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Loading... – Free classifieds for Switzerland 6.1.2 is the most popular marketplace for new and used articlesof any kind in Switzerland. provides more than 950‘000listings from all parts of Switzerland. No matter if you want tobuy household appliances or sell your old bed, search for ahousehold help or another service or look for job ads – we have amatch for your every wish. ★ INTUITIONAL SEARCH FUNCTION: Searchfor one specific product or browse the numerous categories to findinteresting ads. Filter the search results by sub-category, priceand location, and find the offers matching your needs. ★ VARIOUSOFFERS: Find the latest fashion, shoes and awesome accessories,toys and other articles for babies and children, vehicles of anykind (bikes and cars for example), trendy furniture for bathroom,kitchen and living room, high tech entertainment electronics andeverything for your pet. is better than a flea market -but besides used goods you can also find sellers for new articlesas wells as services like flat cleaning, a moving company or arelaxing massage. ★ CONVENIENT PROXIMITY SEARCHES: Are you lookingfor a bike in Basel, a massage in Geneva or a job in Zurich?Wherever you want to buy or sell something, the proximity searchwill help you to find a matching seller or buyer in yourneighbourhood. ★ COMPREHENSIVE DETAIL-VIEWS: The detail-viewsprovide all data including the location of the advertiser and theprice at first sight, as well as a gallery with big photos and thecontact details of the advertiser. ★ AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS: Saveyour search criteria once and get a push notification every time anew classified is set live, which matches your request. ★CROSS-DEVICE FAVOURITE LIST: Save interesting classifieds in yourwatch list and sync it with all of your devices. Access yourfavourite ads everytime and everywhere. ★ EASY ADMINISTRATION: Doyou want to sell something? Sign up for free, upload a picture ofyour article, add a short description and your classified is readyto go live. Keep track of your listings and manage your ads simplywith your phone. Selling your used stuff has never been that easy.★ HANDY SHARING-FUNCTION: Share ads which you like with family andfriends by mail, text message, Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. ★PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: Get in touch with our customerservice via e-mail at Keep yourself up-to-dateabout and this app: ► ►Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► YouTube:
AutoScout24 Switzerland – Find your new car 3.9.1
With more than 150,000 vehicle offers, AutoScout24 is the largestmarketplace for the purchase and sale of new and used cars inSwitzerland. Buy your new car here or sell your used car. Fromlow-priced small cars for new drivers on the spacious SUV for thefamily up to the exclusive sports car every wish is fulfilled. Itwas never more convenient to buy a car. Rated with 4.6 stars onaverage, AutoScout24 is the most popular app for vehicle listingsin the App Store. This is what the AutoScout24 app offers:INTUITIVE SEARCH: Search for a new or used car, and filter thelistings by criteria such as registration date, price or enginepower. Find offers for a practical compact car, a car with plentyof storage space, a 4x4 vehicle for off-road driving or a sportyconvertible. COMFORTABLE CIRCULAR SEARCH: Do you want to buy yourcar in Berne, Basle, Geneva, Lucerne or rather in the canton ofZurich? Define the radius at which interesting vehicles should bedisplayed to you in the perimeter search, and find a dealer for newcars or a seller for used cars in your area. AUTOMATIC CAR SEARCH:Specify search criteria for the desired car once and receive pushmessages every time a new ad with a suitable vehicle is posted.MULTIPLE OFFERS: Find listings for new cars and used cars of allbrands: - German cars by Audi, BMW, Opel, Volkswagen or Mercedes -American vehicles by Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge - Asian automobilesby Nissan, Hyundai or Subaru - exclusive sports cars by Porsche,Ferrari or Lamborghini - utility vehicles, trucks and trailers -campers and caravans COMPREHENSIVE DETAIL VIEWS: Get all vehicledata on one screen and contact the seller