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WeeNet - Network Utility Suite neo-4.3.2
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WeeNet - Network Tool is a complete network utility. WeeNet allowsyou to do: 1. Scan Wireless Networks nearby with the possibility toapply several filters 2. Graphically Identify all occupied channelsfrom Wireless Networks nearby 3. Scan all the devices connected toyour local networks 4. Obtain devices connected parameters indetails (Hostname, MAC and IP), thru NetBIOS, UPnP & Bonjour5.Network Speedtest, to reveal your download and upload speeds 6.Wake On Lan 7. Ping 8. TraceRoute 9. Ports Scan 10. WHOIS 11. DNSLookup 12. Custom Subnet Scan 13. VPN hosts scan 14. Know moreabout your device in your LAN 15. Diagnosis of your wireless AccessPoint identifying security flaws and interference Which questionsWeeNet reply? - Does anyone steal my Wi-Fi ? - Is my network safe ?- Why my network is running slowly ? - Why my wireless network isnot reachable in my room? - Does my internet provider give me theright network speed ?