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Asaan Namaz (URDU) 1.0.12
Aasaan namaz is a basic and very useful application for kids andelders to understand how to offer prayers. This is a complete guideof Namaz and its also has 40 Masnoon Dua's which is essential forkids and elders to learn and read every day. App has thesefunctionalities: 1)HD format images 2)Full listing. 3)Easynavigation of Duas and Namaz 4)Easy User interface. 5)Dua's AudioWill be coming soon... This app contain: * Emaan ka Biyan * SixKalmai * Taharat Ka Biyan * Wazo ka Tariqa * Gussal ka Tariqa *Tayammum Ka Biyan * Namaz Ka Biyan * Namaz e Jumma * Namaz KiNiyyat * Azan * Takbeer ya Akamat * Azkar e Namaz * Tasmeeh * NamazKa Tariqa * Mard ar Aurat ki Namaz ka farq * Guide of All Namaz *Masnoo Duaeen * This is physical book exist in market. and this isclone of this book, if you found any error in this book as comparedto physical book, please email us.. * IF you have any issue withthe writer of this book ? So please contact Jamia Darul uloomKorangi Karachi
com.appthink.deeplifequotes 3.6
★★Deep Life Quotes ★★ ★★10,000 Great Quotes,Status and Sayings foryou ★★ ★★The Great,Perfect and Best Life quotes and sayingscollection★★ ★★Make your life enjoyable★★ ★★ Share Quotes onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram,whats app and other networks★★ ★★ShareQuotes as a text★★ ★★Share Quotes as a fancy text★★ ★★Share Quotesas an Image★★ Thousand of quotes for your daily motivation, justtry this app one time. "Follow your heart and you will never loseyour way." "Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it." "In onesplit second everything can change. Be ready." "Never let yourfeelings get too deep, people can change at any moment." "Life istoo deep for words, so don't try to describe it, just live it.""Without suffering, there’d be no compassion. -Nicholas Sparks""The lessons of the past becomes the teachers of the future." "Staytrue to yourself because there are very few people who will alwaysbe true to you." "Mistakes teach you important lessons. Every timeyou encounter one, you're a step closer to your goal." "Sometimesyou have to let go of what's behind you, in order to see what is infront of you." "Saying YES to HAPPINESS means learning to say NO tothings & people that stress you out."
Fitna Yajooj Majooj (URDU) 1.0
The great book on Fitna Yajooj Majoojwritten by Maulana MuhammadZafar IqbalMust download it and read this book and gain yourknowledge.-> Easy to navigate-> Easy to read using zoom->No annoying Ads
Roohani Nuskhai (URDU) 2.0
The great wazaif book written by Shaykh Muhammad Yunus Palanpuri(DB).Must download it and share it.-> Easy to navigate-> Easyto read using zoom-> No annoying Ads
Girly Wallpapers 1.0.4
Make your android phone cute just like you.This application is afull collection of girly wallpapers that will make charm. Girlywallpapers have multiple cute and innocent wallpaper collection,choose background and set it on your phone wall or lock screen.*Noneed to download images from internet*Innocent - Descent Collection- Specially for Pink Lovers*90+ beautiful wallpapers*Easy touse*Share it with friends
Bahishti Zewar(Urdu) 2.0
This is Bahishti Zewar Urdu Android version, this is very helpfulbook for all Muslims. Read it , Apply it , Rate it ! Thanks AboutBahishti Zewar : Bahishti Zewar (Urdu: بہشتی زیور‎) is a volume ofIslamic belief written by Mawlānā Ashraf Ali Thanvi. Bahishti Zewar(translated as Heavenly Ornaments) is a comprehensive handbook offiqh (jurisprudence), especially for the education of girls andwomen. The volume describes the Five Pillars of Islam and alsohighlights more obscure principles. For years it has remained afavorite with the people of the South Asia. Application have littletop banner ads, which are not painful. IF you see any bad AD on theapplication please must inform us.
Urdu Aqwaal 4.1
Best Urdu Quotes collection for you,Urdu Aqwaal is a beautifulapplication for those who love reading and sharing Urdu quotes.Justdownload it and enjoy this great Urdu quotes collection.-1000+ UrduQuotes Collection-Share it anywhere.
