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Devo Bible Quiz 1.9
Quiz yourself on your Bible knowledge in a fun way! It's achallenging and educational method to find how well you know theBible! Four game modes and a bonus trivia question every day! Playand learn about people and events in the New Testament and OldTestament of the Bible. Many categories to choose from including aquick rapid fire game. Learn facts about Moses, Jesus, Noah, thedisciples and many more. FEATURES + Earn Points and Keep Track ofHigh Scores + 4 Game Modes to Choose From + Multiple Choice, andTrue and False Questions + Add a Timer for a Harder Chellenge +Bonus Daily Trivia + Share your High Scores The message is ourmission and with this Bible quiz and trivia game, you can memorizescripture a fun challenging way.
Bible Trivia Quiz Game 113
Bible Trivia is the most fun you'll have studying the Bible! Testyour Bible knowledge by guessing the word… with all clues createdfrom Bible verses! Don't just take our word for it. More than100,000 people have played the game! See what others have said!*"Love it! Never boring. Best bible trivia game I've tried so far."-★★★★★* "Loved it Great for the whole family.We play when we aretraveling in the car. Its great to see the family so excited andinvolved. Thanks for a great trivia game!" -★★★★★* "I love lovethis. What a fun way to test and learn the bible. If u don't know apassage, it shows it to you right then. It also encourages you tofind the answers to questions yourself by providing hints.. Awesomegame! REALLY!"-★★★★★Bible Trivia is the highest rated Bible gamefor both iTunes and Google. Play it for yourself to find outwhy!FEATURES:- Hand-crafted questions by alum at Dallas TheologicalSeminary- Questions taken from Genesis and Revelation andeverything in-between- Test your knowledge on what Jesus said- Hearaudio clues spoken in a British language. You need to download JUSTfor that alone!- Helps you remember Bible verses withfill-in-the-blank clues- See the explanation of where of the answercame from!Give us a +1 if you think this game is awesome!If youhave a suggestion, found a problem or stuck on a question, you canemail us at:Email Support:
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Bibliya Tagalog Bible LIBRE! 2.0.7
This is the Ang Dating Biblia (1905) or the Bible in Tagalog. Alsoknown as Pinoy Bible. Ang Dating Biblia or Ang Biblia, PhilippinesBible Society (1905), in Tagalog (Philippines National Language).Typed From the Ang Biblia Tagalog, by Richard und Dolores Long. TheBible (from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, "the books") is acanonical collection of texts considered sacred in Judaism andChristianity. There is no single "Bible" and many Bibles withvarying contents exist.[1] The term Bible is shared between Judaismand Christianity, although the contents of each of theircollections of canonical texts is not the same. Different religiousgroups include different books within their Biblical canons, indifferent orders, and sometimes divide or combine books, orincorporate additional material into canonical books.------------------------- The Tagalog Bible consists of the Old andNew Testament as follows: A) Lumang Tipan - also known as the OldTestament i) Pentateuko 1] Genesis 2] Exodo 3] Levitico 4] MgaBilang 5] Deuteronomio ii) Books of History 6] Josue 7] Mga Hukom8] Ruth 9] 1 Samuel 10] 2 Samuel 11] 1 Mga Hari 12] 2 Mga Hari 13]1 Mga Cronica 14] 2 Mga Cronica 15] Ezra 16] Nehemias 17] Esteriii) Poetry 18] Job 19] Mga Awit 20] Mga Kawikaan 21] AngMangangaral 22] Ang Awit ni Solomon iv) Prophets 23] Isaias 24]Jeremias 25] Mga Panaghoy 26] Ezekiel 27] Daniel 28] Hosea 29] Joel30] Amos 31] Obadias 32] Jonas 33] Mikas 34] Nahum 35] Habakkuk 36]Zefanias 37] Hagai 38] Zacarias 39] Malakias B) Bagong Tipan - NewTestament i) Mga Ebanghelyo 40] Mateo 41] Marcos 42] Lucas 43] Juan44] Mga Gawa ii) Mga Sulat 45) Mga Taga-Roma 46) 1 Mga Taga-Corinto47] 2 Mga Taga-Corinto 48) Mga Taga-Galacia 49) Mga Taga-Efeso 50)Mga Taga-Filipos 51) Mga Taga-Colosas 52) 1 Mga Taga-Tesalonica 53)2 Mga Taga-Tesalonica 54) 1 Timoteo 55) 2 Timoteo 56) Tito 57)Filemon iii) Mga Sulat 58] Mga Hebreo 59] Santiago 60] 1 Pedro 61]2 Pedro 62] 1 Juan 63] 2 Juan 64] 3 Juan 65] Judas iv) End Times66] Pahayag Get closer to Jesus and God with this Bible app.Download this free Bible app today and experience a richer fullerBible study wherever you go.
Bible Trivia Game Free 313
Learn the Bible better and have fun with the Free Bible Trivia QuizGame! Your entire family can study and memorize important eventsand characters from the Bible. Questions vary about God, Jesus,Christian people, Christian places and Christian events in theChristian faith. Memorize Bible Scriptures with our bible triviagame! Bible Trivia Features: ● Add Your Own Bible Trivia Questions● Send in your own Bible Trivia question ideas and we can add themto the Bible Trivia Quiz! ● Keep Score ● View a running score ofyour all-time best Bible Trivia record so you can challengeyourself. ● Share with Friends ● You can get your friends to playby sharing the Bible trivia game on Facebook, by text or email. ●Bible Reference Look Up ● Bible Trivia questions include therelated Bible Scripture reference so you can look it up and readmore about it the answers. We are so glad to share this BibleTrivia app with thousands of Christians worldwide! If you like thisapp please tell your friends! The more people who play and submitquestions the better the app will be!
Spanish Bible Reina Valera 7
The Reina-Valera is a Spanish translation of the Bible, firstpublished in 1569 in Basel, Switzerland, and nicknamed the "Bibliadel Oso" (in English: Bible of the Bear). It is also named Bibliadel Oso because of the illustracion on the title page of a beartrying to reach a container of honeycombs hanging from a tree. Itwas the first complete Bible to be printed, although not the firstcomplete Bible in Spanish; several others, like the 13th-centuryAlfonsina Bible (translated from Jerome's Vulgate), were publishedin previous centuries. Its principal translator was Casiodoro deReina, an independent Lutheran theologian, but a manuscript foundat the Bodleian Library gives further evidence of the fact that theSpanish Bible was a community project. This translation was basedon the Hebrew Masoretic Text (Bomberg's Edition, 1525) and theGreek Textus Receptus (Stephanus' Edition, 1550). As secondarysources, Reina was aided by the Ferrara Bible for the Old Testamentand the Latin Edition of Santes Pagnino throughout. For the NewTestament, he had great aid from the translations of Francisco deEnzinas and Juan Pérez de Pineda. The 1569 version included thedeuterocanonical books in the Old Testament. Note: This app usesGoogle Analytics Get closer to Jesus and God with this Bible app.Download this free Bible app today and experience a richer fullerBible study wherever you go.
