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Hackers HandBook 0.0.2
Salty Slopes
Get started learning all about hacking withthis active participation application that will allow you toquickly master the skills of a hacker. Perfect for beginners orthose who want to further their understanding of hacking.For Every Learning Style:Start thinking about your thinking, the application encourageslearners from all backgrounds with a variation of mnemonics thatprovide necessary tools for quick retention of each of the hackingtechniques.Understanding with Repetition:When it comes to learning a new subject, reading the materialtwenty times will not be as easy to remember as if you read it tentimes over a long period of time; each time improves your chancesfor memory retention.Testing your Knowledge:Test your skills with the most reliable knowledge assessment toolbuilt right into the application, to quickly identify areas ofweakness and correct them right away.Please check out our website at formore information.Let us know if you have any suggestions or tips.
NMT KSL Notifications 1.0
Salty Slopes
NotifyMeToday helps streamline the processofKSL Classifieds searches, instead of searching manually aroundonKSL that ends up costing you time, missing out on items, orjusterrors in search term keywords. Instead we'll send youanotification as soon as the item you want becomes available.Thereis no signup required to get started.