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Fox Cartoon Art Live Wallpaper 2.1
Sava Studio
Fox Cartoon Art Live Wallpaper features acutecartoon stylized lazy fox resting at the doorstep of its houseandher friend the busy bee. This wallpaper is based on a colorfulhandpainted watercolor illustration. The fox and the bee react tothetouch in an unobtrusive but pleasantly interactive way.This wallpaper doesn't contain any Ads. If you liked it and wishtosupport the developer, there is an option to purchase theSpecialEdition through the settings of the program. The SpecialEdition ofthis live wallpaper offers night mode with gradual duskand dawnprogrammable settings, stars and moon animation and the beefallingasleep on the flower and reacting to the touch as ifdisturbed fromher sleep. On devices that support vibration, theawakened bee usesthe vibration feature.The wallpaper settings offer the following options:•  scroll simulation option for devices that do notsupportwallpaper scrolling (some Samsung, HTC etc phones)•  disable scroll for those who prefer the wallpaper to stay inafixed position while the user swipes from one home screentoanother•  animation quality choice for you to be able to reducethewallpaper's impact on your device's system resources•  enable/ disable animation altogetherThis wallpaper has been designed with best practicesforoptimized battery consumption in mind.Terms of use: