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Talking Timer + 1.2
### LIMITED TIME 50% ACQUAINTANCE SALE 0.99$ ONLY! ### The newTalking Timer for Android. The only timer that talks! Talking Timeris a Simple, Clean, Easy to use and accurate. The only timer in themarket that TALKS & gives you alert intervals! Why wait untilthe timer if finished if you can get alerts every minute? Idealfor: * Cooks & Chefs * Computer Monitoring * Babysitters *Daycare Providers * School Teachers * Professional Gamers * RCPilots * Timing Medications * Hospitals & Clinics * PhysicalTherapists * Office Workers * Paintball Timers for hardcorepaintball players * Timing Exercise Routines * Darkroom Photography* Debate Teams * Outdoor Barbecues Imagine this - You're cookingpasta. You need to mix it up every 5 minutes and the whole processtakes 30 minutes. Would you set a timer for 5 minutes every singletime? NO! Set the timer once to 30 minutes, set the interval for 5minutes and VIOLA! Features: • Talking Timer • Intervals for alertwithin timer's time • Beautiful display • Low resources to notinfluence the battery! • Alert notifications In addition, PLUSversion gives you: ○ No ads! ○ a Lot less PERMISSIONS ○ Customalert messages! ○ Custom alert intervals (1sec to 99hours) ○ Timeup to 100 hours ○ Faster updates ○ Unique features coming to +version only PLEASE, if you want to report a bug, or ask for afeature please contact us on: We can't alwaysfollow reviews, and we want to give you the perfect experience.
My Passwords Generator 1.0.3
My Passwords Generator makes it easy for you to create & savepasswords for daily use. This app provides many tools for creatingmultiple & complex passwords by using the user's favoritechoices of characters and provides nice and smooth graphics.FEATURES: • Built-In passwords structure for past password-making •Advanced mode where you can choose which characters you want inyour app: - Capital Letters (A - Z) - Lowercase Letters (a - z) -Digits (0 - 9) - Signs (,/.$#%^ & more) • History page thatwill save app and manage all the passwords that you saved before,which an ability to delete or copy to keyboard. • Add your ownpassword option, where you can save your favorite passwords Have afeedback? an improvement offer? please let us what you think: Contact us with any #To remove the ads for free download this app: order to keep the app 100% free, you will receive the following– Search shortcut icon on your home screen, browser homepage. Thiswill help us bring you more cool apps like this in the future. Youcan delete the search shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop to thegarbage), this will not affect the application in any way.