Pray with Me - your prayer app 2.0.6
★ Do you need prayers? Do you want to pray forothers Christians? Do you want to meet Christians like you? Do youwant to change the world? Now you can with Pray with Me! ★Pray with Me is a mobile application that connects Christiansaround the world through prayers. Request prayers, share yourprayers, pray for someone, and get connected!Become a part of the Pray with Me community and share your love ofJesus Christ, support, happiness, or struggles with the worldaround you.Pray in small, private groups or with the whole world! Engage inmeaningful conversations, follow users that you care for or joingroups that are of interest to you.Join Pray with Me today and help us make the world a betterplace!
Just amazing and you better click download right now! Prayerwarriors all over the world pray for you instantly. And you canfeel the changes.
Antonio King


An awesome way to connect with people who are prayerful,supportive, faithful, loving and kind. The world needs more ofthis.
Annabelle Ramos

Love it!!!

I love this app. People from around the world praying for oneanother! Best app on android!!! 5 stars.
Lisa Bumgarner*****With Pray with Me you can:- Share your prayers with other Christians- Get daily prayers of healing, thanksgiving, intercessory, forstrength, and more.
- Receive thousands of prayers from Christians around theworld
- Build your own trusted and supportive communities
- Browse through the global prayer feed
- Follow users that impact your life 
- Repray prayers 
- Chat about topics that matter to you 
- Use and browse #hashtaged prayers 
- @Mention others in your own prayers
- Create your unique prayer profile
- Search and discover particular users, prayers or groups 
- Connect with your Facebook account 
- Keep track of all your prayers and interactions in yourdiary
- Manage your privacy and notification settings 
- Comment and discuss prayers 
- Receive daily activity news
OnePlace Christian Teaching 4.4
Grow in your walk with Jesus Christ, be encouraged in your faith,and build your knowledge of the Bible with TakeChristian sermons, radio broadcasts, church live streams andministry messages on the go today! The Christian Audioapp gives you free access to the most popular Christian broadcastministries on radio. Download this application to begin listeningto sermons and messages from your favorite pastors, speakers,churches and authors including... The Alternative with Dr. TonyEvans A New Beginning with Greg Laurie Family Talk with Dr. JamesDobson Grace to You with John MacArthur Precepts for Life with KayArthur Bible Answer Man with Hank Hanegraaff Family Life Today withDennis Rainey Leading the Way with Dr. Michael Youssef Love WorthFinding with Dr. Adrian Rogers PowerPoint with Dr. Jack GrahamRunning to Win with Dr. Erwin Lutzer Thru the Bible with Dr. J.Vernon McGee Truth for Life with Pastor Alistair Begg Turning Pointwith Dr. David Jeremiah The Alternative with Dr. Tony EvansFeatures: LISTEN TO CHRISTIAN RADIO - Listen to sermons andministry broadcasts free - Discover new Christian ministry audio -Daily featured sermons to browse - Listen to over 200 ministries ondemand - Listen to thousands of broadcast archives from top pastorsand teachers - Offline listening: Download and save broadcastepisodes to listen to later - Fast forward or rewind audio messages- Live streams and live stream countdowns - *NEW* Brand new designfor easier navigation PERSONALIZE YOUR SERMON AUDIO - Stay up todate with the latest ministry broadcasts by following your favoriteministries. - Share sermons and broadcasts to your friends inFacebook, Twitter, email and more. - Sort your saved broadcastepisodes by title or host - Search audio by show name and host name- Control the audio from your phone’s launch screen - Mini playerto manage your audio and continue browsing FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITEMINISTRY BROADCASTS - Get the latest news from ministries in yourmessage center - Find the latest products from pastors andchurches. Grow in your walk with Jesus Christ, be encouraged inyour faith, and build your knowledge of the Bible Take Christian sermons, radio broadcasts, church livestreams and ministry messages on the go today!
Daily Inspiration & Quotes 3.7.2
Daily Inspiration & Quotes gives you FREE daily inspirationalquotes along with a motivational message to uplift and motivateyou. Share this with others who may need a lift or a word ofencouragement. Each day you will be notified of the arrival of anew inspirational message.* Quote of the Day - a new inspiration is delivered to your appeach day.* Each inspiration comes with a way to apply it to your life.* Share inspirations with your family and friends* Share with facebook, twitter, email, SMS* famous, popular and motivational quotes from famous people* Save your favorite inspirations to read later* Shows which quotes you have already read* inspires you to succeed in your life
Bible Quotes: Read Daily Devotions 10
Bible Quotes brings you inspiring verses from the Bible. Read a newquote from scripture every day. For more encouragement you can readnew devotions and grow closer to God in your spiritual walk. Theverses in this Bible Quotes app are designed to give you a broadview of the power in scripture across the entire Bible, new and oldtestaments. READ ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - At home in the morning, duringa break in the day, or an evening devotion. You can quickly openthe app and read a short quote from the Bible to stay connectedwith God. - Get a daily notification to help you stay devoted tothe Word. - Look Up, feature allows you to study more in scripturewith Bible Study Tools. - The Devotions tab gives you access to newand relevant reads to help you grow in your Christian walk. SAVEYOUR FAVORITES - What is your favorite Bible verse? - Favorite asingle Bible Quote to memorize or study multiple. You can easilyreturn to your favorites to pray through and study more. SHARE THEBIBLE - Share your favorite verses with anyone! - Share throughText Message, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and more. It ourmission to provide encouragement and spiritual growth to as manypeople as possible. Staying engaged with scripture everyday is oneway to grow closer to the Lord. The Bible Quotes app introduces youto encouraging scripture throughout the Bible in an easy and quickway.
