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Qibla Compass 4.0.22
Prayer times, distance and direction (pointedby the arrow) to Kaaba in Mecca. It takes the difference betweenmagnetic and true north in consideration.Hold phone on flat surface and away from ferrous metal objects andelectromagnetic fields.Select islamic league in app Settings.Request new features here:
Write Snaps - Snap Story 5.15
<<<<< YOU CAN'T PUT IMAGE INSTORY >>>>>Download Write Snaps for FREE now and start adding texts and emojison your pictures on a snap. Write Snaps is a photography app foryour Android phone that allows our users to write on their photoseasily. There are a lot of customization options including color,size, fonts, border, and transparency. You can also add some photofilters to your picture. It is designed not to replace a moreadvanced photo editor such as photoshop but to provide a quick wayfor casual users to add write on photo and post them on social andchat apps such as snapchat.************If you are looking for an insta photo writer app to add text andemojis to your pic, you should download Write Snap. It is thesimplest photo editor app to write on your picture without hassle.Maybe you want to add photo captions before your share your selfieson Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. Maybe you want to add yourfavorite quotes to create inspirational pictures. Write Snaps is aperfect solution if you need a casual photo editor app.=========== Write Snaps TOP features: ==========1. Download Write Snaps for FREE and use this photo editor app asoften as you like with no worry.2. Choose pictures from your Gallery or Photo Album. Or takeselfies and new picture directly from your device’s Camera.3. Write on texts your pictures easily. You can type in anythingyou like: photo caption, quotes, your names, jokes, etc. Make yourpicture stands out and fun!4. Choose your fonts from 200 available fonts. There is somethingfor everyone no matter what mood you are in.5. Change your text color, text shadow, and text size.6. Change the text stroke color and width.7. Change the text background color or the highlight of yourquotes.8. Set the text transparency.9. Rotate the text on your pics as you wish.10. Add emojis to your pictures with your emoji keyboard. You canadd emojis from your device and from Whatsapp native emojis.11. Apply other photography filters of your choice.12. Share your picture on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and othersocial networks and chat apps.If you need a heavy duty photo editor like photoshop, thisphotography app is not for you. We are focusing on users for casualphoto editing needs, especially photo writer with customizabletexts and emojis without losing the quality of existing image file.It literally takes only a snap of your finger to write on photoswith Write Snaps.Here are step by step guide on how you can write on photo and addphotography filters super easily with Write Snaps:1. Choose Image from Gallery or Camera2. Write on texts or emojis of your choice.3. Adjust colors, size, and background simply by tapping anddragging appropriate bar and see the result directly.4. Tap on Adjust Font Style to change the font and choose from ourmassive font collection.5. Apply photo filters from our collections.6. Save and share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, andInsta gram.7. Don’t forget to add #WriteSnaps tag on pic to have the chance tobe featured on the app Home Screen!So, what are you waiting for? Download Write Snaps FREE now. Starthaving fun with your selfies and pictures! Add quotes and adorableemojis to show your emotion. A picture is worth a thousand wordsbut why not adding your own voice? There are so many things you cando with our app and we are looking forward to see different ways onhow Write Snaps improve your photos and how far your creativitytakes you.
Formelsammlung Mathematik 3.0.42
Eines der leistungsfähigsten und unglaublichenSchöpfungen des menschlichen Geistes, von Galileo bis Einstein,steht jetzt auf Ihrem Smartphone zur Verfügung. Dank unserer App,der vollständigen Mathe Formelsammlung, werden Sie in Ihren Händenalles haben, um jede mathematische Übung oder ein Problem schnellund effektiv zu lösen.Diese Anwendung ist eine komplette mathematische Formelsammlung,mit allen erforderlichen mathematischen Formeln von der Grundschulebis zur Universität. Dank unseres App Designs ist die Anwendungsehr einfach zu bedienen und intuitiv. Wenn Sie studieren oder wennSie ein Lehrer, ein Wissenschaftler oder ein professioneller ,dermit Zahlen und mathematische Formeln umgeht, sind, haben Sie geradeein leistungsfähiges Werkzeug entdeckt, das Ihnen helfen wird, dieMenge, die Qualität und die Effizienz Ihrer Arbeit zu zuverbessern.In der App werden Sie mathematische Symbolerklärungen,Algebraformeln, Analyseformeln, analytische Geometrieformeln,Trigonometrieformeln, Logikformeln und Grundrechenarten finden,umden jüngeren Schülern, diese erstaunliche und geheimnisvolleWissenschaft zu besser zu erklären.★Die App ist in die folgende Bereiche unterteilt:- Grundrechenarten- Algebra- Analyse- Geometrie- Trigonometrie- Analytische Geometrie- LogikIn jedem Bereich finden Sie die entsprechenden mathematischenFormeln und eine vollständige Erklärung mit Grafiken, um Ihnen zuhelfen, die verschiedenen Themen zu verstehen. Die vollständigeMathe Formelsammlung ist auch ein großes Werkzeug für Mathematikund Wissenschaftslehrer; alles was Sie brauchen, ist Ihr Smartphoneoder Tablet, keine umständlichen Bücher mehr!Alles was Sie tun müssen, um loszulegen ist das Herunterladen derMathe Formelsammlung, dieser erstaunlichen Formel-App ist KOSTENLOSim Google Play Store verfügbar. JETZT DOWNLOADEN!!!SD-Karteninstallation wird unterstützt. Fehlerberichte an denInhalt und die App sind mehr als willkommen. Vorschläge für neueEigenschaften wären toll!Eigenschaften:★ Innovative Software★ HD Grafik★ SD-Karteninstallation unterstützt★ Intuitive und freundliche Schnittstelle★ Jahrhunderte von Wissen in der TascheOne of the most powerfuland incredible creations of the human mind, from Galileo toEinstein, is now available on your smartphone available. Thanks toour app, complete math formulary, you will have everything in yourhands to solve any mathematical exercise or problem quickly andeffectively.This application is a complete mathematical formula collection,with all the necessary mathematical formulas from primary school touniversity. Thanks to our app design, the application is very easyto use and intuitive. If you study or if you are a teacher, ascientist or a professional who deals with numbers and mathematicalformulas, you have just discovered a powerful tool that will helpyou determine the quantity, quality and efficiency of your work toimprove.In the app you will mathematical explanation of symbols, algebraformulas, analysis formulas, analytic geometry formulasTrigonometrieformeln, logic formulas and basic arithmetic find toexplain to better the younger students, this amazing and mysteriousscience. ★ The app is divided into the following areas:- Basic arithmetic- algebra- analysis- geometry- trigonometry- Analytical Geometry- logic In each section you will find the appropriate mathematical formulasand a full explanation with graphics to help you to understand thevarious issues. The complete math formula collection is also agreat tool for math and science teachers; all you need is yoursmartphone or tablet, no complicated books more!All you have to do to get started is to download the MathFormulary, this amazing formula app is available FREE on the GooglePlay Store. DOWNLOAD NOW !!! SD Card Installation is supported. Bug reports to the content andthe app are more than welcome. Proposals for new features would begreat! Characteristics:★ Innovative Software★ HD graphics★ supports SD card installation★ Intuitive and friendly interface★ centuries of knowledge in your pocket
