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Saregama Music Store 1.5.2
Saregama Music Store app is your one stop destination to buy anddownload original high quality songs from a variety of genres likeHindi Film Music, Regional Film Music, Classical Music, DevotionalMusic, Ghazal, Sufi, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geet and many more.Evergreen songs by legends like Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, R.D.Burman, Lata Mangeshkar, Gulzar, Mohd. Rafi, Jagjit Singh, AnupJalota etc. are available for purchase on this app. Enjoy musicstreaming and previewing of Bollywood songs, Hindustani classicalmusic, Carnatic music, live music, film music and much more. Theapp can be downloaded for free from the Android Play Store on anyAndroid device worldwide. i. The app allows you to: a. Buy anddownload MP3 & high quality HD (WAV Audio) songs and albums ·Song starting @ Rs. 4 per song · Album starting @ Rs. 12 per album· Complete ownership of songs on your device · Freely transferpurchased content across devices b. Discover content easily ·Search by song name, album name or artiste name · Navigate acrosscategories like Hindi Films, Regional Films, Classical Music,Devotional Music, Ghazal & Sufi, Rabindra Sangeet and NazrulGeeti c. Choose from multiple payment options · Credit Card · DebitCard · Net Banking · Mobile Billing (for users in India) · PayTM(for users in India) ii. Additional Features: · You can access theSaregama Music Store on the app as well as Thesame sign in credentials can be used for both · Once you are signedin, your cart, purchases and download manager get synced acrossdevices – app and website ( Supported by: *Android: 4 and above Love the Saregama Music Store App? * Don’tforget to rate the app & also write a review * Like us onFacebook: * Follow us on * Like us on Instagram:@saregama_official * Please help us improve your experience byemailing to * Don’t forget to rate the app& also write a review
Saregama Carvaan (Compatible with Carvaan* Device)
Saregama Carvaan app enables you to enjoy your favorite songsnomatter where you are. The app is compatible with CarvaanPremium,Carvaan Gold, Carvaan 2.0, Carvaan Gold 2.0 and Carvaan GO.The appis categorized into 2 sections: PLAY ON CARVAAN Use thissection ofthe app when you are listening to your Carvaan at home.This appenables you to browse through the library of old Hindisongs thatare pre-loaded on your Carvaan. You can also search foryourfavourite song or even create playlists of your choice.Thissection of the app needs to be used in conjunction withyourCarvaan unit. PLAY ON APP This subscription based sectionallowsyou to to stream and download your favourite songs on theSaregamaCarvaan App. APP FEATURES: • View the entire list ofsongsavailable under a station a. Connect your Carvaan and productandenjoy all the songs of that station. Whether its MohammedRafi,Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Shashi Kapoor or AmitabhBachchan,tap on the image of your favourite artiste to see theentire listof songs available on his/her station. All stations,across allcategories for connected Carvaan will can be viewed onthe app •Play songs on demand a. Now that you have the entire songlist infront of you, play songs as per your choice. We believe it’stheperfect way to enjoy our range of specially curated stationslikeSad, Happy, Film Instrumental, Hindustani Classical etc. Butofcourse, you can tune to any station of your choice. • Enjoy aleanback experience a. If you prefer that we do the hard work. Gotoany station of the app. Tap on the station name, for eg: MannaDeystation. Sit back and enjoy. • Search for a specific song a.Can’tlocate where your favorite artiste is listed? Not a problem.Typein the name of the artiste like Gulzar, Asha Bhosle or anyother toview a list of all their songs. Or if you are looking forsomethingspecific, simply type the song name / album name andsearch. •Create playlists a. You can create multiple playlists onthe app.Make a playlist for different parts of the day or a varietyofmoods. We love to name our playlists The Happy List, BestofRomance, Non-stop Dance and Ghazals for the Soul. So go ahead,becreative. Give your playlist a fun name and add songs to gowithit. b. You can also repeat a playlist, shuffle songs orre-ordersongs in a playlist • Listen to Saregama recommendedplaylists a.Based on mood, occasion and seasons, our editors arehard at workto bring you the best playlists. If you are not one tocreateplaylists, just tune into one of our selections. Supportedby: *Android: 5 and above Love the Saregama Carvaan app?Facebook: * Please help us improveyourexperience by emailing to * Don’t forgettorate the app & also write a review
Saregama Sales Track Application 1.20
The Saregama Sales Tracking app helps you: · Check thesalesdashboard to understand the dealer/distributor performance ·Viewdistributor wise order summary · Manage your inventory. Viewzonewise stock availability · Create and place orders foryourdistributors · Enter market visit pictures. Click and uploadyourpicture while on the field