Daily Bible: Audio, Reading Plans, Devos 7.4.2
Daily Bible brings you inspiring verses from the Bible in anypopular translation you prefer. Further engage your time inscripture by reading Bible plan, new devotions or listening todevotional podcasts. Choose from ESV, NIV, KJV, NLT and more. It isour mission to allow you to grow closer to God through scripture.READ ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - At home in the morning, during a break inthe day, or an evening devotion. You can access the Bible anywhere.- Get a daily notification to help you stay devoted to the Word. -Select a Bible reading Plan and study through scripture. - TheDevotions tab gives you access to new and relevant reads andpodcasts to help you grow in your Christian walk. AUDIO - Listen tothe Bible when reading isn't possible. Play audio for the dailyverse, reading plans, and Bible chapters. - Listen to devotionalpodcasts through our ministries. SAVE YOUR FAVORITES -We all have a favorite Bible verse, what is yours? - Save yourverses, chapters and podcasts in the bookmarks option. You caneasily return to your favorites to pray through and study more.SHARE THE BIBLE - Share your favorite verses with anyone! - Sharethrough Text Message, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and more.It our mission to provide encouragement and spiritual growth to asmany people as possible. Staying engaged with scripture everyday isone way to grow closer to the Lord, and we hope that the DailyBible app allows you to do that.
Japanese Bible 2.0.6
This is the bible in Japanese (Kougo-yaku] 1954/1955 and containsboth the new and old testament in japanese. Check this app out ifyou want to read the bible in Japanese.
Bíblia Portuguese Bible Free 2.0.6
This is the Bible in Portuguese, also know as the João Ferreira deAlmeida Atualizada Bible or AA or de Almeida Bible. It istranslated by a man called João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada JoãoFerreira Annes de Almeida (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒuˈɐ̃w̃fɨˈʁɐjɾɐ ˈɐnɨʃ dɨ aɫˈmɐjdɐ]) (1628–1691) was a PortugueseProtestant pastor; the eponymous Bible translation he began alsogoes by his name. Ferreira de Almeida, born in Várzea de Tavares,Portugal, is best known for his translation of the Bible intoPortuguese, which he began at the age of 16, and continuedtranslating until his death. He translated the New Testamentcompletely and most books of the Old Testament (Hebrew Scripture).The translation was completed by his friend, Jacob op den Akker. Hewas a Dutch Reformed pastor and worked with churches in Java (atthe time a Dutch colony; modern-day Indonesia), and also preachedin Goa on the Indian subcontinent (at the time a Portuguese colony,now part of India). Ferreira de Almeida died in Batavia, Java.Little is known his life; the majority of facts come from thepreface of his Bible translation Ferreira de Almeida's translationof the Bible is most closely associated with Portuguese-speakingProtestants and is the most commonly used translation byPortuguese-speaking Protestant Evangelicals, particularly inBrazil. His work is the source of many Bible versions, like theEdição Revista e Corrigida (Revised and Corrected Edition,published in 1948, is an update of other editions), the EdiçãoRevista e Atualizada (Revised and Updated Edition, most based innewer manuscripts), published by Brazilian Bible Society andPortuguese Bible Society, Almeida Corrigida e Fiel (AlmeidaCorrected and Faithful), by Trinitarian Bible Society of Brazil,and Edição Contemporânea de Almeida (Almeida's ContemporaryEdition), by Editora Vida. The main principle of translation usedby Ferreira de Almeida was that of formal equivalence (followingthe syntax of the original text in the target language), and heutilized the Textus Receptus as textual basis. His Portuguese styleis described as "classical and erudite"; the Brazilian BibleSociety states that Ferreira de Almedia sought to reflect both theform, style, and language register of the original texts in histranslation. This app consists of all 66 books from the old and newtestament, as follow in Portuguese: Gênesis Êxodo Levítico NúmerosDeuteronômio Josué Juízes Rute 1 Samuel 2 Samuel 1 Reis 2 Reis 1Crônicas 2 Crônicas Esdras Neemias Ester Jó Salmos ProvérbiosEclesiastes Cantares de Salomâo Isaías Jeremias Lamentações deJeremias Ezequiel Daniel Oséias Joel Amós Obadias Jonas MiquéiasNaum Habacuque Sofonias Ageu Zacarias Malaquias Mateus Marcos LucasJoão Atos Romanos 1 Coríntios 2 Coríntios Gálatas EfésiosFilipenses Colossenses 1 Tessalonicenses 2 Tessalonicenses 1Timóteo 2 Timóteo Tito Filemón Hebreus Tiago 1 Pedro 2 Pedro 1 João2 João 3 João Judas Apocalipse --- Note: -This app uses GoogleAnalytics -For best audio reading experience, please install GoogleText to Speech app at closer to Jesus and God with this Bible app. Download this freeBible app today and experience a richer fuller Bible study whereveryou go.
LightSource - Sermon Video Podcasts 4.3.1
The streaming Christian video app gives you freeand instant access to the most popular Christian broadcastministries. Watch Christian podcasts and television sermons fromtop ministries and Bible teachers live and on demand. Takeuplifting messages wherever you go and begin watching sermons andmessages from your favorite pastors, speakers, and authorsincluding: TD Jakes, The Potter's Touch Dr. Ed Young, The WinningWalk Dr. Jack Graham, PowerPoint Adrian Rogers, Love Worth FindingDr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point Charles Stanley, In TouchMinistries Dr. Michael Youssef, Leading the Way and more. Features:- Instant video streaming of premier ministries -Watch live or on-demand programs you don’t want to miss - Accessunlimited archived broadcasts from your favorite ministries - Viewa full program schedule of live broadcasts ready to air - Don’tlose a message that blessed your life! Save messages to yourPlaylist - Follow ministries and never miss out on new content -Set reminders for live broadcasts so you don’t miss a program youlove - Share life-changing broadcasts to your friends - Browsevideos by ministry name, host name, or topic - Find new ministriesto watch with the daily featured sermons - Contact ministriesdirectly from the app Grow in your walk with Jesus Christ, beencouraged in your faith, apply Biblical wisdom and build yourknowledge of the Bible with Take Christiantelevision sermons, video broadcasts, and ministry messages withyou today!
Book of Proverbs (KJV) FREE! 2.0.4
Looking for inspiring verses from the Bible book of Proverbs, lookno further! From the classic King James Version (KJV), comes one ofthe most inspiring books of Proverbs. You can now enjoy the wisdomof Jesus Christ and his apostles using this app. Presented in easyto browse tabs, sections, and one click share functionality, thisapp allows you to read, and share your favorite verses from thebook of Proverbs easily! Features of app -Quote of Day screen. Atstart, Quote of Day is random but can be customized to preferredquote -Customizable user settings such as background, font type,font size, font color -One Click add to Favorites for easyretrieval -One Click sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Sms andmore! -Choice to save app to SD Card or Phone (Requires App2SD app)What are you waiting for? Download this app and bask in theinspiration from the Book of Proverbs today!