Titanium Voice Recorder with number ID 1.5.296
Titanium Voice Recorder is the essential HD audio recorder app forAndroid. Take voice memos, record meetings or lectures and endlessother possibilities with this high-quality recorder. An intelligentCaller ID feature allows you to identify unknown callers and avoidnuisance spam calls. But this is more than just a standard soundrecorder! This top recorder app includes great features for sharingrecordings and even setting them as notification tones! Features: •Identify unknown phone numbers in real-time with the Caller IDfeature • Simple and beautiful controls - just touch the mic tostart recording and touch again to pause • Embedded player to playyour recording instantly • HD Audio recording using 16 Bit/8 BitPCM Encoding (adjustable from 8Khz-48Khz) • Record in stereo forsupported devices • Record in a compressed format (3GP/ACC) •Adjust the volume gain of the microphone • Simple file manager tomanage and organize your default folders • Control your recordingfrom the status bar on your home screen • Continue Recording in thebackground while you use other applications • Send/Share recordingsvia email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, etc. (long click on recordings toenable this feature) • Rename/Delete your recordings (long click onrecordings to enable this feature) • Set your recording as thedefault ringtone/notification tone or alarm ringtone (long click onrecordings to enable this feature) • Delete/Share multiple files atthe same time • Record phone calls in real-time when using thespeakerphone The best option for anyone wanting to download a voicerecorder app.
Call & Email 2.846
Call & Email is a free email client that let's you managemultiple email accounts in one app. All of your emails will be inone place in a beautifully designed user interface. Send andreceive emails easily. Call & Email allows you a fast andsecure access to your email accounts. Sign in on the go It is aperfect replacement for your stock email app. This great appinstantly detects who is calling you, and displays the callerinformation in real-time. In addition, you can also send emailsback to callers with a single click after the call. Email a callerdirectly from the caller ID screen - simple and easy. This powerfulapp enhances your mobile communication and productivity right away;giving you advanced call-related features connected to all yourvarious email accounts. What you get in this app: - Access to allyour emails from this cool app – compatible with over 50 mobileemail providers. Including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, &Hotmail - Sync multiple emails from all your providers in abeautiful Interface - Instant option to send an email back to thecaller. - Caller ID - so you can instantly see who is callingyou.  - Instant access to call logs, and to your phonebookfrom the app - Spam warning when a spammer calls you. Get warningsfor millions of spam numbers worldwide - Easy access to the emailfrom the after call screen. - Redial access from the app withoutleaving your work on an email. - Text or mail a contact after eachcall with one click.
Call Ringtone Maker – MP3 & Music Cutter 1.220
Call Ringtone Maker is an awesome FREE app for Android that letsyou edit sections of your favorite songs from your phone and assignthem as custom ringtones to numbers. The advanced caller ID willlet you know who’s calling including unknown numbers, then you cansave those numbers in your contact list and assign them acustomized ringtone. The easy-to-use editing tool lets you selectyour favorite section of any song you have saved on your phone -the chorus, a verse, or even a section of classical music – andassign it as a custom ringtone to any phone number you choose.Simple, fast and effective! This is the very best caller ID andringtone maker combined! Call Ringtone Maker features: ✔ Real-timeCaller ID: Always know who is calling. ✔ Create unique personalizedringtones: Use the simple editing tool ✔ Avoid annoying spam calls:See if the number is a sales, spam or robocall. ✔ Personalizeringtones: Set them directly from the caller ID screen. ✔ Savecontacts: Save unknown incoming contacts with one click after eachcall. ✔ Re-dial number: One click number re-dial. ✔ SMS: One clickto text contact after each call. No need to input the number again.How to create custom ringtones: • Choose a song from your own musiclibrary on your device. • Select a section of the song by zoomingin and moving the cursors. • Verify by listening to it again. • Addfade at the beginning and the end of the ringtone. • Apply yourcreation as a ringtone, alarm, or notification sound. • Assign theringtone to one of your contacts. • Share your creation with yourfriends by email. Download Call Ringtone Maker today for a fun andpersonalized call experience. * Please note, Call Ringtone Maker isnot an online music library and does not give you access todownload songs, it offers a smart editing tool allowing you toselect sections of your own music or recordings already saved onyour device.
Drugs Dictionary 9.2.29
Very useful drugs dictionary. Very friendlyand beautiful interface. The best choice for pocket drugsdictionary.All useful information about drugs: uses, how to take, sideeffects, precautions, drug interactions, missed dose andstorage.Easily search to lookup the drug you are looking for and get alldetails with just one click and see what Medical drug is the best.With this app you will have the best and most detailed Android drugdictionary app. It’s free to download and is very simple.
Voice Recorder with Caller ID 2.297
Voice Recorder is a sound recorder with a difference. It’s morethan just a standard voice recorder app – it’s a recording app witha smart link to calls. It allows you to record quick audioreminders right after a phone call is completed, and the smartcaller ID functionality automatically adds the caller’s name to therecording title – even for contacts not in your phone book. WithVoice Recorder you can record a voice note or reminder to yourself,about the phone call you just completed – it will automatically besaved with the caller’s name and number as part of the title. Withour handy recorder app there is no more forgetting what you justagreed on during a phone call while you look for a pen and paper towrite down a date, time, or contact name. At the end of each callyou will see a screen with the caller’s details, and a one-clickfunction that allows you to record an audio memo. With this voicerecorder app your phone instantly becomes a power sound recorderwith any great features, including sound record, voice record, andquick record after calls. The caller ID also helps you avoid spamcalls. It displays information on who is calling even if the callerisn’t in your phonebook (you get warnings for more than 1 millionspam numbers worldwide). Should you like to save the number, youjust click once - no need to type in the name or number manually.What you get with this voice recording app: • Audio Recorder:Record voice or other sound quickly and easily. • Real-time CallerID: Always know who’s calling. • Voice record: One-click recordingdirectly after phone calls. • Spam warning: Get warnings for morethan 1 million spam numbers worldwide. • Save contacts: Saveunknown contacts with one click after each call. • Re-dial number:One click re-dial number. • SMS: One click to text contact aftereach call. No need to input the number again.
