Satcom Direct, Inc Apps

SDR 1.10
The SDR Mobile App allows business aviation passengers to interactwith the Satcom Direct Router installed onboard their aircraft.•See Satcom connectivity status and data usage• View onboard phones& handset status• Use the moving map to view your currentlocation, flight path and ETANote: Requires an SDR installed on theaircraft and services with Satcom Direct
Satcom Direct Corporate 2.0.0
The Satcom Direct Corporate app is the fastestand easiest way to find SD product and service information, salesand support contacts for your region, service coverage maps, aswell as training, events, and tradeshow schedules.
PS Mobile
** Plane Simple® Mobile is intended solely for Satcom Directcustomers. **Plane Simple® Mobile is a free account managementapplication that allows customers to access detailed records forall of the active services available aboard their aircraft. Theapplication provides configuration summaries, daily and monthlyusage records, as well as in depth call traffic information. Italso allows users to access details about their most recent and/orcurrent flight leg information.Users have access to the following:· Plane Setup Reports including GON® information· Call the aircraftGON directly from the app· Aero Logon & Logoff activityincluding Clear Cause reporting· Aero H, H+, I, mini-M, Swift64,SwiftBroadband, Iridium, and Yonder®· Request DIRECTV from appPlaneSimple® Mobile is provided exclusively by Satcom Direct® at noextra cost to its customers.
AeroV 8.0.1
AeroV® is a softphone designed for Business Aviation and Militarycustomers of Satcom Direct – the market leader for aeronauticalsatcom services. To configure the AeroV® specifically for youraircraft please contact our support team or +1 321.777.3236.AeroV® facilitateseasy, effective, and secure voice communication during flight forboth business and personal use. The softphone works with Yonder®,Inmarsat (Swift64/SwiftBroadband) and Iridium satellite networksand supplies a pre-configured provider list for most satcommanufacturers. Additionally, AeroV® provides an intuitive interfaceto give users the capability to utilize phone contacts, swap,merge, split and transfer calls.Standard Features:· Pre-configuredprovider list for most satcom manufacturers· Preloaded Dial Plans·Speakerphone, Mute and Hold· Secure Voice· Call history – list ofreceived, missed and dialed calls· Contact List and ContactFavorites - leveraging the device Contacts· Ringtones and contactavatars· Multiple Call Support - swap between two active calls;merge and split calls; transfer calls· Call Forwarding· G.729 codecincluded · Support for DTMF: ability to enter numbers and use anauto attendantSupported Satcom Manufacturers:· AeroV® Gateway -Satcom Direct's exclusive VoIP service· SDR™ - Satcom DirectRouter· Aircell Axxess®- Aircell Axxess Transceiver· EMS Aspire™ -Aspire AirMail system· EMS CCU-200 - eNfusion® CCU-200communications convergence unit· EMS CNX - CNX-100, CNX-200 andCNX-300 routers· Honeywell CG-710 - Honeywell's CommunicationGateway Unit· Simphonē - TrueNorth's complete Simphonē productlineSupported Android Mobile Phones:· Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8,S9· LG G4, G5, G6 · MOTO X· Nexus 6P· Google Pixel· Huawei Mate9Supported Android Operating System:· Lollipop 5.x or above
Connecting With Customers 2016
CwC 2016 is the official mobile app for Connecting With Customers2016.CwC 2016 will allow attendees of SD’s Connecting WithCustomers 2016 to:• View detailed event agendas, speaker profiles,sponsor information, find networking events, and more• Create yourown personal schedule• Access locations for events throughout SanDiego• View hotel and city maps• Interact with a real-time feed ofall event activity• Expand your professional networkFeatures of CwC2016 App:• Activity feed: Read what people are saying, view eventphotos, and find trending sessions• Agenda: View full agenda andrelated information (session times, room numbers, speaker info,etc)• Users: Connect with others at the event via the app•Sponsors: See sponsor informationConnecting With Customers 2016 ishosted by Satcom Direct, Inc. The CwC 2016 app is powered byDoubleDutch.
Yonder Toolkit 2.6.4
Monitor and manage your ViaSat Yonder satellite terminal andservice on your Android device in real time. Handy for flightcrews, this is a must-have toolkit for maintenance staff andavionics technicians who work with Yonder terminals. Featuresinclude: ∙ A moving map display with service coverage maps ∙Ability to monitor and collect real-time performance data from theterminal ∙ Simple interface to terminal command such as reset andsyslog retrieval ∙ Access to the Yonder Notification Feed
GlobalVT 2.3.0
Available for aircraft equipped with the Satcom Direct Router(SDR™) and GlobalVT℠, passengers can use their smartphone and theirnumber to text and talk anywhere in the world. Never miss a momentwith GlobalVT.GlobalVT℠ Features:• In-flight messaging and callsare managed through the GlobalVT mobile app • Use of thesmartphone’s contact list for dialing and text messaging, includingpersonalized ring tones and Caller ID settings• Voice, text anddata from your personal phone number, anywhere in the world*•Available through all phases of flight – takeoff to landing•Service available through multiple satellite networks • Support forDTMF: ability to enter numbers and use an auto attendant via RFC2833, SIP INFO and InbandStandard Features:• Speakerphone, Mute andHold• Call history – List of received, missed and dialed calls•Contact List - Use your stored contacts list• Ringtones and ContactAvatarsRestrictions/Considerations:Application performance dependson handset type. Optimal performance on the following handsets:•Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7• LG G3/G4/G5• Sony Xperia Z3/Z5• Nexus6/6P• Moto X2Call your Satcom Direct Sales or Support to be certainyour mobile network provider is part of the GlobalVT world widenetwork.
Satcom Direct CwC 2018
CwC 2018 is the official mobile app for Satcom Direct’s Connectingwith Customers 2018.CwC 2018 will allow attendees of SD’sConnecting with Customers 2018 to:• View detailed event agendas,speaker profiles, sponsor information, find networking events, andmore• Create your own personal schedule• Access locations forevents throughout Austin• View hotel and city maps• Interact with areal-time feed of all event activity• Expand your professionalnetworkFeatures of CwC 2018 App:• Activity feed: Read what peopleare saying, view event photos, and find trending sessions• Agenda:View full agenda and related information (session times, roomnumbers, speaker info, etc)• Users: Connect with others at theevent via the app• Sponsors: See sponsor informationConnecting withCustomers 2018 is hosted by Satcom Direct, Inc. The CwC 2018 app ispowered by DoubleDutch.
Satcom Direct CwC 2019
CwC 2019 is the official mobile app for Satcom Direct’sConnectingwith Customers 2019. CwC 2019 will allow attendees ofSD’sConnecting with Customers 2019 to: • View detailed eventagendas,speaker profiles, sponsor information, find networkingevents, andmore • Create your own personal schedule • View hoteland city maps• Interact with a real-time feed of all event activity• Expandyour professional network Features of CwC 2019 App: •Activityfeed: Read what people are saying, view event photos, andfindtrending sessions • Agenda: View full agenda andrelatedinformation (session times, room numbers, speaker info, etc)•Users: Connect with others at the event via the app • Sponsors:Seesponsor information Connecting with Customers 2019 is hostedbySatcom Direct, Inc. The CwC 2019 app is powered by DoubleDutch.