La Bibbia - Italian Bible FREE 2.0.5
This is the Bible CEI (official title The Holy Bible ), the Italiantranslation of the official Catholic Bible by the CEI ( ItalianEpiscopal Conference ). The first printed translation was in 1471,the Malermi Bible. The Bible of CEI (Conferenza EpiscopaleItaliana) is the official version of the Italian Catholic Church.Prior to the initial publication of the CEI edition in 1971, themost common Italian translation of the bible was that of ArchbishopAntonio Martini, published from 1769–1781. The 1607 Italiantranslation by Giovanni Diodati is the standard reference used inItalian Protestantism; a revised edition of this translation inmodern Italian, Nuova Diodati, was published in 1991. ----- ItalianTranslation --- La Bibbia (dal greco antico βιβλίον, plur. βιβλία,lett. libri) è il libro sacro della religione ebraica e di quellacristiana. Con Bibbia CEI (titolo ufficiale La sacra Bibbia) siintende la traduzione italiana cattolica ufficiale della Bibbia adopera della CEI (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana). La traduzioneufficiale della CEI (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana) fu iniziatanel 1965 con lo scopo di fornire una traduzione adatta allaliturgia cattolica italiana, secondo le indicazioni del ConcilioVaticano II. Il Cristianesimo è una religione monoteista acarattere universalistico, originatasi dal Giudaismo nel I secolo,fondata sulla venuta di Gesù di Nazareth (gesù cristo) inteso comefiglio di Dio, incarnato, morto e risorto per la salvezza di tuttigli uomini, ovvero il Messia promesso, il Cristo. Gli aderenti alCristianesimo sono chiamati cristiani. I cristiani si riferisconoal messaggio di Gesù Cristo con il termine "Vangelo" ("buonanotizia"), che indica anche i più antichi testi scritti sulla suavita e predicazione. ---------- Contains All 66 Books as follows:Genesi Esodo Levitico Numeri Deuteronomio Giosué Giudici Rut 1Samuele 2 Samuele 1 Re 2 Re 1 Cronache 2 Cronache Esdra Neemia TobiGiuditta Ester 1 Maccabei 2 Maccabei Giobbe Salmi ProverbiEcclesiaste Cantico dei Cantici Sapienza Siracide Isaia GeremiaLamentazioni Baruc Ezechiele Daniele Osea Gioele Amos Abdia GionaMichea Nahum Abacuc Sofonia Aggeo Zaccaria Malachia Matteo MarcoLuca Giovanni Atti Romani 1 Corinzi 2 Corinzi Galati EfesiniFilippesi Colossesi 1 Tessalonicesi 2 Tessalonicesi 1 Timoteo 2Timoteo Tito Filemone Ebrei Giacomo 1 Pietro 2 Pietro 1 Giovanni 2Giovanni 3 Giovanni Giuda Apocalisse Notes: This app uses GoogleAnalytics. Avvicinati a Gesù e a Dio con questa app sulla Bibbia.Scarica questa app gratuita sulla Bibbia oggi e potrai provare unostudio della Bibbia più ricco e intenso ovunque andrai. Downloadthe free La Sacra Bibbia app today and experience fuller, richerBible study—wherever you go.
Vietnamese Bible (FREE!) 2.0.4
This is the 1934 Vietnamese Bible. The Bible (from Koine Greek τὰβιβλία, tà biblía, "the books") is a canonical collection of textsconsidered sacred in Judaism and Christianity. There is no single"Bible" and many Bibles with varying contents exist. The term Bibleis shared between Judaism and Christianity, although the contentsof each of their collections of canonical texts is not the same.Different religious groups include different books within theirBiblical canons, in different orders, and sometimes divide orcombine books, or incorporate additional material into canonicalbooks. It consists of the following books: Sáng Thế Xuất Hành Lê-viDân Số Phục Truyền Luật Lệ Giô-sua Các Thủ Lãnh Ru-tơ I Sa-mu-ên IISa-mu-ên I Các Vua II Các Vua I Sử Ký II Sử Ký Ê-xơ-ra Nê-hê-mi-aÊ-xơ-tê Gióp Thánh Thi Châm Ngôn Giảng Sư Nhã Ca I-sai-aGiê-rê-mi-a Ai Ca Ê-xê-ki-ên Ða-ni-ên Hô-sê-a Giô-ên A-mốtÔ-ba-đi-a Giô-na Mi-ca Na-hum Ha-ba-cúc Xê-pha-ni-a Ha-gaiXê-ca-ri-a Ma-la-ki Ma-thi-ơ Mác Lu-ca Giăng Công Vụ Các Sứ đồRô-ma I Cô-rinh-tô II Cô-rinh-tô Ga-la-ti Ê-phê-sô Phi-líp Cô-lô-seI Thê-sa-lô-ni-ca II Thê-sa-lô-ni-ca I Ti-mô-thê II Ti-mô-thê TítPhi-lê-môn Hê-bơ-rơ Gia-cơ I Phi-rơ II Phi-rơ I Giăng II Giăng IIIGiăng Giu-đe Khải Huyền Note: This app uses Google Analytics. Getcloser to Jesus and God with this Bible app. Download this freeBible app today and experience a richer fuller Bible study whereveryou go.
94.9 KLTY 4.2.0
94.9 KLTY is safe for the whole family! With the new 94.9 KLTYradio app you can feed your appetite for the best that 94.9 KLTYhas to offer. You decide when you want to listen, and when you wantto browse by turning the live stream off or on within the app. Getwhat you want off the radio with the latest 94.9 KLTY radio app.