of a car immediately.TRANSPARENT DEALER RATINGS: Find the car dealers, that are loved bytheir customers. UNIVERSAL FAVORITES LIST: Save interesting cars inyour watch list and sync them to all your devices. Access yourfavorite cars anytime and anywhere. PRACTICAL SHARING FUNCTION:Share an ad of an interesting car directly via email, Facebook,Twitter, SMS or Messenger with your friends and family. EASYCREATION OF ADDRESSES: Create an ad for your used car fast andeasily. Manage your vehicle listings comfortably with yoursmartphone. With AutoScout24, selling a car is a breeze. USEFULADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Find all the information on the car youneed. For each car we offer you helpful additional data, e.g. aboutinsurances or financing. COMPETENT SERVICE: Get in touch with ourcustomer service. We are at your disposal or phone +41 (0) 31 744 17 37. Find outhere about ► AutoScout24: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► YouTube: Try the otherapps of Scout24 Schweiz AG: ► ImmoScout24 Switzerland ► MotoScout24Switzerland ► - Free classified ads for Switzerland
MotoScout24 Schweiz 3.8.1
MotoScout24 ist mit über 13‘000 Inseraten der Nr. 1Online-Marktplatz der Schweiz für Motorräder. Aktuelle Angebote,detaillierte Fahrzeuginformationen, Detailansichten mit vielenFotos und Merklisten vereinfachen die Suche und das Kaufen desTraumbikes. Die Auswahl ist riesig: vom günstigen Mofa über Roller,Quad, Chopper bis hin zum exklusiven Superbike – auf MotoScout24finden Sie das passende Motorrad für jedes Bedürfnis. Diewichtigsten Funktionen der Android App im Überblick: ★SUCHFUNKTION: Filtern Sie nach Occasionen, Oldtimern, neuenMotorrädern, Vorführmodellen oder weiteren Kriterien wie Marke,Jahrgang, Fahrzeugpreis, Ausstattungsmerkmalen, Motorleistung etc.★ UMKREISSUCHE: Möchten Sie Ihren Töff in Aarau, Bern, St. Gallen,Zürich oder doch am liebsten im Kanton Wallis kaufen? DefinierenSie in der Umkreissuche, in welchem Radius Ihnen Treffer angezeigtwerden sollen. ★ SUCHAUFTRÄGE: KEIN FAHRZEUG MEHR VERPASSEN: Mitden Push Notifications auf Ihrem Android Smartphone oder Tabletverpassen Sie keine Fahrzeuge mehr. Definieren Sie einmaligKriterien und warten Sie auf Treffer. Während Sie wertvolle Zeitsparen, sucht MotoScout24 für Sie passende Angebote. ★DETAILANSICHTEN: Übersichtliche Anzeige von Fahrzeugen mitsämtlichen Fahrzeugdaten, Fotogalerie und Möglichkeiten, denAnbieter aus der MotoScout24 App zu kontaktieren. ★ FAVORITEN:Behalten Sie interessante Motorradangebote dank der Merkliste immerim Auge. Sind Sie eingeloggt, können Sie Ihre Favoriten automatischzwischen Ihrem Smartphone, Tablet oder PC/Mac synchronisieren. ★MEINE INSERATE: Verwalten und bearbeiten Sie Ihre eigenen Inseratebequem über die App. ★ TEILEN SIE INSERATE: Senden Sie interessanteInserate direkt per E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS oder Messenger(Whatsapp, Threema, Telegram, etc.) an Partner, Freunde undFamilie. ★ KUNDENDIENST: Direkter Kontakt zum Kundendienst vonMotoScout24 per E-Mail und Telefon. ★ SCHON GEWUSST? Mit derMotoScout24 Android App finden Sie alle Arten von Motorrädern. Sozum Beispiel Trikes, Kabinenmotorräder oder auch Snowmobiles. WennIhnen die MotoScout24 App gefällt, freuen wir uns über IhreBewertung oder Rezension im Google Play Store. Vielen Dank! Updateszu und dieser App finden Sie regelmässig auch unter:Facebook: Twitter: Google+: YouTube: Für Fragen undAnregungen zur App stehen wir Ihnen gerne oder Tel. +41 (0)31 744 17 37 zurVerfügung. Weitere Android Apps von der Scout24 Schweiz AGImmoScout24 Schweiz AutoScout24 Schweiz MotoScout24 with over13,000 listings of no. 1 online marketplace of Switzerland formotorcycles. Current offers, detailed vehicle information, detailedviews with many photos and pinboards simplify the search and buyingthe dream bikes. The selection is huge: from cheap moped onscooters, quads, Chopper to exclusive Superbike - on MotoScout24you find the right bike for every need. The main functions of theAndroid app at a glance: ★ SURFING: Filter for vehicles, vintagecars, new motorcycles, demonstrators or other criteria such asbrand, vintage, vehicle price, amenities, features, engine poweretc. ★ SEARCH BY AREA: Do you want your motorbike in Aarau, Berne,St. Gallen, Zurich, or