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Sandwich Cafe - Cooking Game 1.0.0
Welcome to the world of delicioussandwiches!Sharpen your skill as you prepare, cook, assemble andserve qualityBLT sandwiches! Take command of the kitchen anddemonstrate theskills of a master sandwich chef!GAME FEATURES===============COOK AND SERVE SANDWICH!Serve delicious sandwiches to your customers and lighten uptheirtastebuds! The better your cooking is, the more delightedthecustomers will be. Collect tons of tips for excellent serviceandmake those profits!TRY 200+ AWESOME SANDWICH RECIPES!Unlock more than a hundred ingredients to cook lots oftastysubmarine sandwiches! Mix and match sandwich toppings fromtomato,salami, meat ball, to the sub aficionado favorites likepumpkin,croquette, and potato. Keep your customers happy bypreppingeverything from French Fries, Cola, grilled sausages,orange juice,and onion rings!UNIQUE CHALLENGING MISSION FOR EACH LEVEL!Each level presents a unique new challenge, from collectingenoughtips to serving combo orders, all within the time limit!Adapt yourcooking strategy to beat the challenges!PLAY AND COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!Exchange gifts and compete with friends on your never-endingquestto be the best sandwich chef!COLLECT AND UPGRADE!Spend your profits on ingredient and appliance upgrades foryoursandwich cafe! Speed up the cooking process and ensure thatyourcustomers left completely satisfied!PLUS- Serve fun and quirky customers!- Over 30 challenging levels to complete- 1080p HD graphics- High-end, immersive tablet optimized gameplayHave fun cooking and don’t forget to share your delicious mealswithyour friends on Facebook!
Cooking Legend - Fun Restaurant Kitchen Chef Game 1.0.6
Cook 🔪 and serve delicious meals 🍔 and desserts 🍹 from all over theworld 🌎 in this FREE addictive time management game! Test yourcooking skills in this game's many colorful and fun levels! Dashfrom 🍕 restaurant to 🐟 restaurant and become the best cooking chefin every 🍴 kitchen 🍴 that this game has to offer! Be a top chef anddo it all in a cooking madness 🔥 Are you up for the challenge, Chef👩‍👨‍?? BAKE, COOK, AND GRILL your way to world-wide fame! • Cook upfun anytime, anywhere! • Over 300 recipes to choose from! PepperoniPizza 🍕, Chocolate Cake 🎂, Tacos 🌮, Salmon Sushi 🍣, and Royale withCheese 🍔 – the recipes grow with each restaurant! • Complete yourcustomer’s orders in a cooking craze! The better your cooking is,the more delighted the customers will be. Collect tons of tips 💰for excellent service and make those profits! • Reliving thecooking dash in your own mobile phone 📱 ! • ⭐Wi-Fi not needed!⭐TEST AND REFINE YOUR COOKING SKILLS! • Start out with a fast food 🍔restaurant and expand your 🛫 cooking empire 🛬 ! • Simple ⏰ timemanagement ⏰and fun cooking game with lots of upgrades! • Challengeyour kitchen skills 🔪 with unique and fun boss levels! • Practiceyour cooking techniques and management skills. Immerse yourself inthis cooking craze! • Get ready to cook delicious and tasty worldcuisines 🌎! FREE TO PLAY KITCHEN COOKING GAME!
 • Earn achievements🏁 to get free gems 💎 and earn coins with each level beat for free!• New levels and cities 🕍 around the world added regularly! • Beatsimple early levels and gear up to become the superstar chef 🎂 ! •🔐 Unlock 🔓 expert levels and challenge your cooking skill in acraze! • Are you ready for an epic kitchen scramble 🔪 ? Install andstart playing and get into the craziness of time management cookinggame! UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN TO UNLOCK MORE RECIPES • Hundreds ofupgrades for your kitchen appliances and ingredients 🥟 ! • Uniquekitchens to unlock including Fast food 🌭 , Pizza 🍕 , Pancake 🥞 ,steak house 🥩 , Tapas, and more coming with regular updates! •Upgrade your kitchen and produce an even greater variety of dishes🍗 🥖 . Oh, and did we say that this game is addictive andengrossing? Have fun cooking and don’t forget to share yourdelicious meals with your friends on Facebook 🙋 ! UNLOCKRESTAURANTS FROM FIVE CONTINENTS AND MASTER CLASSIC DISHES • CookClassic Restaurant Dishes 🍮 in this Free Kitchen Game! • Cookfrench fries 🍟, savory hot dog 🌭 & clam soup 🍲 ! • Grill tastysteak 🥩 , delicious cake 🍰, and mouth-watering burger 🍔! • Preparespaghetti bolognese 🍝, ice cream 🍧 , and bacon tacos 🥓 - therecipes grow with each city! PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS • Login toFacebook and play with your real life friends 👦👧 ! • Send andreceive free gifts 🎁 to your friends and unlock new levelstogether! • Invite friends, play together, and win fabulous prizes💎 !
Ramen Craze - Fun Kitchen Cooking Game 1.0.4
Welcome to the crazy world of Ramen chef. The restaurant worldawaits a hot new chef to cook world-class cuisines all in a cookingfever! Discover new Japanese Ramen favors and recipes in thisaddictive fun time management kitchen game. Download Ramen Crazeand start cooking now! FEATURES ============ COOK AND SERVE RAMEN!• Cook up fun anytime, anywhere! • Over 100 ramen ingredients tochoose from! Chashu, Naruto, Grilled Eel, BBQ pork, and Mussel –the recipes grow with each city! • Roll up and complete yourcustomer’s ramen orders! The better your cooking is, the moredelighted the customers will be. Collect tons of tips for excellentservice and make those profits! • Cook a wide variety of Japanesecuisine items like Zabu Soba, Okonomiyaki, and Yakitori! • Relivingthe cooking dash in your own Japanese ramen kitchens on your mobilephones! BECOME THE SUPER STAR CHEF! • Try new Japanese Ramen noodlerecipes from Sapporo, Hokkaido to Tokyo, Kyushu! Unlock theHollywood level to get achingly hip Ramen cooking recipes! • LoveSushi Diner? You will like Ramen Craze too! • Dash through over 300levels from Asia to America world cities! • Scramble to feedcustomers from all over the world! Light up your ramen kitchens ina cooking fever! • Have hours of exciting time-management foodmaker fun! WIFI NOT REQUIRED! • Play Ramen Craze – Fun Cooking FoodMaker Game offline on your iOS devices after initial contentdownload! • Internet / 4G / Wifi connection not needed aftercontent download! Have fun playing on a plane or underground! •Download restaurant content and start cooking right away! •Feverish offline or online time-management game play! TEST ANDREFINE YOUR COOKING SKILLS! • Start out with a single ramenrestaurant and expand your cooking empire! • Simple time managementand fun cooking game with lots of upgrades! • New exciting bosslevels to challenge your kitchen skills! • Get ready to cookdelicious and tasty Japanese cuisine! FREE TO PLAY KITCHEN COOKINGGAME! • Earn achievements to get free gems and earn coins with eachlevel beat for free! • Beat simple early levels and gear up tobecome the superstar chef! • Expand your restaurant empire for freeby earning 3 star each level! Unlock Korea and China levels withspecial local recipes! • Are you ready for an epic kitchenscramble? Install and start playing and get into the craziness oftime management cooking game! Download Ramen Craze – Fun CookingGame now and enjoy this incredible cooking simulation game! LikeJapanese cooking game? Try out sushi diner – Fun cooking game fromus! Also available for free! Have fun cooking and don’t forget toshare your delicious meals with your friends on Facebook!