Formules mathématiques 3.0.42
Formules mathématiques is the French versionof the Math Formulary App that covers all mathematical formulasthat are usually used in the school and the university. Wherenecessary graphics are included to depict and explain the topicbetter.The content is organized into following groups:- Basic Arithmetic- Algebra- Analysis- Geometry- Trigonometry- Analytical Geometry- LogicSD-Card Installation is supported. Bug reports related to thecontent and the app itself are more than welcome. Proposals for newfeatures would be great.This is the free version of the Formules mathématiques Pro app thatyou can get from
Interval Timer 4 HIIT Workout 3.3.44
Interval Timer 4 HIIT Training is aninvaluable countdown timer for all people interested in workout andtraining. Just set up any number of workout and restintervals and you're ready to maximize your training results.It doesn't matter what kind of workout you do -whether you run, use it for cycling, sprint, tabata, weightlifting, HIIT training, some cardio, boxing or martial arts. It issuitable also for lots of "home workout / training" like the onesyou can find all over the Internet! It can also fully substituteyour physical HIIT interval timer you'd otherwise need to carry inthe gym. It can even be used during study or cooking! The bestthing is that this app is always with you, because it's on yourphone.Just set your own training schedule the with the number of rounds,workout time and the rest time. Before the actual exercise you canalso set up the preparation time and after you finish your workoutuse the relax time for the cool-down period. Import, Export,Download and Upload your training plans! - This site is a great addition to Android appitself. You can find here all the information about the IntervalTimer, some tips & tricks, all the user uploaded training plansand many more. Check it out after you're done with yourworkout.Interval Training Timer 4 HIIT will:- Logs each of your training- Gives you awards as you workout- Allows you to set own workout sounds, vibrations and colors- Is ready for import and export of your exercises, stats andawards to SD card or internal storage- Allows you to download and upload the training to theInternet- And share them with the world!- Combine various training into one long session in ExtendedTrainingYou don't know what HIIT is?High-intensity interval training describes an exercise composed ofHIIT techniques. HIIT workout sessions generally consist of a warmup period, then several repetitions of high intensity exerciseseparated by a medium intensity exercise for recovery, then a cooldown period. The number of repetitions and length of each dependson the exercise, but may be as little as three repetitions withjust 20 seconds of intense exercise. [wikipedia]Tip: If you hear the counter through the external speakers evenwhen the headphones are plugged in - you can always go to thepreferences and un-check the "Use alarm volume".Tip: If your background music is disrupted with every sound timermakes, you just have to disable "use alarm volume" inoptions.Facebook:
Notepad - Write Notes, Checklists & Reminders 2.0.701
Notepad is an easy-to-use free notes app for Android, optimized forafter-call note taking. This clear and simple notepad app allowsyou to make quick notes and checklists to help organize your lifewith great ease. SIMPLE AND CLEAR ✔ This quick notepad allows youto sort notes by date or title to help you keep them in order and auseful search function will help you find specific notes if youhave many saved in your list of notes. SHARE AND CONNECT ☝ Allnotes can easily be shared with others via your email account orvarious social media platforms, and a smart link to phone callsallows you to write notes or memos immediately following everyphone call made or received. Connect all aspects of yourcommunication with this smart Notepad app! ORGANIZE YOUR TASKS ✍The useful checklist function allows you to create clear checklistssuch as to do lists, shopping lists or task lists, and also allowsyou to cross out items on the list when they are completed withouthaving to delete them, in case you need to refer to the originallist later. SMART CONNECTION TO PHONE CALLS ✆ Following every phonecall Notepad is activated on your phone, allowing you to quicklymake notes so that you don’t forget anything important from thecall. An advanced Caller ID feature also displays detailedinformation about the call. Details such as caller name, number,time and much more are displayed and serve as a useful reminderwhen making notes. NOTEPAD KEY FEATURES ✎ ✒ Clearly presented noteswhich can be sorted by date or title. Quickly and easily edit, saveand delete notes at any time. ✒ Easy checklist function wherecompleted items can be marked as ‘done’. ✒ Useful search functionfor those difficult-to-find notes to save time. ✒ Sort your notesby date or title. ✒ Backup & restore notes so that you don’tlose any important information. You can backup directly to yourphone or to Google Drive. ✒ Quickly share notes with others viaemail, SMS or various social media platforms including Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and LinkedIn. ✒Create notes quickly following phone calls with a handy quick linkto Notepad after every call made or received. ✒ Identify unknowncallers with the advanced caller ID feature and see detailed callinformation - useful when making notes after phone calls! For yourprivacy and data protection we do not have access to any of yournotes or store any of the information contained within them.Therefore, we recommend that you regularly use the useful backupfeature on this app to avoid the accidental loss of any importantinformation. Install Notepad today and organize your life with thiseasy-to-use notepad application and enjoy a hassle-free time. Neverbe stuck without a pen and paper again!
Antibiotics Dictionary 4.24
Antibiotics DictionaryAntibiotics Dictionary has free Caller ID. Caller ID will show callinformation during/after calls - even for contacts that are not inyour phone book. Enable, disable or configure Caller ID at any timein the settings menu.
Fórmulas Matemáticas 3.0.42
This is the Spanish version of the MathFormulary App.One of the most powerful and incredible creations of the humanmind, from Galileo to Einstein, is now available for you on yoursmartphone. Thanks to our app, Fórmulas Matemáticas, you'll have inyour hands everything you need to handle every mathematicalexercise or problem quickly and effectively.This application is a complete math formulary, with all of mathformulas needed from school to University. Thanks to our graphicdesign and software, the interface is very easy to use andintuitive. If you study or if you are a teacher, a scientist or aprofessional dealing with numbers and math formulas, you justdiscovered a powerful science tool, which will help you to improvea lot the quality and effectiveness of your work.In the app you will find mathematical symbols explanation, freemath worksheets, Algebra formulas, analysis formulas, geometryformulas, analytical geometry formulas, trigonometry formulas,logic formulas and basic arithmetic to help the younger students tolearn this amazing and mysterious science.★The app interface is organized in the following areas:- Basic Arithmetic- Algebra- Analysis- Geometry- Trigonometry- Analytical Geometry- LogicIn every area, you will find the related math formulas and acomplete explanation with graphics to help you understand thevarious topics. Fórmulas Matemáticas is a great tool for math andscience teachers as well; all you need to have with you is yoursmartphone or tablet, no more books to carry during yourwork!All you need to do to get started is downloading FórmulasMatemáticas, this amazing math formula app, for FREE on Google PlayStore NOW!!!SD-Card Installation is supported. Bug reports related to thecontent and the app itself are more than welcome. Proposals for newfeatures would be great!Features:★ Innovative software★ HD Graphics★ SD-Card Installation supported★ Intuitive and friendly UI★ Centuries of knowledge in your pocket
Wallet 1.8.21
This application keeps track of the funds inyour wallet. You can input your income and expenses as they comeby. The application will display a detailed usage history as wellas tally up daily and total expense and income. This is a goodalternative for the paper and pen or memo way of no problem manage money expense income tracking funds in handcurrent funds expense manager budget tracker funds manager easymoney management
GPS Trip Recorder 2.3.23
GPS Trip Recorder, Record your trips usingGPS!Drive, walk or ride your bike or even fly on an airplane while GPSTrip Recorder recording your movements and keep tracking yourlocation in real time on the map, and showing your speed anddistance in real time!At the end of trip, user can choose to save it so it can be seenlater.GPS Trip Recorder saves your trip route and other details aboutyour trip such as:Duration, Average Speed, Distance and more..!And yes, this app is completely free!!
Math Formulary 3.0.42
One of the most powerful and incrediblecreations of the human mind, from Galileo to Einstein, is nowavailable for you on your smartphone. Thanks to our app, MathFormulary, you'll have in your hands everything you need to handleevery mathematical exercise or problem quickly andeffectively.This application is a complete math formulary, with all of mathformulas needed from school to University. Thanks to our graphicdesign and software, the interface is very easy to use andintuitive. If you study or if you are a teacher, a scientist or aprofessional dealing with numbers and math formulas, you justdiscovered a powerful science tool, which will help you to improvea lot the quality and effectiveness of your work.In the app you will find mathematical symbols explanation, freemath worksheets, Algebra formulas, analysis formulas, geometryformulas, analytical geometry formulas, trigonometry formulas,logic formulas and basic arithmetic to help the younger students tolearn this amazing and mysterious science.★The app interface is organized in the following areas:- Basic Arithmetic- Algebra- Analysis- Geometry- Trigonometry- Analytical Geometry- LogicIn every area, you will find the related math formulas and acomplete explanation with graphics to help you understand thevarious topics. Math Formulary is a great tool for math and scienceteachers as well; all you need to have with you is your smartphoneor tablet, no more books to carry during your work!All you need to do to get started is downloading Math Formulary,this amazing math formula app, for FREE on Google Play StoreNOW!!!SD-Card Installation is supported. Bug reports related to thecontent and the app itself are more than welcome. Proposals for newfeatures would be great!Either kids math or complex maths this free math app is a problemsolver for you. Math learning is very easy and fun with these mathworksheets now.Features:★ Innovative software★ HD Graphics★ SD-Card Installation supported★ Intuitive and friendly UI★ Centuries of knowledge in your pocket
150000+ Message Collection 1.0.27
Largest Message collection with 150000+ SMSmessages.Useful for daily SMS, Wish SMS on whatsapp, hike, line, WeChat,Facebook, Twitter......Smallest Size of app contains largest message collection and alsoworks without Internet Connection.It Includes Following Categories:★ Anniversary Message★ April Fool Message★ Attitude Message★ Best Wishes Message★ Birthday Message★ Break Up Message★ Chocolate Day Message★ Christmas Message★ Congratulations Message★ Cool Message★ Diwali Message★ Dussera Message★ Eid Message★ Exam Message★ Father’s Day Message★ Friendship Message★ Funny Message★ Good Luck Message★ Good Morning Message★ Good Night Message★ Holi Message★ Independence Day Message★ Jokes Message★ Kiss Message★ Life Message★ Love Message★ Makar Sankranti Message★ Marriage Message★ Miss You Message★ Mother’s Day Message★ Navratri Message★ New Year★ Quotes★ Republic Day★ Romantic★ Sorry★ Teachers Day★ Thank You★ Valentine Day★ Women’s Day
7 Seconds Challenge 1.3.37
During the evening, you tend to getbored?During the day, you don't want to chill anymore?Seven Seconds Challenge is the app you need!Seven Seconds Challenge is a friendly application of fastchallenges. In seven seconds, with friends or family at a party,you have to do your best to realise a challenge or answer aquestion. It's the new kind of Truth or Dare but funnier andquicker !• More than 200 different challenges !• Play with up to 12 of your friends with just one smartphone• Turn on or off a naughty mode to add spice to your partyIf you'd love Truth or Dare, you'd love all about this game ! Theprinciple of that game was invented by AmazingPhil so if you lovethe game, you might thanks him !Download our 7 Seconds Challenge app now!Caller ID feature
Notification for Smartwatch 2 2.1.42
Notification for Smartwatch 2 app is designedprovide a smooth and simplified experience on your AndroidSony Smart Watch 2.It brings all notifications on your mobile phone apps to yourSmartwatch, by connecting it remotely to your mobile device viaBluetooth.You can access your settings from the after call screens to get thebest Smartwatch experience.This app will send to your Sony Smartwatch thesenotifications:- Gmail- WhatsApp- Line- Outlook- SpotBros- Viber- Hangouts- BBM- WeChat- TelegramHow to synchronise the Smartwatch with Notification for Smartwatch2 app;Steps:  1. Download & install the "Notification for Smartwatch 2" appfrom the Google Play Store.2. Open the "Notification for Smartwatch 2" app and tap OK buttonthen accept the permissions by toggling the Notifications forSmartwatch 2 button.3. Turn on the Bluetooth on Smartwatch.4. Download & install the "Smart connect" app on the mobilephone from the Google Play Store. Open the "Smart connect" app, then check the "Terms of use"check button and tap "Accept" button. (Bluetooth for the mobilephone will get enabled automatically on opening the smart connectapp).6. Open "Accessories" tab, once Smartwatch is connected with thephone, "Smartwatch 2" app will appear in the list.7. Tap on "Smartwatch 2" and install Smartwatch 2 host app.8. Allow the permission for "Notifications for Smartwatch 2"app.9. Smartwatch is connected and ready to use.To delete all notifications on Smartwatch you can:- Go settings- Open a notification, tap menu button and tap Del All.Or you can Delete only one notification:- Open a notification, tap menu button and tap Del.Free BT notifier app for Smartwatch. Easy and simple to use withsmart connect extension for Smartwatch 2.
Pocket Skip Track 1.5.20
Switching tracks volume buttons.Only guaranteed to work with PowerAmp correct operation of the other players the author is notresponsible!Author is also not responsible for the correct operation is not onfirmware other than pure Android!For *ROOT* available switching on long press (only works on rooteddevices)!!!This program is designed to switch tracks in the player is runningand off the device screen by double clicking on the volumebutton.The program allows you to choose your preferred delay betweenclicks.To switch to the next track you need to make two clicks on the"volume up" with a delay of no more than specified in the "Delay".Accordingly, previous track - "volume down".!!! The program works only when the play player and the screenturns off. Krosfeyd in the player must be disconnected. Probablydoes not work on runoff firmware HTC (disable a smooth change inthe volume, if possible) !!!Can not work with some devices.
Sleep Calculator 1.6.10
Sleep Cycle Calculator helps you figure outwhen to go to sleep, and when to wake up, in order to feel rested,energized and refreshed and avoid the morning groggy feeling.This is a free sleep app that can set an alarm for you to wake upin-between sleep cycles in order to start the day relaxed and witha clear mind.Every time you go to sleep, you experience a series of sleep cyclesthat last on average 90 minutes, and waking up during one of thesleep cycles makes you feel groggy and exhausted even with plentyof hours of sleep - sleep cycle calculator tries to determine thebest wake up times, or go to bed time in order to workaround thissituation.Perfect at figuring out sleep cycles and recommended for people whohave trouble sleeping and don't have a fixed sleepingschedule.There are four sleep calculation scenarios to choosefrom:Scenario 1: you want to know when to go to sleep in order towake up at a specified time. Sets a go to bed alarm.Scenario 2: you want to know when to wake up if you go tobed at a specific time. Sets a wake up alarm.Scenario 3: you want to know the best times to wake up ifyou go to sleep right now.Scenario 4: you plan to take a power nap and you want toknow when you should wake up.What this app does• This Sleep Calculator app is the Android companion of the website• Calculates when you should wake up and when you should go tosleep in order to wake up in-between sleep cycles.• Calculates when you should wake up if you were to go to sleep nowor take a power-nap.• Calculates a list of possible "go to bed" or "wake up" timesdepending on your needs.• The app is able to add alarms to the default Android Alarm app byselecting a time entry available in the sleep cycles list.• Sleep Calculator provides a settings option to take into accountthe time it takes for you to fall asleep (default: 14minutes).• Sleep Calculator provides a settings option to take into accountthe length of a sleep cycle (default: 90 minutes).• The clock hour format used by sleep calculator is the devicescurrent system setting (24 hours format or the AM/PM format).• Option to choose from 7 different themes / skins.• Option to choose from the available application translations incase you don't want to app in your native locale or have a languagepreference..What this app does notIt's not an alarm clock app replacement, it only allows you to addan alarm to your Android stock alarm clock app.Translators: help translate Sleep Calculator in yourlanguage so others can enjoy it too! Join the translation projecthere: in touchFacebook: version support: 4.1+
Night Sky Tools - Astronomy 2.6.176
Night Sky Tools is the ultimate collection ofastronomical tools perfect for anyone interested inastronomy.The calculations are of a high enough accuracy for almost allamateur astronomy applications.Due to the fact that astronomy is often best when far fromcivilization where mobile signal may not always be reliable.Therefore, this app is (almost) completely self-contained and doesnot require any internet connection for most of the informationavailable. The only exceptions to this are the SOHO solar imagesand NGC/IC, Messier, Caldwell and Binary star images and weatherforecast which are loaded dynamically, as well as the refreshing ofsatellite, comet and near-earth asteroid data.Night mode turns the display red for night observations withouthaving to ruin your night vision.The Sky Map makes use of the direction sensors of the device toshow the sky above (or below you). Most of the features can betoggled in the settings. The Sky Map also allows you to turn on thedevice's camera to see the view behind the device with the sky mapsuperimposed over it.The direction sensors of the device may need to be calibrated ifthe map appears to be pointing in the wrong direction. To calibratethe device's sensors wave the device in a figure-8 pattern. If thedirection is still off, then the direction calibration can beadjusted manually by changing the setting in the Settingsscreen.The observation log, allows you to save observations in theapplications, as well as manage a list of astronomical equipmentand observing locations. This equipment is also available for usein the Telescope Calculator.Most of the data screens have an option to share the data viaemail, or other similar apps able to accept HTML content.The Astronomical Time is also available as a Home screen widget. Touse the widget, the app needs to be installed onto the internalstorage instead of the SD card, otherwise it will not beavailable.Some permissions are required for correct functioning of theapp:Location - used to determine user location throughout the appCamera/Microphone - used to allow camera background in skymap. Themicrophone is never used but this permission is bundled withcamera.Photos/Media/Files - used to allow proper functioning of the fullscreen images and caching of imagesNetwork access - used to do online searches, and downloading comet,asteroid and satellite data, object images and geocoding.The app is jam-packed with features:- Observe the sky with the skymap, planisphere, aurora forecast,polar finder, weather forecast, daylight map, Moon and Mars maps,SOHO images, Jupiter and Saturn's moons, Moon and Sun calendars andwhat's up.- Detailed object information on the planets, constellations,comets, exoplanets, meteor showers, near-earth asteroids,satellites, as well as the full NGCIC, Caldwell, Messier, 6thcatalog of Visual Binary Stars by the USNO and General Catalog ofVariable Stars catalogs, as well as a SIMBAD search.- Calculate angular separation, atmospheric refraction, magnitude,coordinate conversions, visual limiting magnitude, precession,redshift, and telescope airy disc, f-ratio and magnification- Astronomical references, glossary, HR diagram and stellarclassification.- Astrophotography tools for exposure time, CCD resolution,Untracked exposure time and optimal f-ratio.- Emphemerides for eclipses, equinoxes, conjunctions andoppositions, the sun, moon and planets- Observation log- Astronomical time
Timer 2.37
A countdown timer with an intuitive touchinterface.Set the timer by swiping up or down on the appropriatenumber.Timer alarm goes off even if phone is asleep. Timer will honor oroverride silent/vibrate mode depending on user preference. Manytimer options.
