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Flightgear Android PFD 2.0.1
Flighgear Android PFD interfaces with thefree, open-source Flightgear flight simulator and converts yourAndroid device in a Primary Flight Display (PFD) which resemblesclosely the PFD available in Boeing and Airbus airliners. This Appshows navigation information such as speed, altitude, heading,pitch, roll, vertical speed, close range altimeter, maximum andminimum speeds, DME, ILS, Autopilot settings, etc. It currentlysupports the following planes: Boeing 777, 747-400,787-8, Airbus330-200/300, and Airbus 380 planes. Other planes are also supportedby using a basic setup which shows basic navigation informationsuch as speed, altitude, heading, pitch, roll, vertical speed, andclose range altimeter.NOTE: Flightgear must be installed and running in a PC.Complete Installation Guide: