Schlage Lock Company, LLC Apps

Schlage Home 3.1.0
The Schlage Home app gives you keyless convenience and the abilityto access your smart lock from anywhere. This app works withSchlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt and Schlage Sense™ SmartDeadbolt. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt The Schlage EncodeWiFi Deadbolt, with built-in WiFi so you don’t need to purchaseadditional hubs or accessories, allows you to use your smartphonewith the Schlage Home app to: • Lock/unlock your deadbolt and checkyour lock’s status from anywhere when connected to your home’s WiFi• Manage up to 100 unique guest access codes • Schedule accesscodes for certain times of day on a recurring or temporary basis soyou control access to your home • Send virtual keys to guests withyour smartphone for additional keyless convenience • Use theactivity log to see when your lock has been accessed, giving yougreater peace of mind • Select length of time delay forauto-locking to make coming and going even easier • Receive lowbattery warnings with advanced notice • Customize pushnotifications so you decide when to be alerted if access codes areused and when your door has been locked and unlocked • Configurebuilt-in alarm warnings based on the type of disturbance detected •Interactive instructions simplify installation with no handyman orelectrician required Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt + Schlage SenseWiFi Adapter The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with the SchlageSense™ WiFi Adapter enables remote access, allowing you to use yoursmartphone with the Schlage Home app to: • Lock/unlock yourdeadbolt and check your lock’s status from anywhere when connectedto your home’s WiFi • Manage up to 30 unique guest access codes •Schedule temporary or recurring access codes for certain times ofday so you control access to your home • Send virtual keys toguests with your smartphone for additional keyless convenience •View past activity to see when guests used the lock, giving yougreater peace of mind • Select length of time delay forauto-locking to make coming and going even easier • Receive lowbattery warnings with advanced notice • Customize pushnotifications • Configure built-in alarm warnings based on the typeof disturbance detected • Interactive instructions simplifyinstallation with no handyman or electrician required The SchlageConnect™ Smart Deadbolt is not supported by the Schlage Home app.Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information on supportingapps for the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt. SCHLAGE VIRTUAL KEYS -Homeowners can share administrative access with trusted family andfriends to help manage the lock settings and access. - Guestvirtual keys let homeowners share lock / unlock privilegesENCRYPTED COMMUNICATION All communication between the Schlage Homeapp and Smart Deadbolt are encrypted.
Schlage Utility Software - SUS
The Schlage Utility Software (SUS) mobile app isdesignedspecifically for use with the Schlage SUS-A cable and workswithselect Schlage electronic locks and accessories (see listofcompatible devices below). This new SUS mobile app andcablereplaces the current Schlage SUS and HHD solution. The SUSandSUS-A cable are used with networked and offline locks toinitializeand configure devices, test operational status, performongoingsystem maintenance and update device firmware. In addition,foroffline devices, the SUS solution is utilized to transferaccesscontrol data from the Schlage Express access control software(suchas authorized user lists) via the Android mobile device tothelocks. SUS is also utilized to download audit trailinformationfrom locks to the mobile device and then transfer thatdata back toSchlage Express for analysis and storage. The intuitivescreenlayout of the free SUS mobile app provides easy navigationduringuse. The SUS-A cable (required) is an all-in-one solutionwithseparate connectors – USB-A for our USB enabled devices and a2-pinserial connection for our serial enabled devices – to connectthemobile device to the locks. Compatible Schlage locks and devices•AD-400/401/402, AD-300/301/302 locks, AD Series readers •PIM400(RSI &TD2), WPR400, WPR401, PIB300 • Legacy BE367/FE210locksComing Soon: Compatible Schlage locks and devices •AD-200/201/250locks (2020) • CO-200, CO-220, CO-250 locks (2021) •WRI400, CT5000controller, and legacy CM, CL, KC2 locks (2021)Features of theSchlage Utility Software (SUS) include: • Intuitiveand easy to useinterface • Single cable for Schlage AD onlineSeries locks andlegacy BE367/FE210 devices • Facilitatesinitialization andconfiguration of locks and accessories • Testsoperational statusand performs ongoing system maintenance •Simplifies firmwareupdates • Cellular plan not required •Import/Export DeviceConfiguration feature simplifies theconfiguration process •Ability to reclass Schlage AD online Serieslocks • Manager andOperator user modes • Diagnostic data logstreamlinestroubleshooting Visit for moreinformation onsupported locks and devices. Android mobile devicerecommendations• Android Pie 9.0 or newer (minimum SDK 28) • Foroptimumperformance, the SUS mobile app and SUS-A cable have beentestedwith flagship Android devices from major manufacturersincluding: •Google Pixel 3 or newer • Moto G6 or newer • Samsung S8or newerSchlage Utility Software (SUS) must be used with theSchlage SUS-Acable from Allegion, PLC.