Top Urdu Recipes 2.0
Mouthwatering, special Pakistani Urdu recipes in one appTop UrduRecipes categorized in the beautiful categoriesCategories are:✔Beef Urdu Recipes✔chicken Urdu Recipes✔Chinese Urdu Recipes✔DaalUrdu Recipes✔Fish Urdu Recipes✔Juices Urdu Recipes✔Mix Plate UrduRecipes✔Salad Urdu Recipes✔Vegetables Urdu Recipes.............Trythese beautiful Recipes and share it with friends and familyEnjoyitRate it :)
Best Quotes, Status & Sayings 2.3.5
Read and share the best quotes, status and sayings which arecategorized in 35 hot categories. The best quotes, status andsayings app is a complete collection of motivated, deep, inspiring,quotes, status and sayings. Grab this beautiful quotes and sayingsapp completely free. Features of Best quotes, status & sayingsapp: ✔ 2019 Best Quotes and Sayings Collection ✔ All quotes,statuses and sayings are free ✔ Works offline ✔ Easy Navigation ✔10Quotes display at a time. ✔ 30+ categories ✔ You can copy quotes,status and sayings on your clipboard ✔ You can share quotes, statusand saying via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, orother chat apps ✔ All Quotes, Status, Sayings and advices are verycarefully selected to inspire you and your friends. Categories are: ✔ Life Quotes and Sayings ✔ Change Quotes and Sayings ✔ HappinessQuotes and Sayings ✔ Relationship Quotes and Sayings ✔ Best LifeLessons ✔ Experience Quotes and Sayings ✔ Moving forward Quotes andSayings ✔ Best Advices ✔ Wisdom Quotes and Sayings ✔ Success Quotesand Sayings ✔ Fake friends Quotes and Sayings ✔ True Friends Quotesand Sayings ✔ Respect Quotes and Sayings ✔ Responsibility Quotesand Sayings ✔ Value Quotes and Sayings ✔ Mistakes Quotes andSayings ✔ Attitude Quotes and Sayings ✔ Love Quotes and Sayings ✔Some Times Quotes and Sayings ✔ Keeping It Real Quotes and Sayings✔ Encouraging Quotes and Sayings ✔ Two Faced People Quotes andSayings ✔ Action Quotes and Sayings ✔Worth Quotes and Sayings ✔Meaning of Life Quotes and Sayings ✔Motivational Quotes and Sayings✔Real People Quotes and Sayings ✔Being nervous Quotes and Sayings✔Faith Quotes and Sayings ✔Inspirational Quotes and Sayings✔Letting Go Quotes and Sayings ✔Men and Women Quotes and Sayings✔Anger Quotes and Sayings ✔Decisions Quotes and Sayings Share thesewise words, motivational thoughts, life lessons, inspiring wordswith your friends and family members to help them & motivatethem.
Life Quotes Wallpapers 1.6
The Best life quotes wallpapers collection for inspiration andmotivation. Are you searching high quality life quotes wallpapers ?So you are on the right place. Application contain Life Quoteswallpapers which are specially designed for your mobile lock screenand background. Features are : ->Set as lock Screen ->Set asWallpapers ->Light weight wallpapers ->All wallpapers offline->Share it on Whats-app, Facebook, Instagram or any where youwant More Life Quotes wallpapers will be added soon. Enjoy theselife quotes wallpapers and please rate us.
Pastel Wallpapers 1.0
Make your android phone cute just like you.Awesome collection of Pastel wallpapers ready for you.*No need to download images from internet*Innocent - Descent Collection*50+ beautiful wallpapers*Easy to use*Set wallpaper on your android phone*Share it with friends
Pink Wallpapers 1 3.23
Give your display some pinkish, fashionable and stylish with thesepink wallpapersAmazing collection of pink wallpapers,Speciallydesigned for girlsEnjoy itFeatures are :✔ No need to downloadimages from internet✔ Innocent - Descent Collection✔ 100+ beautifulwallpapers✔ Gallery View✔ Easy to use✔ Set as Wallpaper or screenlockIf you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us
Abstract Wallpapers 2 2.0
After Abstract wallpapers vol1, we are releasing Vol2 of Abstractwallpapers,Abstract wallpapers Vol2 have lot of eyes catchingwallpapers, easy to use , don't need to download imagesUp to300,Simple and sweet HD wallpapers for your smart phonesLets enjoyit! :)
Masail-e-Ramazan (URDU) 1.0
The great book on Masail-e-RamazanulMubarikwritten by Maulana Mufti Ahmad Mumtaz Dbh(khalifa-e-Majaz Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Akhtar R.a)Topics covered in book=Sadqa-e-Fitr=Roza=Taraveeh=Zakat=Eid=Aitekaf-> Easy to navigate-> Easy to read using zoom-> No annoying Ads
Confidence Quotes 3.0.2
Quotes That Get Us Through Life And Relationships Day To Day...SoEnjoy It , share it on Facebook.