Christian Videos by GodVine 1.0.8
Watch the most popular Christian Videos that you love on your phone or tablet! Smiles guaranteed with thebest Funny, Inspirational, Cute, and Heartwarming Videos featuringanimals, babies, military, singing and more!GodVine Benefits●Family Friendly ●All GodVine videos are approved by our team andsafe for everyone in your family to download and watch! This is avideo app appropriate for everyone!● Social Sharing ●Share thevideos that make you smile, laugh and cry with your Facebookfriends and family! Sign in using your Facebook account for quickand easy video commenting and sharing.● Mark Favorites ●Tag andsave your favorite Christian videos for easy access when you needan encouraging lift or a laugh!● Browse by Video Category ●All ofthe latest uploaded videos and the entire GodVine video archive arein the app and organized by categoriesincluding:CuteMusicFunnyHeroicAnimalsMiraclesInspirationalHeartwarmingAdditionalFeatures● search capabilities● recently viewed history● full screenlandscape viewingDownload the Christian Video app from GodVinetoday and begin sharing the joy and laughter with your friends andfamily right from your phone or tablet!NotesQ: Where can I findthese videos online?A: Watch all videos online athttp://www.godvine.comApp SupportIf you have any feature requests,suggestions or you simply need help, please email us:support@godvine.comFollow us on Twitter @GodVineComAboutAbout SalemCommunicationsSalem Communications is a Christ-centered, for-profitcorporation, dedicated to building up the Church, which is the Bodyof Christ.
Bíblia Sagrada (grátis) 2.4
De graça você agora pode baixar a Bíblia Sagrada Grátis. Com esteaplicativo você será capaz de ler a Bíblia mesmo quando estiver seminternet (offline). Ideal para cristãos (evangélicos ou católicos)que querem se aprofundar nos estudos da palavra sagrada do Senhor eestar em contato mais próximo com Deus. Aplicativo pequeno, rápidoe prático. Não precisa de nenhuma permissão especial para instalare não precisa de acesso a internet. Trata-se da versão/traduçãoJoão Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada e Corrigida (ARA), e não daNVI, já que esta é protegida por direitos autorais de titularidadeda Sociedade Bíblica Internacional. Principais características efunções dessa versão: - Deslize o dedo para a esquerda ou para adireita para mudar de capítulo. - Clique no livro ou capítulo nabarra superior para escolher os mesmos. - Alteração do tamanho dafonte. - Modo noturno (fundo escuro com letras claras) - Continua aleitura de onde parou. - Pesquisa e busca avançada. - Opção paramanter a tela sempre ligada. - Copiar e compartilhar versículos comextrema facilidade - Possibilidade de receber notificações com oversículo ou trecho do dia.
Louis Segond French Bible FREE 2.0.7
This is the classic French equivalent of the English King JamesVersion. The Louis Segond Bible or LSG Bible was published in 1910by Alliance Biblique Universelle. Louis Segond (October 3, 1810 –June 18, 1885), was a Swiss theologian who translated the Bibleinto French from the original texts in Hebrew and Greek. He wasborn in Plainpalais, near Geneva. After studying theology inGeneva, Strasbourg and Bonn, he was pastor of the Geneva NationalChurch in Chêne-Bougeries, then from 1872, Professor of OldTestament in Geneva. The translation of the Old Testament,commissioned by the Vénérable Compagnie des Pasteurs de Genève, waspublished in two volumes in 1871 (Meusel has 1874 as thepublication date), followed by the New Testament, translated as aprivate venture, in 1880. The text was then reviewed by experts.The result is the 1910 revision that is now freely available onInternet. This app consists of all 66 books in the PremierTestament and Le Nouveau Testament as follows: Genèse ExodeLévitique Nombres Deutéronome Josué Juges Ruth 1 Samuel 2 Samuel 1Rois 2 Rois 1 Chroniques 2 Chroniques Esdras Néhémie Esther JobPsaumes Proverbes Ecclésiaste Cantique des Cantiques Ésaïe JérémieLamentations Ézéchiel Daniel Osée Joël Amos Abdias Jonas MichéeNahum Habacuc Sophonie Aggée Zacharie Malachie Matthieu Marc LucJean Actes Romains 1 Corinthiens 2 Corinthiens Galates ÉphésiensPhilippiens Colossiens 1 Thessaloniciens 2 Thessaloniciens 1Timothée 2 Timothée Tite Philémon Hébreux Jacques 1 Pierre 2 Pierre1 Jean 2 Jean 3 Jean Jude Apocalypse Get closer to Jesus and Godwith this Bible app. Download this free Bible app today andexperience a richer fuller Bible study wherever you go.
Christian Prayer App 1.0.6
Experience the power of prayer with theChristian Prayer App from The Christian Prayer appprovides hope and healing by connecting your Facebook friends andmobile contacts with the ability to share prayer requests, scheduleprayer reminders, and know when others are praying! We all knowthat saying our prayers is important to our Christ centered livesChristian Prayer Benefits:● Send and receive prayer requests ●Seamlessly integrate your social and mobile contacts so you cansend out prayer requests to select contacts and receive yourfriends and family’s requests.● schedule prayer time reminders ●Life is busy but we want to help make it easier to schedule timewith God! Whether you have 20 minutes on the commute or 5 minutesin the morning, you can set reminders on your phone to remember tostop and say your prayers!● see requests and others prayer using geo-location ●View a map that shows when and where your family, friends and otherusers are praying!This feature shows the number of prayer requests within a zip codeon a map. Map zooms in to user’s zip code on map (if locationservices are on) then a pin appears with number of prayers in thatzip code. User taps the number and pop up box shows saying “4Prayer Requests >” User then taps the arrow to view thoserequests. Requests made available to public will be seen in map or“nearby” tab. Great way to pray for local community.● share when prayers have been answered ●Send out a praise report and let others know how God is moving inand through you!Experience the healing power of prayer and the strength thatcomes from faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Create your ownpersonal networked Christian prayer community worldwide, availableat your fingertips 24/7. Download The Pray with Me Prayer Apptoday!NotesQ: Can anyone who uses the app see my prayer requests?A: If you mark your request public then everyone can pray for you.If you want more private interactions then you can select friendsor groups only. You can also request prayer from everyone using theapp with an anonymous selection and keep your identity unknown.Q: Will the app save all of my prayer request over time?A: It will store all requests you have made.App SupportIf you have any feature requests, suggestions or you simply needhelp, please email us: support@praywithme.comAbout Salem CommunicationsSalem Communications is a Christ-centered, for-profitcorporation, dedicated to building up the Church, which is the Bodyof Christ.
Bible Verse Wallpaper 1.0
Salem New Media
With Bible Verse Wallpaper, you can see Bibleverses and beautiful backgrounds directly on your home screen.* Get over 25 Bible verse backgrounds that randomlyrotate.* Read a different verse each time you look at your lockscreen.* Beautiful and creative backgrounds with Bible verses.* Double tap on background images to refresh a new verse.Get inspirational verses wherever you go.NOTE: To start the wallpaper app or change any settings, go toyour "Live Wallpaper" settings on your phone then tap on "BibleVerse Wallpaper" with the blue and orange cross icon.This live wallpaper relates to Bible verses, Christ,devotionals, Christians, Jesus, holy spirit, scripture, worship,church, religion, God, spiritual, Bible, new testament, oldtestament, prayand prayers.
