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Ant Smasher - Kill Them All 3.3.4
Hi, Welcome to Ant Smasher Game, Free and the updated version of“Ant Smasher” Game. This game is to provide entertainment and funto the users. It’s the best coordination of yours hand and mind. Itlooks very easy and simple to play but a great challenge for makinghigh scores. ************** Rules: -***********  Use your fingerto tap on the ant and smash it to get scores.  Use your finger totap on the bees and other insects for best scores.  Touch thecoins to get high scores. *********** Features:- *****************• HD Quality. • Excellent Graphics and perfect user interface • Agreat fun for all ages. • Ants, bees, Flies and other insects. •From setting button you can mute the sound and can play sound aswell. • Set Vibration from setting button. • You can also resetyour scores. • All is free. If you want to accept this challenge,kindly download it and play it. Rate us and provide your suggestionin comments. *********************** Thank you *******************
Army Test Preparation | Army Sample Test 3.2.5
Army Test Preparation 2018 is very helpful application for thosewho want to serve the country and nation by joining the PakistanArmy (Military, Navy, Air Force). Army Test Preparation is a guideto pass the Army initial test or to Pass ISSB test. Army TestPreparation verbal intelligence test, non-verbal intelligence test,General knowledge/current affairs, Logical and other academictests. In Army Test Preparation you will find every thing relatedto join Pakistan Army. This application will help you to become anofficer in Pakistan Army (Military, Navy , Air Force) beforepassing the ISSB test. This application includes guideline aboutphysical, intelligence, verbal/non-verbal, mechanical aptitude, andall type of psychological tests. If you and yours friends want tojoin Pak Army then download this application and share it withyours friends also. It is free forever. Best of Luck!
Real Piano | Piano Music 1.0.0
Hi, and Welcome to” Real Piano App”. Best and updated versionofAddictive Musical “Real Piano App” with best musical tonesandsongs. Real Piano App is a wonderful and interestingapplication.It is free for all ages. Real Piano App provides a lotof fun tochildren and adult also. Play song like a professionalwithout anypractice on Real Piano App. Play any type of melody,chord or anymusical song on this application. You can play musicand alsorecord this music while playing it. It is best androidapplication.By prating on Real Piano application you can learn howto playmusical instruments like Piano and Guitar. A keyboardwithdifferent musical keys to play with it. Play well and alsoallow toplay your children to provide them fun and improvetheirintelligence level by learning different musical melodiesandchords. ******Features****** **Best Graphics. **HDQuality.**Excellent Audio studio sounds. **Different musicalkeys.**Multitouch musical keys. **Easy to use. **Grand Piano. **Alot offun at free time. **Work with all screen resolution.**FullOctaves. **Free ******How to Play****** Real Piano is veryeasy tolearn and play. You just have to touch on the white andblack keysand play the music the combination of both keys make aperfectmusic tone, melody or chord. If you love music then downloadRealPiano App and play it. Give rating and feedback by commentingonReal Piano. Thanks.
Bubble Shooter | Bubble Shooter 2018 | Bubble Land 1.0.4
Hi, Welcome to Free “Bubble Shooter Game”. Bubble shooter Game isaneasy game for all ages. If you have some spare time and wanttoenjoy it So, Bubble Shooter Game provide you much entertainmenttoenjoy your time with fun. Bubble Shooter Game has200+challengeable Puzzle levels. This is an update version whichhasboth Arcade Mode and Puzzle Mode. Bubble Shooter has highqualitygraphics, colorful bubbles and the attractive interface.This gameis famous in all (Kids, Young, and old age people). Youwill neverget bored with this game. Group 3 or more bubbles toshoot them.More than 3 bubbles will give extra scores. Play quicklyto gethigh scores as bonus. To go to the next level you have toclear theprevious level screen by shooting the all bubbles quickly.Playwith active mind to go to the next level and accept thechallenge.Play quickly to avoid death or lose game. **************Features:-************ • Deluxe HD Quality Graphics. • AttractiveInterface.• Colorful Bubbles. • 200+ Puzzle and addictive levels toplay •Puzzle Mode - 200+ fun levels of saga puzzles • Arcade Mode -Thebubbles will go down gradually so you need to shoot quicklytoavoid death • Setting Button allow you to mute and open thesoundand music. • Amazing shapes of bubbles. • Easy to Play•Challenging Levels. ******* How to Play Bubble ShooterGame.*******  Group 3 or more bubbles of same colors.  Tap whereyouwant to shoot bubble.  Play quickly to get high scores. Clearthe screen by shooting bubble to win the game and go to thenextlevel.  Use the menu button to select the level of yourschoice.Best of Luck! Play well, do install and rate the BubbleShooterGame.