Billy (Top Music charts) 1.7.352
This is NOT the official Billboard app (infact, there's no official Billboard or Top 100 Android appyet).Billy lets you browse the top pop, rock, dance and more genresright now, and listen to them. You can as well watch the officialYouTube video of each of the songs and look at the best albums ofartists.Genres available:Hot100 (Billboard's most popular chart)PopRockDanceMetalCountryR&BRapThe songs list is provided by Billboard, who make and updateindustry-standard songs popularity charts like Billboard Hot 100and more. Billy uses SoundCloud as source for streamingsongs.Billy is the quickest way to get to the top songs. Try itout!
Volume Booster Pro 1.20
Ever missed a important phone call due to anoisy environment? Or miss out on your favorite song due to lowvolume in a noisy environment?The Volume Booster Pro is an “all in one” app designed to enhanceyour mobile experience. It’s offers a one key volume booster, whichcan be used as a music player with HiFi sound quality.Up to you to decide to take the call or to continue listening tothe music.Download the Volume Booster Pro now and start enjoying an enhancedmobile experience immediately.Intelligent Caller ID functionality added. Caller ID now helps youidentify callers - even the ones not in your contact list. Thisfeature is optional and you can adjust or disable Caller ID at anytime in the settings menu.
my work shifts 1.52.25
Application allows you to store your workshifts (timetables)It is simple and easy to use so you can easily and quickly beinformed.For users with Samsung with Android 6.0+You must enable "use SD card" or else backup function will fail towrite on SD card.This option is at Phone settings -> Applications -> my WorkShifts -> Use SD cardFeatures:* create / change one work day* create / change multiple work days* create your own work shift pattern* alarm clock for a specific work shift* export month work schedule and send it via email, viber,etc* grid and list schedule view* extra notepad (with notes priority)* backup database to SD card* select work shift in color of your choice* select first day of week* Widget 1x4 (7 days preview)* Widget 2x4 (14 days preview)* Widget 3x4 (28 days preview)Supports 7 and 10 inches Tablets
my Location 2.25.12
Application informs you about your currentlatitude, longitudeIf internet connection is available, shows on the map your currentlocation and the address of the road.You can choose between normal or satellite map viewYou can save your locations and share via SMS, e-mail, Facebook,Google+, Skype, Twitter, and moreTranslations: English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese,Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi,Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Reading Light 2.185
Just a simple light app for reading books etc.It enables you to control screen brightness with slider andlock/unlock with long press on the screen.You can read book in night or dark places with this nice ReadingLight application. It is not bright as flashlight so provides niceenvironment for the book readers. Download and enjoy the readinglight.
Interval Timer: HIIT & Tabata 1.6.11
So you're looking for a training timer toolthat you'll always have with you? No matter whether you need atabata timer, an interval timer or simply something to replace yourold fitness timer. Look no further, cause you've just foundit!Features:- Create your own circuit training by combining intervals- Reorder intervals simply by long click and dragging them up ordown in the list- Add one interval at a time or whole circuit training atonce- Set own sounds, vibrations for each interval- Pick from range of designs- Each interval will be announced during workout- Log your workouts and export logs to csv file- Calculate approximate energy expenditure based on METvalues- Gain achievements as you workout- Import and Export to cloud- Download and Upload your workouts to the cloud- Share your workouts with friendsNew Interval Timer Training Tool is for all interested in tabata,high intensity interval training workout (hiit workout) or circuittraining workout. It also can be used for boxing workout, running,cycling, sprint, weightlifting, HIIT and basically anything thatneeds proper timing. This app will help you get the results youalways wanted.Simply create timers for your training schedule by defining yourpreparation, workout, rest and cooldown durations. If your workoutdoesn't fit this template of four independent intervals just addeach interval with custom name, duration and sounds individually.It is also possible to create dynamic training plans in which everyround and rest time can be longer or shorter. This way you cancreate any workout you desire.You can easily share your workout with friends or simply uploadthem to the cloud for the entire world to use. Download any workoutothers have created by using filters for training duration and sortthem as you like.Why should you work out with this app? Not only you'll feelwonderful after a workout, with this app your training will belogged and you can easily see the statistics of how you work out.You can see the date and a time when you finished, total duration,how much time you've spent working out and resting and how manycalories you've burned. Calories are calculated based on yourweight using MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) constant for eachinterval. There is a possibility to export your workout logs to csvfile and use them in app / program of your choosing.And did I mention achievements? As you work out, you gainachievements. It keeps you motivated and you can show them to yourfriends, so they can envy you :) Achievements are simplyawesome.If you're not sure how to use this interval timer, check the"about" screen, there's extensive help for you. And do not forgetto use backup & restore functionality. Especially when you justun-wrapped your new phone. This way you can always synchronize yourworkouts, workout log, statistics and achievements. Changingdevices was never easier.So to sum this up - this app is your perfect fit for timing HIITworkout, circuit training and round based sports like treadmillworkout or cardio workout. Just get it :)Facebook:
Sky Time 1.3.33
Sky Time contains a widget and applicationwhich shows numerous times of particular interest to astronomy,including local time, UTC, local mean time, sidereal time, juliandate, as well as sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset.The application is able to be displayed in normal mode as well asnight mode
Notas 2.0.127
Notas is a cool caller ID app which instantly shows you who iscalling you. The Caller ID will identify calls even if the calleris not in your contacts. Notas also has the best notebook feature -you can use it to capture a quick thought or create a checklistafter every call you make. Create a note in one tap simply afteryou hang up a phone call. And that note can be anything you want itto be! No limit to its characters – type as much as you want. Keyfeatures: - Real-time Caller ID identifies who is calling even ifthe caller is not in your contact list - Don’t worry about spamcalls! You will get warnings for millions spam numbers worldwide.This will keep your phone safe! - Save identified callers to yourphonebook with one click - Smart and effective after call actions -Fast access to your notes in one click after each phone call -Simple user interface and a handy note search feature for the oneswho like taking many notes - Easily edit, share or delete the noteDo not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas ofhow we can make Notas even better!
