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SysLog 2.3.0
Scott Warner
A simple open-source tool for quickly taking and sharing systemlogs. Root is required to grab all logs, but you can manually grantaccess to the main log (Logcat) through ADB: adb shell pm grantcom.tortel.syslog android.permission.READ_LOGS More details aboutthis can be found on the application's website. Log typessupported: * Kernel logs (dmsg) * Last kernel log (last_kmsg, ifdevice supports it) * Pstore logs * Main log (Logcat) * Modem log *Event logs * SELinux audit logs After taking logs, it compressesthem into a single zip, and allows you to share or upload themright away - great for helping debug system issues. New in v2.0.0:Support for viewing the current system logs in near-real time. Youcan also include notes within the zip, and append up to 10characters to the file name. All the source is available at Licensed under the GNU GeneralPublic License, version 2. Uses libsuperuser by Jorrit 'Chainfire'Jongma, available at,AndroidX, the Material Design library, andAndroid-Terminal-Emulator by Jack Palevich. The log scrubbingutility came from the CyanogenMod bug report tool
Deployment Tracker 3.0.7
Scott Warner
A simple Material themed app intended to help people track theprogress of someone's deployment. Created because the currentoptions for Android are quite outdated. Now supports syncing to thecloud! It is still in development, and will receive new featuresvia updates. There may also be bugs. If you get a force close,please submit the report! Completely free and open source, you canview the source on GitHub. I would love some suggestions for abetter name or icon! If you have ideas or suggestions, send me anemail, leave a comment, open a pull request on GitHub, whatever!Just let me know!