Our vikingsapp makesyou feel the spirit of epic battles and craft reallyunique weapon.Thank you for choosing I, Viking among other vikinggames andviking apps. We are always striving to improve the game.Follow usand feel free to contact via
Plazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell Grow Game 1.16.1
Plazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell Grow Game is a new cell evolutionappamong popular io games online. Plazmic is a mobilemultiplayeronline battle royale io game, it also reminds youogarrio and otheragar games. It doesn’t matter who you are, now youare a prettylittle cell or blob: slither through obstacles, eatcells, grow themass, hunt other players and be the last onestanding! JoinPlazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell Grow Game – addictivemultiplayersession, compete with others and survive all long as youcan! Playnew io games and challenge your friends: it’s a lot harderthan itseems to become the biggest cell in Plazmic universe.Plazmiccombines trendy modern art with oldschool classic snakeslither andagario game mechanics. Plazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell GrowGamefeatures: 🧫 Fast-paced PvP in io multiplayer games 🧫 BattleRoyalemode 🧫 Plenty of boosters to become strong, invisible, etc 🧫Cellswith unique abilities 🧫 Online leaderboard competition🧫Multiplayer with simple rules 🧫 Vivid graphics Wanna knowthesecret of cell grow game? It's action. Never stop evolving,that'sit. This ogarrio like game main rule – eat small cells andslitheraway from big ones. Like in other blob games you start theas atiny blob in games is the best way to kill time! Trytosurvive by avoiding attacks by bigger blobs. You are a celleater:don’t forget to eat food so you become a bigger blob and canhuntand eat other players cells. Game mechanics are similar tootherpopular io games like ogarrio, blob games, agarios online,etc. Actquickly, don’t waste time, other cells are growing fast andpursueyou! Be smart – use boosters! Unlock new cells, each withuniqueabilities. Vivid graphics and FXs take the action to the nextlevelof joy. Rush, absorb and have fun! Try Plazmic! Eat Me io BlobCellGrow Game, even if you are new to the ogarrio genre. Joinreal-timemultiplayer competitions with simple rules. You grow byeatingsmaller cells floating in the plasma. Follow arrows tofindboosters with special skills. Avoid Red Zone, it is dangerousforcells! Slither off from bigger opponents, split your cell to doitfaster.