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Free Books and Audiobooks 1.2.20
English e-books and audiobooks: app contains over 12000 audiobooksand books for free. Listen and read books at the same time whichhelp you with learning English! Thousands of audio books includingtext book from Librivox and Gutenberg. You can find your favouriteclassics books here. You can find the most popular books and thenew. Top features: 1. Listen to book and read ebook at the sametime. 2. Discover classic and popular audiobooks ebooks. 3.Continue reading at any moment. 4. Super simple interface.Audiobook can be streamed over the internet any time anywhere.Every audiobook is on public domain witch means that you can listento it without spending any money. Discover new and the best booksof all the time such as Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice,Dracula, War of Worlds, Romeo and Juliet etc. You can find booksand audio books by categories such as romance, sc-fi, poem andmore.
Podcast Go 2.19.38
Listen to your favourites podcasts in your phone! Podcast Go is thean elegant podcast player for Android phones and it is free.Podcast Go allows you to find, download, and listen to podcastsoffline any place and any time. This app is Chromecast-ready. Youcan subscribe your favourites artists so you will be always up todate. There is over 800,000 episodes and you can explore them bypopular categories such a comedy, music, news, games, education andso on. Top features: 1. Download episodes and listen to themoffline. 2. Discover new and popular podcasts. 3. Create your ownplaylists. 4. Control speed rate. 5. Choose your favourite apptheme. 6. Set sleep timer. 7. Subscribe podcasts. You will getnotifications about new episodes. 8. Enhanced performance thanks tocalculating color pallete for every podcast. 9. Saving podcastfiles to SD card. 10. Chromecast support. ★★★★★ Player Go isconstantly developed and supported. Feel free to write to us andshare your feedback and we will get back to every mail as quicklyas possible. There is special "feedback" option in the menu whenyou can tell us about your opinion. · French translation (thanks toBennyvon88) · Finnish translation (thanks to Sami Kuusisto) ·Hungarian translation (thanks to HappyGoblin / Kalevala) · Turkishtranslation (thanks to stknsz) · Spanish translation (thanks toAlex Marq) · German translation (thanks to vibe-design) · Arabictranslation (thanks to · Chinese translation (thanks to妪然) · Serbian translation (thanks to anonymous)
Radio FM Player - TuneFm 1.6.23
★★★★★ TuneFM - Radio Player is the best way of listening toradiostations! ★★★★★ You can find all stations from your andothercountries. There is over 7k radio stations. You can sort thembypopularity or search by name. Listen to BBC radio, NPRradio,sports radio, news, Radios Latinas, Radios Mexicanas, 77WABC, WBAPNews Talk 820 AM, La Mega 97.9, KNBR, WNYC, ShekinahRadio andmore! This app offer very simple and intuitive interface.You markstations as favourite and have quick access to them in themainscreen. TuneFM is Chromecast ready. Top features: 1. Listen toyourfavourites radio stations. 2. Add stations to favourite list.3.Discover new songs and add them to Spotify playlist. 4. Setsleeptimer. 5. Add your own radio station to the database. 6.Chooseyour color theme. 7. Chromecast support. 8. Super simpleinterface.Third party trademarks are owned by the registered ownersof thosetrademarks. We are not affiliated with these companies. Ifyou haveany questions, please contact us.