Christian Radio 2.4.3
mmerse yourself in the Word of God with Live-Streaming ChristianRadio 24-hours a day. Christian Radio offers Christian music,Christian Teaching and Talk Stations, as well as On-Demand MinistryPrograms you can listen from home or on-the-go all for free.Christian Radio Benefits: • Listen to live Christian Music •Christian Worship & Praise, Contemporary Christian, Spanish andSouthern Gospel music. Find uplifting worship from your favoriteChristian artists anytime from any of our music stations featuringthe latest Christian music in all genres. Enjoy the latest hitsfrom today's biggest names in Christian music like... • Kari Jobe •Matthew West • Bethel Live • Hillsong • Newsboys • SidewalkProphets • Building 429 • And many more... • Christian Radio localstations • We will automatically match you with local Christianradio stations using the Geo-Location feature and listen to localChristian stations while at home, or away. • Hear Christianteaching and talk stations in AM & FM including • • Faith Talk• KDAR The Christian Station • WAVA 105.1 • And many more... •Listen to life changing messages from Christian leaders on-demandlike...• • Dr. Tony Evans - The Alternative • Dr. James Dobson's -Family Talk • Adrian Rogers - Love Worth Finding • And many more...• On-Demand Ministries • Find Christian programs from all of yourfavorite teachers and pastors, as well as discover new teachings,with on-demand ministries. • Favorites • Save your favoriteChristian radio stations to easily access programs and music youwant to hear. Additional Features: • Recently Played • ViewUpcoming Programs • Recommends based upon stations or ministrycurrently playing. • Search for stations • Share radio stationswith friends About Salem Communications Salem Communications is aChrist-centered, for-profit corporation, dedicated to building upthe Church, which is the Body of Christ. If you have any featurerequests, suggestions or you simply need help, please email Follow us on Twitter@iLoveChristianMusic
King James Bible PRO 2.0
Salem New Media
This is the Paid version of King James Bible App for Android. Theapp functions exactly the same as the Free version, just that itdoes not contain ads. Get this paid app if you want to remove theads. This app contains the King James Version of the Bible, alsoknown as the Authorized Version. King James Bible or KJV, is anEnglish translation of the Christian Bible by the Church of Englandbegun in 1604 and completed in 1611. Get closer to Jesus and Godwith this King James Bible app. READ, LISTEN AND STUDY THE BIBLE ★Offline Bible: Works offline, Read even without internet access. ★Bible Widget: Get inspired daily with a Daily Bible Verse of Daywidget. ★ Audio Bible: Have the Bible read to you! Just go to thereading section and click on the Audio button, which is next to thefont change button. (Beware though it can get quite loud, so dotune the volume) ★ Daily Bible Verse: When you open the app, youwill see Bible Verse of Day, and Bible Book of the Day. Start yourday with a Daily Bible Verse or Browse the Book of Day. ★ BibleStudy: Study the bible with our easy to use interface. Browse bybooks, chapters, verse. Highlight your favorite Bible verses andeasily access them in future. ★ Bookmarks: Use the favoritesfeature to save or bookmark your Bible study and quickly accesswhere you left off. Get access to your favorite inspiration bibleverses whenever you need them! ★ Highlights: Use the highlightfeature to make highlights in different colors. And then easilyaccess them in the Highlights tab. Other Features ★ User FriendlyInterface: We hate clunky, difficult to use Bible apps. That's whywe model after Instagram's easy to use interface, and aim to makethis Bible app as simple and easy to use as possible. ★ Search:Easy & fast search any keyword, book names, or Bible verses.Our easy to use search function, allows you to quickly find whatyou are looking for. ★ Read Easier: Change the font settingsdirectly when reading the Bible. ★ Share: Inspirational andmotivational Bible verses are meant to shared! Share your favoriteBible verses with friends using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email,SMS and many other sharing apps. ★ FREE: Most important of all, itsFREE. Contains All 66 Books from the King James Bible Notes: Thisapp uses Google Analytics. This app is available as a FREE and aPRO version. The FREE version includes ads which serves to financethe app development while the PRO version is advertisement free.Both versions are exactly the same except from the ads. Check outthe FREE version to see if you like the app. Upgrade to PRO forjust 99 cents if you find the ads annoying or simply just as asupport to this app's development. You know as well as i do that 99cents is really nothing compared to the value you got. Downloadthis King James Bible app today and experience fuller, richer Biblestudy—wherever you go. Download this app now and get King JamesBible at your fingertips. Carry your Bible with you wherever,whenever, and share with whomever you want! Study Anywhere.Download Now!
The ANSWER Orlando 4.19.5
The ANSWER Orlando – News. Opinions. Passion. With the new TheANSWER Orlando radio app, you can feed your appetite for the bestthat The ANSWER Orlando has to offer.
Townhall 1.0.12
Townhall is the #1 conservative website. Townhall pulls togetherpolitical commentary and analysis from over 100 leading columnistsand opinion leaders, conservative talk-radio and a community ofmillions of grassroots conservatives. Townhall arms conservativeswith the tools and information necessary to have an impact inshaping the news.
