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Strat Roulette: Gaming Challenges 1.10.1
Strat Roulette challenges app for Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite,PUBG, CS:GO and Overwatch.Is winning to easy or do you want to testyour skills to whatever strat faith gives you?Strat Roulette has avariety of fun and random strategies for you (and your friends) forthe games:- Fortnite: over 100 special challenges + Random stratsfor weapons, rarity, dropzones, building, traps and medical.-Rainbow Six Siege: over 140 different strats + 17 Minigames!- PUBG:over 35 different special strats + Random strats for differentcategories.- CS:GO: over 110 different strats- Overwatch: over 75different strats and load outs. This app includes general stratswhich can be done at any time in the game, while other stratsdepend on the game-type or even on a team.**Please keep in mindthat this app is developed in English. Other languages are aservice under development!**
Scoreboard 2.0
Get the Scoreboard Pro version here!Keep track of the score foryour games! Set the timer and all you have to do is adjust thescore. The app will track the rest for you!Change the team names toyour own liking, so you never get confused.The simple interfacemakes it all clear and easy to use, while it has everything youneed to know during the game.Perfect to use during, for example(but not limited to):- Football (soccer)- Handball- (Field) Hockey-Any other event with 2 scores
Scoreboard Pro 2.0
Keep track of the score for your games! Set the timer and all youhave to do is adjust the score. The app will track the rest foryou!Change the team names to your own liking, so you never getconfused.The simple interface makes it all clear and easy to use,while it has everything you need to know during the game.When thegame is over, the result will be saved so you can keep track ofyour scores.Share a (half-time) result, multiple results or alltogether in 1 file! Perfect to use during, for example (but notlimited to):- Football (soccer)- Handball- (Field) Hockey- Anyother event with 2 scores