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Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary
The Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary App is designedto help students study and review the 600 most frequent words inthe Hebrew Bible. The top 600 words are divided into sets of 25which can be mixed and matched to create a single list. Once a listis created, students click through the words individually, revealthe English translation, and move to the next word. If theyincorrectly identify the Hebrew word, students can choose to sendthe word to a sub-list for further review.In addition to the top 600 words in the Hebrew Bible, lesson listsare available that correspond with Thomas O. Lambdin's Introductionto Biblical Hebrew textbook.The Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary app was designed by Geri Clements, aBiblical Hebrew Instructor at Brigham Young University and a M.S.student in Instructional Psychology & Technology, as a way forher students to always have their vocabulary lists with them nomatter where they go. Waiting in lines and waiting for friends cannow be leveraged into Biblical Hebrew study time! Just think of thepossibilities...For a more advanced app with more features take a look at
My News Alerts 1.5
Would you like to be notified wheneverthere'snews about your favorite sports team or celebrity? How aboutnewsthat affects your career, your community, or your school? MyNewsAlerts will follow the news for you and let you know when astoryyou care about is published. My News Alerts lets you define asetof news-scanning rules. Each rule consists of:1. A source. Choose from one of the pre-configured sourcessuchas CNN, Fox News, People Magazine, ESPN, Car and Driver,Engadget,and many more, or add your own source. My News Alerts canmonitorany web site or blog with an RSS feed.2. One or more keywords to watch for3. Alert type: play a sound, vibrate, flash yourphone’snotification light, and/or display an icon and message onyourphone or tablet’s status bar. You choose the alert type thatbestfits your lifestyle.Whenever a new story appears that contains your chosenkeywords,My News Alerts will let you know. Since you may not wantto keepup-to-date 24/7, you can configure My News Alerts to notbother youat night or on weekends. My News Alerts has beencarefully designedto minimize impact on your phone’s battery life.It runs on Androidphones, tablets, and Google TV devices.
Freeze Time 1.0
Digital clock displaying hours, minutes, and seconds with theability to freeze the current time on screen at the touch of abutton. Multiple times can be frozen, making it easy to capture theexact time for multiple events, such as runners crossing a finishline.
Pony Express Timer 3.03
Used to record runner times at the Pony Express Trail 50/100.Usefulonly to race officials.