at least buy favorite in canton Valais?Define the radius search, in which radius you results to bedisplayed. ★ SEARCH ORDERS: NO MORE MISSED VEHICLE: With the PushNotifications on your Android smartphone or tablet you will notmiss any more vehicles. Define unique criteria and wait forresults. While you save valuable time MotoScout24 searches matchingoffers for you. ★ DETAIL VIEWS: Clear display of vehicles with allvehicle data, photo gallery and options, the provider of the AppMotoScout24 to contact. ★ FAVOURITES: Keep interesting motorcycleoffers thanks to the list, always in the eye. Are you logged in,you can synchronize your Favorites automatically between yoursmartphone, tablet or PC / Mac. ★ MY LISTING: Manage and edit yourown ads easily accessible via the app. ★ SHARE LISTING: Sendinteresting ads directly via email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS orMessenger (Whatsapp, threema, Telegram, etc.) to partners, friendsand family. ★ CUSTOMER SERVICE: Direct contact with the customerservice of MotoScout24 via email and phone. ★ DID YOU KNOW? Withthe MotoScout24 Android app you will find all types of motorcycles.For example, trikes, cabin motorcycles or snowmobiles. If you likethe app MotoScout24, we look forward to your evaluation or reviewthe Google Play Store. Thank you so much! Updates to motoscout24.chand this app can be found regularly at: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: YouTube: For questions aboutthe app, please contact us under or Tel.+41 (0) 31 744 17 37 available. More Android Apps by Scout24Switzerland Ltd. ImmoScout24 Switzerland AutoScout24 Switzerland
ImmoScout24 Switzerland – Rent a flat, buy a house 4.4.1
ImmoScout24 is the biggest marketplace for real estate inSwitzerland. Find your new home here. ImmoScout24 provides morethan 80‘000 offers: Houses to buy, rented apartments and freeholdflats. A low-cost studio apartment for a single person in Lugano, aflat in Berne, a mansion in Zurich or a twin-house in Lucerne – wehave a match for every wish. ★ INTUITIONAL SEARCH FUNCTION: Searchfor a mansion or an apartment, and filter the results by the numberof rooms, square meters, price or other criteria. Find an idyllichouse in the countryside, a freehold flat in the town centre or alow-priced room in a flat share. ★ VARIOUS OFFERS: Find real estateof any kind – no matter if you prefer a suburban granny flat, anattic overlooking Fribourg, a 1 bedroom apartment in downtownBasle, or even a prime location villa close to Geneva, Zurich orLake Thun. ImmoScout24 not only offers residential buildings, butcommercial property, undeveloped real estate and parking space aswell. ★ CONVENIENT MAP: Search for apartments in your neighbourhoodor in your favorite district by using the ImmoScout map. Exploreyour new home’s environment with Google StreetView. ★ COMPREHENSIVEDETAIL-VIEWS: The detail-views provide all data including thenumber of bedrooms, square meters and price at first sight, as wellas a photo gallery and the contact details of the property’s owner.★ AUTOMATIC APARTMENT-HUNTING: Save your search criteria for yournew home once and get a push notification every time a new house orflat listing is set live, which matches your request. ★CROSS-DEVICE FAVOURITE LIST: Save interesting flats and houses inyour watch list and sync it with all of your devices. Access yourfavourite property anytime and anywhere. ★ USEFUL ON-TOP-SERVICES:Get additional information for any real estate, f.e. a guidebookfor the township or offers by relocation companies. ★ HANDYSHARING-FUNCTION: Share ads which you like with family and friendsby mail, text message, Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. ★ EASYADMINISTRATION: You are a real estate seller, landlord or broker?Keep track of your listings and manage your ads simply with yourphone. Selling and renting your property has never been moresimple. ★ PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: Get in touch with ourcustomer service via e-mail or phone. Send your message or call +41 (0) 31 744 17 40. Keep yourselfup-to-date about and this app: ► ImmoScout24: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► YouTube: More apps byScout24 Switzerland: ► AutoScout24 Switzerland ► MotoScout24Switzerland
wheels! Autos, Lifestyle, etc. 2.0.0
