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Nail little doctor 1.3
Little six year old girl, decided to arrange aholiday in a mobile clinic and go to a beauty salon. Help the youngdoctor to choose the most stylish manicure!Create a trendy manicure with your favorite characters! Go alongwith a charming Dottie in a beauty salon and make the most amazingmanicure!Help the little doctor to create stylish options for manicure andbecome super master of manicure. Complete tasks, trying theirstrength and creativity in Free style!At your disposal - plenty of luxurious polish and gloss,super-stylish labels and templates! Make your own unique naildesign in our salon!Create your own nail design with the help of gel polish, and thedoctor will put an assessment! In the game you will find everythingfor a manicure!♥ Earn scores and unlock FREE stickers♥ Many paints of different colors: bright, neon, gradient,pastel♥ Excellent graphics with your favorite toys♥ Completely free nail salon game for girls♥ Handy operation with which to handle any child♥ Works without Internet and online♥ FreePlease support us by ratings and reviews. Your feedback will helpus make the app even better!
Manicure miraculous love 4
Discover the new summer season brightlywithyour favorite characters of Paris. Create a trendy manicurewith anew game Manicure miraculous love!♥ Help to win the heart of Hadrian Marinette! ♥ Be themoststylish with Lady! Become a hostess own beauty and implementthemost fashionable nail manicure ideas. Boldly experimentingwithcolors and stickers! Everything is free!You do not know about nail care ?? Do not worry! Lady will teachyouhow to paint your nails, how to create a unique design! Howtocreate a gradient manicure or jacket! Keep your stylishmanicureand share with friends!Soon you will know the long-awaited continuation of theromantichistory of superheroes in Paris!FEATURES♥ is the most romantic game of the Lady♥ A lot of nail polish, which will help you create anincrediblystylish manicure♥ Completely free nail salon game for girls♥ Works without Internet and online♥ High Definition Graphics: optimized for games on the tablet, oronyour phone♥ Free educational games for children and adultsPlease support us by ratings and reviews. Your feedback willhelpus make the app even better!
Slasher with Lion new guard 2.0
Save the world in Savannah menacing growl of alion, supported the spirits of their ancestors. Contrary totraditions gather a team of trusted friends. Combining the mostformidable, brave, quick, strong and keen-eyed in the savannah,designed to protect the Circle of Life will help you catch all thefruit!Catch fruits and vegetables, but be very careful, hyenas haveprepared a lot of dangerous traps. You have only 3 lives. Things tosave the harvest of the jungle!Together, they easily will reveal all the secrets of the jungle andbring peace to his native savanna.Fuli, the fastest guard will notice all the fruits and Banga, howthe bravest, stop any bomb! Do not let the hyenas win in the circleof life.A wonderful game for boys and girls with their favorite characterscartoonCatch the fruit, copy points, become the best ninja lionguard!FEATURES★ An addictive puzzle game for all ages, based on the belovedcartoon★ Colorful graphics fairy fauna★ Amazing sound effects!★ Works without internet and online★ FREE smash fuFree educational games for children and adultsPlease support us by ratings and reviews. Your feedback will helpus make the app even better!
Mystery slugs 2.0
Join the hunters on the slugs and help to savetheir home from evil monsters!POP BUBBLES!Catch slugs, look for clues, collect points!EXCITING GAMEPLAY!Become the best in hunting for slugs, and develop a strategy forpassing difficult levelsHOW TO PLAYCan your team catch all the slugs? You have only 3 lives to catchthem all! Be careful don't hit the evil monster!Solve all the mysteries of the underground race!HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FAVORITE HEROESEmbark on an exciting adventure in the underworld! Compete withfriends to set your highscore to the leaderboard!GAME FEATURES► Colorful details of the underworld will come alive on the screenof the phone and tablet► Pop bubbles to save critters, stop the monsters and earnpoints► Works without Internet and online► FREEMistery slugs! — it is completely free to play, it has not optionalin-app purchases! Collect all the slugs and earn maximumpoints!