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Safe365 – Cell Phone GPS Locator For Your Family 3.9.9
Safe365 is a GPS mobile locator designed to improve the safety ofyour family and friends. This free app allows you to locate people,with their consent, through their mobile phone , and know theirlocation at any time and in real time. To do so, your protegeeswill need to have Safe365 app installed. Safe365 also includes ared button for the proteges to press in case of emergency. Thisaction will: - Call the emergency services (112) notifying them ofthe protegee exact GPS location (only available for Spain andAndorra) - Notify the protectors immediately (rest of thecountries) Formerly known as "Alpify", an app used to locate lostmountaineers, Safe365 allows you to see where your protectedrelative is on a map whenever you want, and it notifies youimmediately when it cannot find them. In addition, with Safe365 youwill be able to know: - The percentage of battery that yourproteges have available - The type of Internet connection (WiFi ordata) that your proteges have at all times - The "state ofmobility" of your proteges, that is, if they are still or moving:walking, running, cycling, playing sports or traveling in cars orother means of transport. - The distances covered by your protegesevery day. With the Safe365 tracker you can save up to 9 usuallocations for each of your proteges. Safe365 offers several optionsdepending on the type of place or area you wish to establish: -House, School and Work: You can define these three locations foreach of your proteges, with a radius of between 150m and 300m. -Neighborhood: You can define a neighborhood for each of yourproteges, with a radius of between 300m and 1 km. - Customizableareas (5): You can define up to five personalized zones for each ofyour proteges, with a radius of up to 10km. Safe365 will send yousecurity notifications each time your protected person enters orleaves one of their areas, so you can check that they perform theirroutines normally, something especially useful when your protegeshave health conditions. Safe365 is an easy to use app, even amongthe elderly and the children. You just need to download it, verifyyour phone number, and indicate who your proteges will be. Theywill immediately receive a link to download Safe365, and once theyhave it installed on their phones, they will be requested to sharetheir location with you. With Safe365 you can also create profilesfor your proteges from your device, preventing them from doing so,so that you only need to download the app on their mobile phonesand the configuration will be completed. This cellphone tracker hasthree GPS location modes to share: - Approximate location: you canknow their approximate GPS location within a radius of 200 metersin real time. - Exact location: you can know their exact GPSlocation in real time. - Route: Safe365 will draw a route on themap with all the trips made by your proteges during the day in realtime. The proteges can select and modify whenever they want thetype of location they want to share, and even deactivate ittemporarily. If you wish, you can also choose to be protected byothers, and share your location with them. Download Safe365 andstart looking after your loved ones!