NTS Test Preparation | NTS Sample paper 1.0.3
NTS Sample Paper Application is a helpful application forstudentsand Job seekers. As National Testing Service (NTS) isanorganization which organize test for College,Universitiesadmission or entry test and also for differentcompanies ororganizations either it may be government ornon-government. NTSsample paper application will help the studentsto prepare theadmission test of 2018 related NTS. And it is alsohelpful for thejob seekers as NTS takes the test for the jobs indifferentgovernment (Education department, Police department etc.)ornon-government department. So, Now you don’t have need to buybooksfor NTS preparation. NTS sample paper 2018 includes the latestandold but important questions from different guess papers. Ifyouread these question we sure that you will got 85% from yoursNTStest in science portion of your NTS Test. We will updateallquestions related General Knowledge, Current Affairs,English,Urdu, Mathematics, Computer Science, and much more. NTSSamplePaper Application have the syllabus of Science Today of NTStests.We will update our application soon according to updatedsyllabusand for all subjects’ syllabus. ******Features****** •BestGraphics. • Perfect Interface. • Easy to use. • 100+MCQ’squestions related Science. • Result button show the correctanswerof each questions. ******How to use this App.?****** ***Click onStart Quiz Button *** Read Instructions *** Click on StartTest ***NTS MCQ’s test will start from Question 1 to Question 100.***Choose the best option and click on submit button. *** Forcheckingeither yours answer is true or false click on ResultButton. If youare going to take NTS Test then download thisapplication andprepare for your test. ******Best of Luck!******
Piano Tiles 2D Game | Piano Tiles | Magic Tiles 1.0
Piano Tiles Game is the best game ever. Piano Tile is themostpopular game in the world. It is the game that has more than51million users in the world. It is the updated version for2018.Piano Tiles Game has an excellent combination of white andblacktiles. Piano Tiles is a challenging game because the user havetoavoid touching the white tiles, if the user touch the white tilehewill lose the game. Piano Tiles| Magic Tiles is very easyandinteresting. By touching the black tiles it produces bestmelodiesand chords. How to Play:- Piano Tiles is very easy to playbut themind activeness in necessary to play the Piano Tiles Game.The userhas to touch the black tiles in sequence as they areflowing in thegame. User has to avoid touching the white tiles. Toget more scoreuser have to touch the black tiles in sequence andavoid touchingwhite tiles and do it with active mind. When the usertouch theblack tiles it will produce the sweet music which providefun andentertainment to the user. ******Features****** **BestGraphics.**HD Quality. **Excellent Audio studio sounds. ** ClassicMod**Multitouch. **Easy to use. **Best combination of Black andWhiteTiles. **A lot of fun at free time. **Work with allscreenresolution. **Full Octaves. **Free ** Mobile and TabletSupport.Download Piano Tiles Game and play it free forever. Giverating toit and provide feedback by submitting your review incomment box.Play Well, Best of Luck!
Internet Speed Booster Prank 1.0.3
Internet Speed Booster Prank is free for you. If yourinternetexperience with Wifi and 3G, 4G internet devices are slow.You haveno need to worry about it. Internet Speed Booster Prankwill boostup yours internet speed upto maximum level. Yourdownloading anduploading speed will also increase by this app.Features:- • HDQuality • Excellent Graphics • Perfect userinterface • This appinclude two color bars “Red and Blue” • Redwill show theincreasing speed of your downloading. • Blue will showtheincreasing speed of uploading. How to use Internet SpeedBoosterPrank:- The user just have to click on the “ Boost Button”Thisaction will increase the speed of your wifi, and 3G , 4Gdeviceseven the speed of yours 2G data connection in far-off areaswhereinternet services are not so good. If you really want to boostupbrowsing speed and device internet speed. Then download thisappand try it. Kindly give rating to this app and provide feedbacktothe comment box. Thanks and enjoy our fantastic app.