Sandello Apps

SimpleWar 1.31
Arcade time killer with beautiful graphicsandfun gameplay. Have a good time destroying infinite waves ofenemiesand reach new high score.
VAT Calculator 6.2.15
VAT Calculator helps you calculate the value added tax. Theapplication will allow you to calculate and allocate the amount,taking into account and excluding VAT. Set VAT rate manually
Calculator of number systems. Converter. Decision 4.1.3
Simple and intuitive to use converter and calculator of numbersystems with a complete solution and decimal fractions Fasttransfer from one number system to another (from 2 to 36) withsupport for decimal fractions Ability to perform mathematicaloperations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division Binarycalculator, ternary calculator, octal calculator, decimalcalculator, hexadecimal calculator. Translation of binary systems.BIN, OCT, DEC, HEX Complete translation solution Intuitiveinterface Modern minimal design Dark theme
Wear Randomizer 1.
Simple randomizer for your watches
Займы 1.8
Учет займов и долгов в удобном виде Все данные хранятся в облакеисинхронизируются в реальном времени со всеми вашими устройствами