wheels! Das digitale Auto- und Lifestyle-Magazin. Mit attraktiven,multimedialen und exklusiven Inhalten ist es nicht nur fürNeuwagen- und Motorsport-Fans ein Muss, sondern richtet sich analle Auto- und Lifestyle-Interessierte. wheels! erscheint monatlichzum Gratis-Download.Die aktuellsten Stories und NEWS im Dezember:-Monster-Maschine: Nissan GT-R „Track Edition“ auf schwierigemUntergrund. -Hole Dir den wheels!-Adventskalender mit vielen tollenGewinnen. Jedes Türli ein Preis.-Und natürlich die frischesten Newsaus der Welt der Mobilität!Weitere Themen im wheels! eMag: NissanSnowdrive, BMW X6, Cadillac ATS Coupé, Porsche 911, Autosalon Genf,BMW x-Drive, Skoda Fabia, Audi TT Roadster, Mazda 2, Swiss Moto,Team Time Out, Jaguar XF, Audi S1, CanAm Spyder, Volvo V40Polestar, House of Machines, Ferrari 348 Spider, Renault R4, HondaVultus, VW Scirocco, Peugeot 308 GT, Subaru Outback, Suzuki Vitara,Audi Polarlicht, Blockbuster Mad Max, Indian Scout, StudebakerAvanti, Classic Car Collector Thailand, Roding by Dähler, RenaultEspace, Katrin Rau Touring Garage, Hyundai i30, Audi RS3, BMW R1200 RS, Knight Rider Müslüm, BMW 503, AC Cobra Mark IV,Töff-Testtage, Lexus NX 300h, Roos Engineering Aston Martin,Historic Ice Trophy, Crash Recorder, Renault Twingo, Opel AdamRocks, Pirelli Night, Fredy Barth, McLaren 650S, BMW i8, MagnusWalker, Mercedes Autobahnkurier, Peugeot 208 GTI 30th, Fiat 500L,Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Abarth Bialbero, Skoda Superb, BMW GranTourer, Hyundai i20, VW Polo Bluetec, Mazda MX5, Jeep Renegade,Bianca Gubser, Nissan Juke Nismo, Monisha Kaltenborn, Moto GuzziAudace, Citroen DS, Mercedes AMG A45, Subaru Levorg, Ssang YongTivoli, Audi R8 V10 plus, Miss Auto Zürich 2015, Karl Bieri, HarleyLivewire, Jaguar F-Type vs. Audi TT, Autoskandale, Toyota YarisHybrid, Opel Corsa OPC, Honda HR-V, Opel Astra, Notrufsysteme,Peugeot 308 GTI by Peugeot Sport, Dodge Challenger 383 R/T von1970, Muscle Car… Updates zu wheels! finden Sie regelmässig auchunter:★ Facebook:★ Twitter:★ YouTube:★Instagram:★ Ihnen die wheels!-App gefällt, freuen wiruns über Ihre Bewertung oder Rezension im Google Play Store. VielenDank!Ihr wheels!-Teamwheels! The digital car and lifestylemagazine. With attractive, multimedia and exclusive content, it isnot only for new cars and motorsport fans a must, but is intendedfor all car and lifestyle enthusiasts. wheels! published monthlyfor free download.Latest Stories and NEWS in December:- MonsterMaker: Nissan GT-R "Track Edition" on difficult ground.-hole Getwheels! -Christmas With lots of great prizes. Each Türli aprice.-And Of course the freshest news from the world ofmobility!Other topics in the wheels! eMag: Nissan Snow Drive, BMWX6, Cadillac ATS Coupe, Porsche 911, Geneva Motor Show, BMWx-Drive, Skoda Fabia, Audi TT Roadster, Mazda 2, Swiss Moto, TeamTime Out, Jaguar XF, Audi S1, CanAm Spyder, Volvo V40 Polestar,House of Machines, Ferrari 348 Spider, Renault R4, Honda Vultus, VWScirocco, Peugeot 308 GT, Subaru Outback, Suzuki Vitara, Audiaurora, blockbuster Mad Max, Indian Scout, Studebaker Avanti,Classic Car Collector Thailand, Roding by Dähler, Renault Espace,Katrin Rau Touring Garage, Hyundai i30, Audi RS3, BMW R 1200 RS,Knight Rider Muslum, BMW 503, AC Cobra Mark IV, Töff test days,Lexus NX 300h, Roos Engineering Aston Martin, Historic Ice Trophy,crash recorder, Renault Twingo, Opel Adam Rocks, Pirelli Night,Fredy Barth, McLaren 650S, BMW i8, Magnus Walker, MercedesAutobahnkurier, Peugeot 208 GTI 30th, Fiat 500L, Rolls Royce,Bugatti, Abarth Bialbero, Skoda Superb, BMW Gran Tourer , Hyundaii20, VW Polo Bluetec, Mazda MX5, Jeep Renegade, Bianca Gubser,Nissan Juke Nismo, Monisha Kaltenborn, Moto Guzzi Audace, CitroenDS, Mercedes AMG A45, Subaru Levorg, Ssang Yong Tivoli, Audi R8 V10plus, Miss auto Zurich 2015, Karl Bieri, Harley Livewire, JaguarF-Type vs. Audi TT, car scandals Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Opel CorsaOPC, Honda HR-V, Opel Astra, emergency call systems, Peugeot 308GTI by Peugeot Sport, Dodge Challenger 383 R / T 1970, Muscle Car...Updates on wheels! see regularly under:★ Facebook:★ Twitter:★ YouTube:★Instagram:★ you like the wheels! App, we look forwardto your evaluation or review the Google Play Store. Thank you somuch!Your wheels! Team