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SameSystem 3.7.4
SameSystem is an internet based tool forplanning and scheduling the administration of stores and retailchains. It makes it possible creating ideal schedules in a shortamount of time, and to give the employee an easy and quick view oftheir working hours, budget, news, contacts and more.The functions you can find in the App are:*Schedule:-You can always see the actual schedule for yourself and thedepartment.-You can see your personal schedule, with extended info about lendouts, absence etc.-You can see salary percentage and the daily budget.-You can edit and confirm the days in horizontal view.-You can synchronise your schedule with you mobile calendar.*Weekly balance:- You can insert and save all key figures.-You can write comments and confirm days.*Budget:-You can follow the daily and monthly budgets.-You can follow the turnover in your department.-You can compare with turnover and budget from last year.*Daily overview:-You can easily adjust your daily overview to fit your personalneeds.-You can select the overview, which give you the most important keyfigures.-You can get a personal overview of key figures for severaldepartments at the same time.-You can select your own personal start screen.*News- You can see news from your department.*Contacts-You can see the phone book for your department.-You can make calls directly from the App.-You can send emails directly from the App.To use the SameSystem App you have to have an active account atSameSystem. You can get more information at orcontact us by phone at +45 70 70 70 27