Astronomical Coordinates 1.1.52
Convert coordinates between horizon,equatorial, ecliptic and galactic coordinates, as well as convertcoordinates between DMS and decimal notation.This app is also available as part of the Night Sky Toolsapp.
Currency Converter 2.30
- Get currency exchange rates instantly formore than 180 countries- Sort currencies by using drag and drop- Convert currencies without internet access- Rates & graphs provided by No advertisement- Totally free & no limitation in any future !!------------------------------------------Quick Introduction------------------------------------------At the top of the screen you will see your base currency. Hereenter the amount you want to convert from. App will immediatelystart to convert your base currency to all other currencies in thelist while you are typing. If you want to change your base currencyto any other currency in your list just click on it. If thecurrency you want isn't in your list you can add a new currency byclicking "all currencies" button at the bottom of the screen.Enjoy
PDF Reader Lite 5.1.21
• Extract PDF pages.• Create PDF from images.• Read PDF pages(Speak).• Support PDF text to speech.• Bookmarks.• Tab Layout.• Read Encrypted PDF.• show pdf index.• Open quickly and clearly.• Support search, scroll, zoom in and out• Jump by page number• Open password protected files• Browse folders• Contain table of contents• Search pdf files• Full screen read view.
Bruh Button 2.191
BRUH! The Official Bruh Button™ App. Voice by@Headgraphix. This app includes a Bruh Button™ and BRUH ButtonWidget for you to press the next time someone does or say somethingcrazy. The Authentic Bruh Button™ App also includes a 15 SecondBruh Button™ Challenge Game that tests how many times can you pressthe Bruh Button™ in 15 seconds. Give your friends/family the#BruhButton Challenge by sharing ontwitter/Facebook/Instagram/Vine
Pocket Ephemeris 1.4.33
Displays the astronomical data for the Sun,Moon, the planets and the dwarf planets, including rising andsetting times, magnitude, distance to Earth, position, and muchmore.Night mode changes the display to a display suitable for nightuse.This app is a subset of the features available as part of the NightSky Tools app.
Virtual Mixer for DJs 3.0.43
Fun Virtual Mixer for DJs App🎧 Revolutionary DJ app by Native Instruments🎧 Familiar DJ mixer layout with cross fade, 3-band EQ, and filteron each channel🎧 Built-in DJ effects🎧 External mixer mode for sending individual deck outputs toseparate mixer channels🎧 Enhanced time-stretching🎧 Turntables for making new music🎧 Mix tracks easily🎧 High quality soundMake your own dj remix music easily. Perfect for parties and fun.You can play two tracks at the same time and cross-fade just like areal DJ. Just choose songs that you want to mix and you are good togo. Let your imagination handle the music.
The Trader 2.4.15
The Trader is a strategy game where you playas a trader with a small shop, 'Aeco Goods'. You have to buy goodsat cheap and sell them at high in order to grow. You travel placesbuying and selling stuff and making fortune.- With the money earned, you can upgrade your shop, hire employees,buy jet and much more.- Prices rise and fall, markets grow and crash, money flows in andflows out in a flash, rumors speculate, and in the midst you are incontrol, applying cunning strategies, calculating risks,hiring orfiring people, counting profits and losses, bagging in cash,growing your shop and your economic empire and smashingleader-boards.- You can also try your luck in lottery, micro-manage yourfinances, hire correct people, take loans or hire a CA and avoidtaxes etc. to help you and your shop grow into megacooperation.- Test your decision making skills in Interactive events whoseresults will reflect on your bank-balance, company's stock valueand your image in the market.- Awesome pixelated retro graphics for old-school gamefeeling.- Grow yourself from an ordinary trader to a giant trading tycoonsimulation game.This is a completely free game, no IAPs, no other stupid stuff,nothing. Internet is only required if you want to sign-in withGoogle play services to upload your high scores and unlockachievements, otherwise the game is completely off-line.Enjoy!This game is inspired from classic 'dopewars' game concept.
Jupiter's Moons 1.1.29
This app allows you to view the currentpositions of Jupiter's 4 largest moons, and also provides a 12 dayprojection of the motion of the moons.This app is also available as part of the Night Sky Toolsapp.
Pocket Orrery 1.2.44
Displays a model of the solar system, allowingyou to zoom between the inner and outer planets.The app supports zooming by using the pich-gesture, and providesvariable animation speeds.This app is also available as part of the Night Sky Toolsapp.* Caller IDPocket Orrery has free caller ID. It identifies callers for you -even the ones not in your contact list. Caller ID results are shownafter calls and also allow you to save the contact details directlyto your address-book. You can always go to Pocket Orrery with oneclick from the Caller ID screen.You can disable or adjust caller ID to your preferences in the appmenu settings or after-call screen settings at any time.