Abstract Wallpapers 1 1.0.4
This application has abstract wall papers and it is easy to use youdon't need to download images.. Simple and sweet HD wallpapers foryour smart phones Lets enjoy it! :)
Glitter Life Quotes Wallpapers 1.0.9
Amazing collection of Glitter Life Quotes Wallpapers Are yousearching glittery background quotes for your wall, so this is thebest app for you. *All are Glitter Wallpapers *One Time Download,No need to download images from internet *Innocent - DescentCollection *50 beautiful quotes wallpapers *Easy to use *Morewallpapers added soon. Enjoy it and if you like it, must rate it.
Sooye Haram (URDU) 1.0
Sooye Haram - A great book by most Popular akabir Shiekh PeerZulfiqar Very knowledgeable book for all Haajis , must read it .May Allah accept your HAJJ and UMRAH.-> Easy to navigate->Easy to read using zoom-> Have Ads, but no annoying Ads
com.saudagran.glitterwallpapers 3.0
Do you want to customize your smartphone or tablet wallpaper andlock screen with some awesome and amazing sparkly Wallpapers? Doyou want to get the best fashion wallpapers that can let your phonescreen looks amazing and not boring? Do you want to change theclassic smartphone background and get some fresh and new ones? Ifyour answer is yes then Glitter Wallpapers 2019 is just the perfectapp for you right now. This new Sparkly Wallpaper app contains avery large selection of the best free wallpapers for yoursmartphone and tablet. All our fashion wallpapers have beenpersonally selected so you can personalize your device and let itlooks great. And the best thing is that all wallpapers are of avery high quality, so you can use them on your screen withoutlosing their original quality. Why do you need to download andinstall Glitter Wallpapers 2018 for Free on your Android smartphoneor tablet instead of other fashion Wallpapers apps? ★ Easy ★ ✓ VeryEasy Interface to use, you can easily find a very large collectionof awesome wallpapers. ★ Nice ★ ✓ Beautiful glitter wallpapers foryour smartphone. They were selected very carefully by our team. ★Free ★ ✓ Glitter Wallpapers 2018 is Free and it will stay free forlife, so there is no hidden fees, no special memberships and noannual subscription fees to customize your smartphone screen withsome amazing fashion wallpapers. ★ Updated regularly ★ ✓ We willupdate our app regularly and add some awesome free backgrounds thatyou will love! What are you waiting for? Download GlitterWallpapers 2018 now and customize your device home screen easilyand fastly! We are always striving to provide the best userexperience for our users. We are also looking for your feedback,suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free to email us at "" so we can continue to bring you the bestexperiences and updates. All Glitter wallpapers are get from freesources on internet and copyright to their respective owners. Ifyou trust that there has been a violation of your proprietaryrights please e-mail us.
HAJJ ki Aasaniyan (URDU) 1.0
HAJJ ki Aasaniyan is a great and easy to understand book written byMufti Mehmood Ashraf Usmani (Darul uloom Karachi). Veryknowledgeable book, must read it .-> Easy to navigate-> Easyto read using zoom-> Have Ads, but no annoying Ads
Nature Wallpapers 1 2.7
Nature will always be part of our lives. If you are a nature lover,these nature wallpapers will satisfy you and you will takeinspiration from the color and beauty of nature. *Simple and sweetNature wallpapers for your smart phone or tablet. *One TimeDownload, No need to download images from internet *100+ beautifulNature wallpapers *Easy to use *More wallpapers added soon. Enjoythis great nature wallpapers collection. All Nature wallpapers areget from free sources on internet and copyright to their respectiveowners. If you trust that there has been a violation of yourproprietary rights please e-mail us.
