Santiago Ortega Apps

PewDiePie 1.7.5
Do you love PewDiePie and have fun with hisvideos?.In this application you will find all updates on social networks,communicate directly without having to search among all yourcontacts and see all the videos you've spent so many goodtimes.
Chat - Meet new people 1.1.0
Chat with a lot of people around the world orjust invite friends to chat in private.
The Goblin 1.0
An out of this world shooter just tryit.
Curvy - All Social Netwoks 1.0.0
Keep all your active social networks inoneapplication.Forget the annoying switch between apps.TwitterFacebookYoutubeInstagramPinterestIf your favorite social network is not here do not hesitatetotell us.
Conciertos Tocadas y Mas 2.0.1
Te perdiste algún concierto importante entuciudad? o tu tocada en el bar no tiene suficientepublicidad?Con esta aplicación conocerás desde los grandes conciertos hastalastocadas mas cercanas a ti, todo al alcance de tus manos.-Desliza para ver descripciones o mas conciertosYou missed somemajorconcert in your city? or you played in the bar does not haveenoughpublicity?With this application you will know from large concerts totheclosest you played all at your fingertips.-Desliza For descriptions or more concerts
Go Maps & Chat (Pokemon Go) 1.0.0
Find your new Pokemon or defeat thenearestGym.Chat with your Team mates and be the best.
The Fidget App 1.5.0
Are you bored? Anxious? or just waitinganybody?Try to figured out how to solve our puzzles before you becomecrazy.The only way to move among puzzles is swiping left, right, up anddown.There are very limited information and a very annoying assistant,so you have to use your full potential.Nothing more to say here. Just Enjoy...
SuiGen 1.0.0
Enjoy this simple meditation app for beginners, bringing joyandpeace to your daily life. All content and features arecompletelyfree, no subscriptions or in-app purchases. - GuidedMeditationSeries. - Sleep Meditation. - Relaxing Ring to releasetension. -And much more.... Welcome to your new life.
Node X 1.0.0
Chapter 0 You woke up and don't know where you are. You mustascendthrough this facility full of traps, but with littlesurveillance,and try to get out alive. No Checkpoints No Power upsNo Bosses NoAmmo No XP No Money 23 Challenging Levels (TBH thefirst 3 are onlytutorials) Amazing Soundtrack ...And just skillClassic platformerwith a fast-paced taste. Ready to hate it? **Thisis a testingprototype. If you like this game please support us onTwitter andshare this game so we can develop the next chapters.THANKS :)
PPlane 1.0.3
Hard day at work? school? or wherever you are? Send a paperplane.Are you angry? Send a paper plane. That guy is annoying!!!Ok, thatis not a question but... Send a paper plane. Workswitheverything.... If you just want to free yourself, send apaperplane. And only if you want, read what other people says.
Open Roads 1.0.0
You are a collector, but you have been discovered by The Situs.Nowyou have to use all the Astrium around you to survive andscape.Find the way to destroy them, but be careful, some of themaresneaky and have weapons. As you know, collecting U.P.P. helpsyoucreating new vehicles to scape, go find then!!! By the waythesoundtrack is AWESOME....
Simple IPTV 3.0.5
Watch IPTV from your provider or free live Tv Channels on anyothersource on the web. Features: - Supports M3U Playlists - Searchfromyour Playlist - Airplay support This app does`t containanybuilt-in channels. You have to add your Tv ChannelsPlaylistmanually. Setup Instructions: - First you need to inputyour M3UUrl and name for your Playlist. (You can get it from yourprovideror free from web). - This app does not supportdownloadedplaylists. Disclaimer: - This app does not supply orinclude anymedia or content. - Users must provide their owncontent. - Thisapp has no affiliation with any third-part providerwhat so ever. -We do not endorse the streaming of copyrightprotected materialwithout permission of the copyright holder.