Overtur™ Mobile 2.3.1
Overtur™ Mobile provides a suite of tools for Overtur users to stayconnected to their openings project when on-the-go. When users loginto their Overtur project via the Mobile app, they can: - Surveyexisting conditions on a project and sync back to Overtur on theweb - Review and edit project details - Add and removecollaborators - Email collaborators - Transfer Ownership of aproject - View project files - Create Punch Lists - Documentproduct installation The Site Survey tool enables users to capturedata while on a project and sync it to the web. Features includeadding/editing door and frame data, and capturing photos, notes andvoice memos. The Site Survey tool is one of the must-have tools forcapturing existing conditions of a project. The Punch List toolenables users to walk down a completed installation with a set ofplans and the hardware sets and products for the project. Users canaccept or flag the door hardware on a door, or the opening itself,then further add notes, take photos, attach pre-snapped photos, oradd voice memos. The Installation tool allows users to mark thehardware items that are installed for an opening, or the openingitself, as they proceed through a project installation. Users canadd notes, take photos, attach pre-snapped photos, or add voicememos to document their work at the time of installation. All toolswork in an off-line mode; users start by downloading the plans anddata they need, working off-line (especially handy in areas withminimal internet connection) then synchronizing the data back tothe Overtur cloud once they are back online. Allegion's Overtur™ isa cloud-based suite of tools where project collaborators and doorhardware consultants can come together to collaborate onspecifications and the security design of doors and openings.
Schlage Mobile Access 1.3.6
The Schlage Mobile Access app is developed for multifamily,commercial and institutional properties only. Commercial electronichardware that connects to this app includes Schlage mobile enabledControl, Schlage MTB Readers, and Schlage NDEB and LEB wirelesslocks. Please note, residential homeowners who wish to manageSchlage Encode™ or Schlage Sense™ smart locks should use theSchlage Home app. For multifamily residents and end users: The newSchlage® Mobile Access credentials enable residents and end usersto utilize a mobile device instead of a physical badge to securelyunlock an opening. Available for Android phones 6.0 and above, theSchlage Mobile Access app is convenient and easy to use. Yourproperty manager or site administrator will set up your mobilecredential to work with specific doors. Once the app has beendownloaded to your phone and opened, you will see a list of doorswithin range. Simply select a specific door; if access is grantedan unlock signal will be sent from the phone to the mobile enabledlock or reader. For added peace of mind, the app featuresbest-in-class asymmetric credential encryption that has beenvalidated by trusted industry experts. For property managers andsite administrators: Schlage Mobile Access credentials are designedfor properties and facilities that manage access control usingENGAGE™ web & mobile apps. They are compatible with thefollowing: -Schlage Control™ mobile enabled smart lock -Schlage MTBmobile enabled multi-technology readers and CTE single doorcontroller -Schlage NDEB mobile enabled wireless cylindrical lock-Schlage LEB mobile enabled wireless mortise lock The ENGAGE™ webapp is used to enroll users and assign mobile credential access toopenings. Schlage Mobile Access credentials can be added/deletedimmediately by syncing the ENGAGE™ mobile app with the device atthe opening, or they can be added/deleted automatically overnightto Wi-Fi connected devices.