Luther Bible German Bible FREE 2.0.7
The Luther Bible is a German language Bible translation from Hebrewand ancient Greek by Martin Luther, of which the New Testament waspublished in 1522 and the complete Bible, containing the Old andNew Testaments and Apocrypha, in 1534. The project absorbedLuther's later years. The new translation was widely disseminatedthanks to the printing press, and it became a force in shaping themodern High German language. The translation of the entire Bibleinto German was published in a six-part edition in 1534, acollaborative effort of Luther and many more such as; JohannesBugenhagen, Justus Jonas, Caspar Creuziger, Philipp Melanchthon,Matthäus Aurogallus, and Georg Rörer. Luther worked on refining thetranslation up to his death in 1546: he had worked on the editionthat was printed that year. The Luther Bible was not the firstGerman Bible translation, but it was the most influential. Luther'sGerman Bible and its widespread circulation facilitated theemergence of a standard, modern German language for theGerman-speaking peoples throughout the Holy Roman Empire, an empireextending through and beyond present-day Germany. It is alsoconsidered a landmark in German literature, with Luther'svernacular style often praised by modern German sources for theforceful vigor ("kraftvolles Deutsch") with which he translated theHoly Scripture. A large part of Luther's significance was hisinfluence on the emergence of the German language and nationalidentity. This stemmed predominantly from his translation of theBible into the vernacular, which was potentially as revolutionaryas canon law and the burning of the papal bull. Luther's goal wasto equip every German-speaking Christian with the ability to hearthe Word of God, and his completing his translation of the Old andNew Testaments from Hebrew and Greek into the vernacular by 1534was one of the most significant acts of the Reformation. AlthoughLuther was not the first to attempt such a translation, his wassuperior to all its predecessors. Previous translations hadcontained poor German, and had been from the Vulgate Latintranslation, i.e. translations of a translation rather than adirect translation into German from the originals. Luther sought totranslate as closely to the original text as possible, but at thesame time his translation was guided by how people spoke in thehome, on the street and in the marketplace. Luther's faithfulnessto the language spoken by the common people was to produce a workwhich they could relate to. This led German writers such as Goetheand Nietzsche to praise Luther's Bible. Moreover, the fact that thevernacular Bible was printed also enabled it to spread rapidly andbe read by all. Hans Lufft, the Bible printer in Wittenberg,printed over one hundred thousand copies between 1534 and 1574,which went on to be read by millions. Luther's vernacular Bible waspresent in virtually every German-speaking Protestant’s home; andthere can be no doubts regarding the Biblical knowledge attained bythe German common masses. Luther even had large-print Bibles madefor those who had failing eyesight. Notes: This app uses GoogleAnalytics. Get closer to Jesus and God with this Bible app.Download this free Bible app today and experience a richer fullerBible study wherever you go.
Book of Psalms (KJV) FREE! 2.0
Looking for inspiring verses from the Bible book of Psalms, look nofurther! From the classic King James Version (KJV), comes one ofthe most inspiring books of Psalms. You can now enjoy the wisdom ofJesus Christ and his apostles using this app. Presented in easy tobrowse tabs, sections, and one click share functionality, this appallows you to read, and share your favorite verses from the book ofPsalms easily! Features of app -Quote of Day screen. At start,Quote of Day is random but can be customized to preferred quote-Customizable user settings such as background, font type, fontsize, font color -One Click add to Favorites for easy retrieval-One Click sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Sms and more!-Choice to save app to SD Card or Phone (Requires App2SD app) Whatare you waiting for? Download this app and bask in the inspirationfrom the Book of Psalms today!
Book of Revelation (KJV) 2.0
Looking for inspiring verses from the Bible Book of Revelation,look no further! From the classic King James Version (KJV), comesone of the most inspiring Bible Book of Revelation. You can nowenjoy the wisdom of Jesus Christ and his apostles using this app.Presented in easy to browse tabs, sections, and one click sharefunctionality, this app allows you to read, and share your favoriteverses from the Book of Revelation easily! Features of app -Quoteof Day screen. At start, Quote of Day is random but can becustomized to preferred quote -Customizable user settings such asbackground, font type, font size, font color -One Click add toFavorites for easy retrieval -One Click sharing on Facebook,Twitter, Email, Sms and more! -Choice to save app to SD Card orPhone (Requires App2SD app) What are you waiting for? Download thisapp and bask in the inspiration from the Book of Revelation today!
Twitchy 2.4.5
Keep track of "who said what" via from anywhere withyour Android phone. Read the latest posts, participate in commentthreads and even receive notifications whenever new content isposted.
104.1 The Fish-FM 5.2.2
104.1 The Fish is Portland’s station for Contemporary ChristianMusic and safe for the whole family to listen to! With the latestversion of The Fish Radio App you can feed your appetite for thebest that 104.1 The Fish has to offer. You decide when you want tolisten, and when you want to browse by turning the live stream offor on within the app. Get what you want off the radio with thelatest 104.1 The Fish Radio App.
104.7 The Fish Atlanta 4.6.1
104.7 The Fish is Atlanta’s station for Contemporary ChristianMusic and safe for the whole family to listen to! With the latestversion of the 104.7 The Fish Radio App you can feed your appetitefor the best that 104.7 The Fish has to offer.
93.3 The Fish 4.0.13
93.3 The Fish is safe for the whole family! With the new 93.3 TheFish Radio App you can feed your appetite for the best that 93.3The Fish Little Rock has to offer.
THE FISH Twin Cities 4.6.0
KKMS The Fish Twin Cities is your station for ContemporaryChristian Music and safe for the whole family to listen to! Withthe updated The Fish Twin Cities App you can feed your appetite forthe best that The Fish Twin Cities has to offer. You decide whenyou want to listen, and when you want to browse by turning the livestream off or on within the app. Get what you want off the radiowith the latest The Fish Twin Cities App.
100.7 FM The Word 4.12.0
100.7 FM The Word is Houston’s Christian teaching and talk leader!With the new 100.7 FM The Word radio app you can feed your appetitefor the best that 100.7 FM The Word has to offer.
94.5 WGTK The Answer 4.1.0
The 94.5 WGTK The Answer App is your station for breaking news andstimulating talk! With the 94.5 WGTK The Answer App you can feedyour appetite for the best that 94.5 WGTK The Answer has to offer.
AM 1380 The Answer 4.2.2
AM 1380 The Answer is your station for Intelligent, Conservative,Talk Radio. With the new AM 1380 The Answer radio app you can feedyour appetite for the best that AM 1380 The Answer has to offer.
AM 570 The Answer 4.10.2
AM 570 The Answer is your station for Intelligent, Conservative,Talk Radio. With the new AM 570 The Answer radio app you can feedyour appetite for the best that AM 570 The Answer has to offer.