Wallpapers HD (4K, QHD images) 1.3.22
Wallpapers HD are free beautifulwallpapers for every day. Wallpapers in this application arestrictly divided into categories and are only of high definition(HD, QHD, 4K images). The categories are selected in such a waythat they offer the most popular themes for wallpapers, includinglove, nature, dark, animals, macro, space, etc.Our main advantages:- A huge number of photos- A new wallpapers every day- Simple and intuitive interface- Only high-quality HD or QHD- Modern design- Installation of wallpaper in a few clicks- Possibility to add your own photos- Possibility to save on phone- Automatic change of wallpapers- Easy and simple searchEvery time you check your device, you will enjoy the beautifulwallpapers choose using our application. Everything is so simplethat all you need is just a few clicks to set the bestwallpapers.Let’s talk a little about our collection of HD wallpapers forandroid, I think,it might be interesting for you.Nature Wallpapers. Nature Wallpapers is a possibility tochoose the most beautiful pictures of various themes for yoursmartphone or tablet. Nature, forest, flowers, mountains, sunset,river – only the most spectacular scenery. The perfection of naturein its variety on the photos and pictures.Bright juicy colors of summer (Summer Wallpapers) and winter(Winter Wallpapers) –forest wallpapers, from which you canliterally hear the birds singing and feel the freshness of summerwind or the quietness of winter evening. Nature is fascinating, andthe choice of format allows you to install your favorite photos onany phone, and even on a tablet.Space Wallpapers. Space Wallpapers are galaxies, planets,stars, Moon, astronauts, spaceships, and Earth views, and all ofthese are in one application. Space and all that it involves are inhigh quality. Selection of the best wallpapers and high-resolutionpictures on the theme of space specifically for your phone ortablet.Dark wallpapers.Dark wallpapers look elegant and modern, andfor many people they are associated with mystery. In thisapplication we have collected the best dark wallpapers, stylishdark wallpapers made in different genres and directions, includingabstraction, animals, fractal, etc.This is only a small part of images that we have in our hugecollection. You should definitely take a look at other themes:Cities Wallpapers, Night Wallpapers, Sky Wallpapers, FlowersWallpapers, Texture, Minimalism, Material Design Wallpapers and alarge number of other themes
Eclipse Hunter 1.2.73
Eclipse Hunter calculates the occurrences ofsolar and lunar eclipses in a given year.This app is also available as part of the Night Sky Toolsapp.
Do you want a super bright flashlight / torchapp ? Brightest flashlight app for you and it is for free.
Face Photo Filters 1.21
Face photo filters lets you make best photoswith art face stickers.Face camera photo filters is a great app for you to create coolsmiley app photo filters and stickers & emojis toyour photo.Create a great selfie by adding doggy face, coachella filter, catface, rabbit face, rainbow, animeeyes, masquerade camera, emoji, tears, text, art filters andmore.add as lenses filters as you want and make your pictures look morebeautiful.Face camera art filters features:- Take a photo or choose picture from your gallery- Select Filters/stickers/Emojis to put on your photos orselfie- You can adjust stickers with 2 fingers, also Zoom in/Zoom out,Rotate left/right- text to write on your photos- Save and share your photos to your social mediaEnjoy best photo filters app!Intelligent Caller ID functionality added. Caller ID now helps youidentify callers - even the ones not in your contact list. Thisfeature is optional and you can adjust or disable Caller ID at anytime in the settings menu.
Horizon Calculator 1.2.43
Horizon Calculator calculates the height tothe horizon from a certain height, and vice versa.The app supports both metric and imperial units.
Call Block
Call Block is the best call blocker app to identify phone numbersand stop any unwanted calls. This free call blocker app for Androidhelps you to block calls you receive from unwanted numbers, even ifthe number is not in your contact list. Using our huge database ofover one billion numbers, the Call Block app’s caller ID preciselyidentifies callers from all over the world. You will instantly beshown detailed information about any call you receive and will beable to use the call blocker function to block the number andprotect your phone immediately. Take back control of your privacywith this essential app to block calls – stop spam, telemarketers,and other unwanted calls as soon as the phone rings. The advantagesof Call Block: • Caller ID: Each time you receive a call you willinstantly see who is calling. • Call block: You will be able toeasily block calls or block numbers. Avoid the scams, sales,frauds, telemarketing, surveys and similar calls. • Blacklist: Youcan add any unwanted numbers to your personal “Blacklist”. You canalso block a range of numbers with certain first digits. • You willalso be able to add the caller to your contacts list or send them areply SMS directly from the caller ID screen. • Instantlycustomized: Easy access to settings if you want to customize theapp. • Quick and easy to use: Just download this free call blockerapp and have all the functions added to your phone right away.
Funny GIFs & Jokes 2.0.30
Funny GIFs & Jokes - the bestcollection of jokes and funny animated GIF-files. Life should befun shouldn’t it? That’s why we want to offer you more joy and fun.We’ve collected your favorite animated GIF-files so you could enjoythem at your leisureFeatures:Huge amount of animated GIF filesAll GIFs were carefully selected and sorted by categories. You canfind such categories as animals, music, people, auto, nature andmany more. Tens of thousands of funny GIF-files.Simple searchUsing our search you’ll quickly find the GIF you’re lookingforShare your joy with friendsThis is the fastest and simplest way of sharing your fun with yourfriends. Share your favorite GIF in Facebook Messenger, Viber,Telegram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and many more messengers andsocial networks.My Funny GIFsSelect your favorite GIFs and they will be stored in your library.Then you can easily get back to them anytime and send to yourfriends. They will be available in “My GIFs” section
Weather 1.13
Material design stylisth free weather app.Check the weather anywhere & anytime. Find detailed forecastsand weather conditions. Customise the weather app with choosingdifferent colours. The best weather application from the TopDeveloper on Google Play. Check weather for anywhere in the worldwith stylish weather icons.Get real-time weather forecast, the most accurate weatherinformation. Swipe down to update the weather forecast on the app.Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy or Snowy you will get your forecast rightaway.You can also get 1 week forecast for anywhere in the world.When you install the app it will detect your location and deliverthe weather forecast for your current location.
File Manager 1.0.29
File Manager is a simple and powerfull app tomanage all your files on your Android devices. It provides the mostimportant features like, transfer, extract, oraganize, share andcompress. At the same time, you can easily categorize all filesinto downloads from internet, images, videos etc.Easy access and manage apps, images, videos, audio and transfer toPC. Edit different files on you phone has never been easier. FileManager also allows you to clean up RAM and thereby make you phonework even faster.Download File Manager and get the best overview over your AndroidDevice with a simple interface.
Call Recorder 1.0.69
A simple and smart Caller ID and Recorder app that can identify andrecord incoming and outgoing phone calls automatically. Itidentifies numbers not listed in your contacts. Get an easyoverview of your recorded phone conversations and use the smartsearch function to easily find a specific or old recording, eitherby searching for phone number or the contact name. See the date andtime, as well as the caller name and number, for allrecordings.  Easily Listen to your recordings, share them withyour friends or family, or create personal notes. You can also addphone numbers to your contacts with just one tap. Recordings can beshared via SMS, Messenger, email and various other services. Call recording can be turned on or off as needed. You can adjustCall Recorder settings to your preferences in the settings menu.