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SALT Watermark: Add Watermark & Add Logo to Photos
SALT WATERMARK APP MAKES IT EASY FOR BUSINESSES TO TAKE PHOTOSWHILE AUTOMATICALLY ADDING THEIR LOGO, WATERMARK OR TEXT ADD TEXTTO PHOTOS Easily add text to photos, and choose your font out of averity of free fonts - handwriting fonts, fancy fonts, girly fonts,stylish fonts and many other cool fonts CROP AND RESIZE PHOTOSResize and crop photos in a wide verity of sizes: 1:1, 3:4, 4:3,9:16, 16:9, Facebook Ads, Facebook Cover, Facebook Page Post,Pinterest Ads & Youtube Art TELL PEOPLE WHO YOU ARE Adding yourlogo or watermark & text to the photos you share on socialmedia will help potential customers easily recognize you and becomeloyal customers HELP PEOPLE CONNECT WITH YOU Adding contact detailsto your photos will help people reach out to you. Easily add yourwebsite, phone number, email or any other detail to your photosPROTECT YOUR PHOTOS Automatically mark all your photos with aunique watermark. This will prevent illegal miss-use of your photosEasily get great brand awareness throughout all social networksMake your day to day activity count by connecting people to yourproducts and experiences. For the first time ever, you can easilyadd your logo and brand to any photo you take, and instantly sharethem on social media. Help potential customers easily find youSocial networks are a jungle. Millions of pictures and productscontinually flood the minds of users across the web. Make it easyfor potential customers to find you and buy your products. Add yourwebsite, email, phone number or any other details to your photos,and make this a no brainer for them. Want us to feature you onInstagram? just follow @salt_app, and we will chose the best photosto feature. The future is here... - There is way more to come, andyou can help us shape it! Have an idea for a cool feature? submitit to If you encounter any issues, or want to shareyour feedback and ideas, just contact us at, Followus on Facebook - us on Instagram -