We are AM 690 The Answer.We make a promise everyday when we go on the air. We mustdeliveron that promise. We never want our listenersdisappointed.We always want to be the answer to the question: What's goingon,here, there or anywhere.We'll inform you about the day's news and events, withsmart,passionate hosts.We know you have many choices to listen to in Honolulu.Weappreciate the fact that you chose The Answer.Weekday Programs (November through February Schedule)Mike Buck 6am-10amMichael Medved 10am-1pmHugh Hewitt 1pm-3pmDennis Prager 3pm-6pmKHNR News Hour 6pm-7pmMark Levin 7pm-10pmLars Larson 10pm-1amBill Bennett 1am-4amMike Gallagher 4am-6amWeekday Programs (March throught October Schedule)Mike Buck 6am-9amMichael Medved 9am-NoonHugh Hewitt Noon-3pmDennis Prager 3pm-6pmKHNR News Hour 6pm-7pmMark Levin 7pm-10pmLars Larson 10pm-MidnightBill Bennett Midnight - 3amMike Gallagher 3am-6amUpdated App Features include:- New design and interface- See current and recently played songs and up to datestationand local news on a single screen- Get notifications and single click access to anystationpromotions or contests- View station's YouTube channel without searching or leavingtheapp (when available)- Wake up to your favorite station with our alarm clock. Recordapersonal reminder to play before waking to the station.- Fall asleep while listening to your favorite station- Access station's weekly show schedules so you don’t missathing- Real time weather for where you are- Share our app via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail- Car Mode provides simple audio controls so you can listenwhileon the road
93.1 El Rey 5.6.2
93.1 KRYP delivers the best programming for the Hispanic communityin the Portland area. With the latest version of El Rey Radio Appyou can feed your appetite for the best that El Rey has to offer.
93.1 El Rey 5.6.2
93.1 KRYP delivers the best programming for the Hispanic communityin the Portland area. With the latest version of El Rey Radio Appyou can feed your appetite for the best that El Rey has to offer.
Faith Journal 1.10
Journal your way to connecting with otherChristians with our Devo Faith Journal app. Share what God isteaching you and receive encouragement. Read journals of fellowbelievers from different stages of life and pray for one another.Boldly share your struggles to show how God has brought light intoyour life with a community of believers who serve as the body ofChrist.Features:* Journals are publicly shared so all can benefit from yourexperiences* Pray for one another* Receive encouragements on your journal entry by others* Follow people* Add photos to your journal entry* Receive notifications when others pray or encourage you* Search by tag* Search by stage of lifeGod bless!
Now you can listen to The Michael Medved Show24 hours a day, seven days a week.Say hello to the brand new Michael Medved radio radio app! We'vecompletely redesigned the app for a spectacularly enhanced userexperience. The Michael Medved interactive mobile app gives you thefreedom to listen - and interact - with The Michael Medved Showanytime and anywhere. Listen to the show live Monday-Friday 3pm-6pmET or when it's ideal for you.No registration required. FREE APP.- Listen to The Michael Medved Show 24/7- Listen to the show live Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm ET- Alarm clock - wake up to the show. Record a personal reminder toplay before waking to the radio- Sleep feature - now also fall asleep while listening to theshow.- Call the show toll-free- Send a message directly to Michael Medved- Read Michael Medved's Facebook Posts and his Twitter Feeds- Catch the latest headlines from SRN on the tickertape- Portrait style lay-out to accommodate speaker and dockingstations- Enhanced audio and graphics quality- On demand local weatherAbout The Michael Medved ShowMonday-Friday 3pm-6pm ETwww.michaelmedved.comUnconventional Wisdom & Debate with America’s CulturalCrusaderReaching millions of listeners each week nation-wide, Michaelprompts liberals to head for the hills with his keen intellect,disarming command of facts and rapier-like humor. Conspiracytheorists, community activists and garden-variety radicals areskewered daily on The Michael Medved Show.Michael is one of America's most respected radio talk show hostswinning listeners with his blend of provocative dialog, incisivecommentary and reliable humor. Michael regularly goes toe-to-toewith liberals on MSNBC & CNN. He is a bestselling author andhis columns are regularly featured in USA Today, The Wall StreetJournal and The New York Post.Born in Philadelphia, Michael began attending Yale at age 16 asa National Merit Scholar. He majored in American History andgraduated with honors before attending Yale Law School, where hisclassmates included Bill and Hillary Clinton.
THE FISH Seattle 4.1.0
KGNW FM The Fish Seattle is your station for Contemporary ChristianMusic and safe for the whole family to listen to! With the updatedThe Fish Seattle App you can feed your appetite for the best thatThe Fish Seattle has to offer.
93.9 KPDQ 5.9.3
93.9 KPDQ is Portland’s local Christian radio station deliveringyou life changing Christian Teaching and Talk programs. With thelatest version of 93.9 KPDQ FM Radio App you can feed your appetitefor the best that 93.9 KPDQ has to offer. Get what you want off theradio with the latest 93.9 KPDQ FM Radio App.
105.1 WAVA 4.7.0
105.1 WAVA is life changing talk radio. With the new 105.1 WAVAradio app you can feed your appetite for the best that 105.1 WAVAhas to offer. You decide when you want to listen, and when you wantto browse by turning the live stream off or on within the app. Getwhat you want off the radio with the latest 105.1 WAVA radio app. 4.5.2
Biz 1190 is the Atlanta radio station for the Wall Street BusinessNetwork. With the latest version of Biz 1190 WAFS Radio App you canfeed your appetite for the best that Biz 1190 WAFS Atlanta has tooffer.
Beyond Bible Devotion 2.6
Salem New Media
Beyond Bible Devotion goes beyond the popularDaily Bible Devotion app to give you deeper devotions. Thedevotions build on a stronger foundation of faith and examines theroot meaning of words to reveal a greater understanding of thescripture. Each day a new devotion comes in to help you stayinvolved and grow your faith. The commentary helps to apply theverse to your life in a practical way.* Tablet version just released!* Change size of the text for easier reading.* Swipe between devotionals for quick access.* Save favorites to read or reference later.* Daily reminder so you never miss a day.
zzzzz_Talk 94.5 FM
Say hello to your official brand new Talk 94.5FM radio app!We've completely redesigned the app for a spectacularly enhanceduser experience. Still the same great features you know and lovefrom our previous app, just with many more interactivecapabilities.No registration required. FREE APP.You spoke, we listened... check out the upgrade featuresbelow:- Alarm clock - wake up to your favorite station. Record apersonal reminder to play before waking to the radio- Sleep feature - now also fall asleep while listening to yourmusic or talk show- Interactive ticker tape on main screen with stationinformation and local news- Enhanced menu options galore- Ability to load and view station's program schedule in your localtime zone- Portrait style lay-out to accommodate speaker and dockingstations- Enhanced audio and graphics quality- Ability to share your favorite app via Facebook, twitter ande-mail- On demand local weatherEnjoy!
Q102.7 KBIQ FM 4.6.1
Q102.7 KBIQ is safe for the whole family! With the new Q102.7 KBIQradio app you can feed your appetite for the best that Q102.7 KBIQhas to offer.