Scheff's Blend Apps

SchottGunn 1.3.1
Turn your Android Device into aPump Action Shotgun--------------------------------You know it had to come to the Android sooner or later, and whobetter to bring it to Android devices than Scheff's Blend.Use your android device's accelerometer to perform the pump andfire actions as described in the on-screen instructions.This app is an excellent way to relieve tension at the workplaceor at home!Don't forget to checkout the Android Armory app by Scheff's Blend.Get all of Scheff's Blend firearms in one handy application plusget exclusive access to weapons not available in the Androidmarket, including the M110 sniper rifle.Thanks for your support in Scheff's Blend apps!
AK-47 1.2.4
Turn your Android device into an AK-47 andshow those iPunks what's up.Choose from 30 round magazine, 50 round magazine or the 100round drum.Complete with muzzle flash and firing animation.HOLD DOWN TRIGGER FOR FULL-AUTO, TAP FOR SEMI-AUTO!GET SOME!Don't forget to check out the Android Armory. Get all of Scheff'sBlend firearms in one application as well as weapons only exclusiveto the Android Armory including the M110 sniper rifle.
Ultra Wide HD Wallpaper - Lite 1.0.12-lite
Tired of having to crop your images to fit aswallpaper using the stock Android method? It's time to break freeof those constraints and expand your wallpaper!Ultra Wide HD Live Wallpaper features:✓ Use ANY size image✓ Custom cropping options✓ Use different images for portrait and landscape✓ 3D image perspectives - 6 to choose from✓ Realtime color and pixel effects✓ Realtime spatial 3D effects✓ Custom Image/Texture overlays✓ Custom borders✓ Mix and match settings for endless possibilitiesIt's time to throw out the old way of using wallpaper and enterinto a new era. One where YOU decide what image to use and how muchof it to display. Ultra Wide HD Live Wallpaper is ideal for alldevices including tablets and HD displays.Note: Make sure you have some large and/or panoramic images onyour SD card to use this app to it's fullest potential.** Lite version has limited options but give you a good idea of howit works and performs. Upgrade to the full version to reap all thebenefits Ultra Wide HD Live Wallpaper has to offer.
Ruger - SR9 1.2.1
Turn your Android device into a Ruger-SR9,complete with a little kick-back, muzzle flash, and empty casingsflying to the ground.PRESS [MENU] OPTIONS FOR GOODIESDon't forget to checkout the Android Armory, now available fromScheff's Blend. Get all of Scheff's Blend firearms in oneapplication as well as weapons exclusive to the Android Armory,including the M110 Sniper Rifle.
Valhalla Security 1.0.21
★★ LIMITED TIME $2.99 FOR FULL LICENSE ★★Valhalla Security is the must have security application foranymobile Android device. Valhalla Security allows you tocommunicateand manage your device after its been lost or stolen.Remotely lockthe device, get the device's location, capture audioand picturesremotely, wipe the device, and send on-screen messagesare just afew of the things you can do with Valhalla Security.ValhallaSecurity also includes lock screen intrusion detection andtheremote commands can be sent via our website device commandconsoleor via encoded SMS messages.Remote commands include:‣ Capture images from front and back cameras‣ record up to 5 minutes of audio‣ Locate devices last known location with Google maps link‣ Retrieve the device's call log‣ Lock/Unlock device‣ Trigger an audible alarm for locating a mis-placed device‣ Enable or change the password required to unlock the device‣ Send popup marquee messages‣ Wipe Data , SD or bothValhalla Security is highly configurable and we want to makesurethe user has complete control over how the app behaves.Settings areeasily accessible from within the app and you shouldhave everythingset up the way you like it in a matter of minutes.All the remotecommands are easily accessible via the devicecontrol panel locatedat and mostcanalso be used via encoded SMS text messages.Valhalla Security is free to try for 3 days. All the featuresareat your disposal during this time. We encourage you to takesometime and test it out on your device to make sure all featuresworkas intended. If you find Valhalla Security useful and wishtocontinue the service, simply use the "Purchase" button topurchasea license.More info about the application can be found at
Psycho Droid 1.1.5
Turn your phone into a butcher knife,completewith the eerie strings played in the hit Psycho.+ Touch screen to Activate/Deactive+ When activated, move phone for effects+ Enable/Disable Blood EffectRated MA for Mature Audiences