Green Wallpapers 1 1.2
Amazing collection of Green wallpapers,Specially designed forNature and Green loving persons.Enjoy it==Green, Green, Ever Green==*No need to download images from internet*Innocent - DescentCollection*100+ beautiful wallpapers*Easy to use*Set as Home screenand Lock screen and otherskeep the environment clean :) and enjoyGreen Wallpapers
Black Wallpapers 1.1
Amazing collection of Black wallpapers,Specially designed for Blackbackground & textures loversEnjoy it*No need to download imagesfrom internet*Awesome- Descent Collection*90+ beautifulwallpapers*Easy to use*Share it
Rehan Allahwala Quotes 1.0
Rehan Allahwala (born June 21, 1973) is a Pakistani businessmagnate, investor, computer programmer, inventor andphilanthropist. Allahwala is the Founder and President of RehanSchool, the Pakistan’s largest Free Mobile-Internet based Program,which is very useful for illiterate people.Connect him on facebook
Flower Wallpapers 1.0
Amazing collection of Flower wallpapers,*No need to download imagesfrom internet*Innocent - Descent Collection*200 beautifulwallpapers*Easy to use*Share anywhere
Space Wallpapers 1.0
Free Amazing collection of Space wallpapers.Personalize your mobilewith the Space wallpapersFeatures are :*One Time Download, No needto download images from internet*100+ beautiful Spacewallpapers*Ease to useSo install this perfect "Space Wallpapersapp" and set on your phone or tablet.
Strong Life Quotes 1.9
Sometimes in life, you simply have to do what is appropriate foryou. Life is never easy for people who dream. It may not beperfect, it may not be what you expect it to be, at the end of theday, life is never meant to be perfect, it is a journey. If youwish to live a life full of joy and passion, fill your body andmind with good things. If you believe life isn't fair, rememberthis it might have been worse. For you to be able to take pleasurein the journey, you need a destination in mind in order for yourdesire can pull you in that direction. Success is the thing thathappens after you've survived all your disappointments. It's aremarkable approach to not just organize your targets, but also tomonitor your progress. If you haven't done so already, write downfive goals or things you would love to do in the following fivedecades. You were created to be productive, to accomplish yourobjectives, to depart from your mark on this generation. Make yourlife strong and powerful. Our purpose is to supply motivational andinspirational quotes daily to make your life strong and powerful.Sometimes in your life where you’re challenged, everything going towrong, and you think you are break into many pieces. Theseexperiences leave us feeling very weak and much hopeless. Here aresome quotes about being strong, powerful and self-confidence, helpyou find your own strength and give you a powerful feed. So believein God and be strong and powerful. Great collection of 1000+"Strong Life quotes" at one place. Few great quotes from stronglife quotes are: ༶ If you’re struggling, that means you’reprogressing. ༶ Never forget the power you have to make adifference. ༶ There is no weapon more powerful than the humansoul on fire. ༶ If you want to test someone's will, give thempower, not money. ༶ Confidence is your best accessory, neverleave home without it. ༶ Slow down. Calm down. Don't worry. Don'thurry. Trust the process ༶ If you fall, rise up, shake off the dustand try again. Have a happy and Strong Life!
Purple Wallpapers 1.0
Purple is a color intermediate between red and blue. It was one ofthe first colors used in prehistoric art.Purple wallpaper has beenspecially designed to bring purple glamour to your Phone.ThisPurple Wallpapers application contains 50+ purple images. Featuresare :*One Time Download, No need to download images frominternet*50+ Purple wallpapers*Share it with friends*Set as lockscreen or wallpaper*Save it on your deviceInstall it and enjoy it.
Abstract Wallpapers 3 1.0
After Abstract wallpapers vol 1 and vol 2, we are releasing vol 3of Abstract wallpapers,Abstract wallpapers Vol 3 have lot of eyescatching wallpapers, easy to use, don't need to download imagesUpto 80 Simple and sweet HD wallpapers for your smart phonesLetsenjoy this great collection of Wallpapers 2016 :)
Action Quotes Wallpapers 1.1
Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future.Make your own hope★★★The Great Action Quotes Collection app★★★☛Share it on Whats-app, Facebook, imo or any where☛ Set as lockScreen☛ Set as Wallpapers☛ Light weight wallpapers☛ Light WeightApp, Save your storage☛ All wallpapers offline, No need ofinternet. Internet only required for advertisement.More wallpaperswill be added soon.