Science Museum Apps

Rugged Rovers 1.1.0
Design and test your own all-terrain space rover! Race againstrivals (including friends!) as you jump gaping canyons and crosstreacherous boulder fields. Go as far as you can and try to be thetop rover!Rugged Rovers, from the Science Museum in London, UK,features: - Now you can RACE AGAINST FRIENDS in your network!- NewHIGH SCORES and ACHIEVEMENTS! - Easy rover drawing tools, includingmovable motor and resizable wheels- Dramatic Mars-inspiredspacescape to test your rovers to the max- Jet hover and speedboost to help your rover overcome terrain obstacles- Top tips abouthow to solve common rover challengesYour rover will be up againstweird and wonderful designs some by your friends and some byreal-life Mars rover engineer Abbie Hutty. Can your designs beatthe professionals at their own game? Mars rover engineer Abbiesays: ‘Create, test and develop your very own Mars rover designswith this cool game – see if you’ve got the design skills to be afuture space engineer like me!’ Play Rugged Rovers anywhere on yourmobile or come to the Science Museum’s cutting-edge exhibitionEngineer Your Future to play against your friends on our BIGscreen. Find out more about becoming an
Transmission 1.4.6
Connect to communicate! Transmission is a mind-bending puzzle gamewhere you create communication networks and reveal their strengths.- 70 levels with 146 stars to collect - 7 unlockable worlds - Easyto learn, tough to master - In-game trophies - Google playachievements - Over 8 hours of gameplay - Multi-path world map -Features music by David Kanaga By connecting transmitters andreceivers, you will send information around increasingly complexnetworks. As you progress, you will discover six networks that havetransformed the way we communicate, each with its own uniquegadgets and gizmos. Featuring a vibrant soundtrack by David Kanaga,stylish graphics and hours of fun, challenging gameplay. This gameaccompanies the Science Museum’s Information Age gallery, whichcelebrates 200 years of innovation in information and communicationtechnologies.
InfoAge+ 1.3.2
Four creative challenges for your school or family that will helpyou get more from your visit to the Science Museum’s amazingInformation Age gallery.Information Age: Six Networks That ChangedOur World is the Museum’s biggest and most ambitious gallery todate and features over 800 objects from our world-classcollections, many of which have never been on public display. Itreveals personal stories about how our lives have been transformedby communication innovations over the last two centuries.This appwill enhance the museum experience for 11- to 14-year-olds bysetting them fun tasks to do in the gallery. These are:● Top tech –choose an object, create a card and use it to do battle withobjects from the gallery. Can you beat the Museum? ● After dark –what if the objects came to life after the Museum closes? Imagineconversations between the objects by filling in the blanks in acomic strip. ● Newsflash – you need to find a news story in thegallery that will please your demanding editor and create a videoreport about it. ● My timeline – put yourself into a 200-year-plustimeline of incredible stories and add your own objects. ● Completeall four activities and beat the Museum to win fourachievements.All four activities produce a video or picture thatyou have created which will be saved to your camera roll for you tokeep.This app has been developed by the Science Museum’s Learningteam and tested with schools and families to ensure the bestexperience.
Treasure Hunters 1.2.0
'Treasure Hunters' from the Science Museum Group is a fast andfriendly photo challenge app to play in Science Museum Groupmuseums, at home or just about anywhere you like - it's all aboutsearching for treasures which are interesting and important to YOU.Accept a challenge, then hunt around your location to snap atreasure you think best meets the description. Playing in a group,battle against friends and family and decide who wins the points -or you can let the app decide! You can also join forces with otherplayers to win all the Treasure Hunter badges. - Play with 1-4players or teams and customise your avatar. - Play at SMG museumsin Bradford, York, London, Manchester and Shildon with customisedchallenges. - Play at home or anywhere else when you're out andabout. - Photo functionality - save your photos to camera roll toshare with friends and family and beyond. - Challenge other playersor be the referee. - 'App Decides' function for 2 playerstalemates. - Points tally system for friendly competition. -Collect animated badges in collaborative play.