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ScanTheSun 4.2
ScanTheSun is an application for solar PV-panels andcollectorsadjustment to get maximum operational efficiency. TheENERGY GLOBENATIONAL AWARD winner 2016. Member of THE WORLDALLIANCE FOREFFICIENT SOLUTIONS 2020 ScanTheSun enables you: 1)Minimization ofenergy loss due to wrong orientation of the panelsas well as dueto inappropriate placement with respect tosurroundingtrees/buildings. 2) Reliable planning of the panelsmounting. Youwill choose the best fragment of the roof and decideon usage ofadditional stands. 3) Acquiring an information on hoursof electricenergy production or water warming by your panels. 4)Create adetailed solar energy yield online report within a minute.TheApplication takes into account buildings or trees aroundyourpanels and enables panels adjustment even in complicatedurbansurroundings. You can use ScanTheSun for adjusting of panels1) ondetached houses 2) on houses in urban areas 3) inPV-panelsoperated devices in cities or parks (like bicycle dockingstationsetc.) 4) in traffic solar devices Features: a) Ellipticshape ofthe Earths orbit is taken into account by calculation ofthe Sunposition on the sky. Thanks to that, the Sun position iscomputedwith 0,1 degree precision. This precision will holdforcalculations up to the year 2055. b) Atmospheric refraction ofthelight going through the thickness of atmosphere depending ontheincidence angle is taken into consideration. c) To gethigherprecision of the crossing points of the contoured horizon andthepaths of the Sun, the barycentric coordinates in atrianglegeometry have been applied. d) Vector openGL graphicstogether withquaternions and matrix algebra has been used to getfasterrendering. e) Advanced stereometry and matrix algebra enablesensorcalibration and camera view-angle measurement. f)Differentialcalculus is used to calculate the energy stream pickedup by thepanel taking into account its orientation, suntrajectory,atmospheric refraction and shade cast bytrees/buildings. g)Multithread architecture of the applicationconsists even of fourprocesses working in parallel. Multithreadingensures smooth workof the application. Thanks to schedulers, theapplication workswell even on old, singlecore devices. h)ScanTheSun ismultilanguage. Presently it supports English, German,Italian andPolish.