Sea Monster Entertainment Apps

Sea Monster 1.0.0
Ahoy all novice landlubbers & barnacledbuccaneers!Keen to test your skills in the wide unknown?Try our Augmented Reality toy and get a chance to fight a Krakenfrom the deep !To use this app you'll need two Sea Monster businesscards.If you don't have them already, you can download your own to printfrom two Sea Monster business cards must be placed near to oneanother on a flat surface, with opposite sides facingupwards.Run the app and point the device at the cards to see a 3D canon andmonster appear in Augmented Reality and begin trying to destroyeach other.Move the cannon card around to avoid the tentacle smashing the raftand sinking the cannon.Tap the cannon on screen to fire the cannon and hit theKraken.Swipe across the screen to swap the style of the cannon for adifferent look.Note: This app is more of a toy than a game. There are no pointsto be scored and the Kraken will not die. The toy is just a funtakeaway experience with our business cards.Look out for updates in the future where we'll add extra featuresand power ups to the cannons.Thanks for playing, and please visit us at time.
AR Baby Rhino 1.0.2
Rhinos are awesome, but they need our help. Toshow how much you care, tweet messages of support and earn heartsof love that you can give to your own virtual baby rhino.
Fire & Ice! Naughty or Nice 1.2.0
Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! is all aboutexploring your 'naughty' or 'nice' side; so no better way toexperience it through our Naughty or Nice app. Interact with ourNaughty Devil and Nice Angel by downloading and using this app; andyou can stand a chance of winning some hot prizes to enhance yourexperience at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice!Look out for the 'Naughty or Nice coasters' in the bar, restaurantand lounge areas; once you find them; activate your app and pointit at the coaster and enjoy a conversation with our Naughty Deviland Nice Angel. Share your experience on social and get a chance toSpin the Wheel to win prizes ranging from Gourmet Milkshakes,cocktails to a night's stay at the hotel.Share this with your friends and show them how they can playtoo.Enjoy being naughty or nice!!
Eish Happens 1.0.4
Enjoy facing those hilarious everyday dangersand turning them into safe activities.From cleaning windscreens to chasing off monkeys - simply swipe,drag or tap your way to a safe environment.GAMEPLAY• Complete a level to move on to the next.• The game gets faster the further you go.• Get onto the leaderboard and compete against your friends.• Use your mouse or fingers to swipe, tap, drag as required.• Windscreen wipers not working? Clear the windscreen to avoid anaccident.• Carrying wads of cash? Tap to transact electronically and avoidlosing your cash.• Carrying lots of valuables? Drag them to a safe place to preventthe monkeys from stealing them.• Driving with your possessions in full view? Store them away sothe Mynah birds don’t take them.• Need to cross a busy road? Make sure you’re visible so the carswill stop.You can find out more about Momentum’s #EishHappens safety gameby visiting our website:
World Class South Africans 1.0.0
Nelson Mandela, Charlize Theron,MamphelaRamphele, William Kentridge – these are some of theextraordinaryachievers featured in this “100 World Class SouthAfricans” app -the augmented reality partner to the 44-page specialeditionmagazine, published by South African Sunday newspaper CityPress.“100 World Class South Africans”, appearing on Sunday, 28April,2013, was created by New Media for City Press in associationwithmining company Xstrata. The inaugural edition is included withthenewspaper to commemorate Freedom Day. This app channels anextravirtual dimension to the magazine for smart device users andis thefirst of its kind in South Africa.While the print version features one hundred extraordinarySouthAfricans, this app profiles twelve of the most revered,exciting,innovative and sometimes unknown world class individualsthat SouthAfrica has produced. With a striking image, aninspirational quote,a short profile and a fun, fast“test-your-knowledge” quiz, this isan interactive animatedexperience, showing content at itstechnological best.City Press Editor-in-Chief Ferial Haffajee describes thegenesisof '100 World Class South Africans' as the need forjournalism tocelebrate South Africa's successes as well as itsdifficulties.South Africa should stand tall and proud amongst othergreatnation, she says."One of the many adverse legacies of apartheid is anoftendebilitating inferiority complex – if a system tells youoftenenough that you are not good enough, you begin to believe it,"saysHaffajee. "I think that sometimes we in South Africa stillsufferthe affliction. Here is a collection of men and women who canguideus to a different path, people who have reached beyondthemselves,their destinies and often beyond accepted ability to dowonderfulthings. To make art, make peace, cross deserts, to judge,to bless,to act and to create. We salute them all and learn fromthe manywonderful examples of persistence, talent and truth-tellingwechronicle here."'100 World Class South Africans' celebrates thewonderfuldiversity in South Africa, the energy of our people andthe wayquality and sheer determination can overcome allobstacles.
gsouthafrica 1.0.1
g|day is a series of large-scale events heldbyGoogle in South America, Middle East, Africa, and Indiafordevelopers, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs.Renowned for their affinity for innovation, Google SouthAfricadecided to incorporate one of the latest tech trends forg|daysouth africa 2012: augmented reality! In collaborationwithCreative Brands, Google SA have produced a fun AR game.Once the game app is activated by the target, simply tapthescreen to begin. Then, try to hit the targets that appear withthebrightly coloured balls at the bottom of the screen. Adjustyourspeed and force to adjust how far and fast the ball moves.Earnpoints by hitting the target, and a time bonus for each100points!
Cavendish 1.0.1
Santa and his reindeer came to visitCavendishSquareBut the baby Reindeer has lost his wayYou can help to find the baby reindeer by downloading and usingthisappLook for the special floor stickers throughout the centreUse the app to view the stickersYou will then find clues that will help you to find thebabyreindeerWhen you find the baby reindeer, take a picture of himShow one of the elves at the adoption centreYou will receive an adoption certificate which will let you takethebaby reindeer home with youShare this with your friends and show them how they can playtooEnjoy a Magical Festive Seasons with Cavendish Square
Home - Your Space 1.0.2
For the @home 2015 Sofa Promotion, we arebringing a selection of furniture straight into your home with thepower of Augmented Reality.Download this app and browse the catalogue to see previews anddetails on some great @home items.Then add the items to your room setting and see it appear in yourliving room as it would in real life!With the @home Create Your Space app, you can see your visioncome to life and share it with your favourites. Unleash thedecorator inside you and download the app now.Please note that the app gives a close approximation of reallife size and appearance, but can never guarantee an exact replica.For best results in terms of scale, it is important to accuratelyset the height of the phone above the floor from within theapp.
Siyasiza AR 1.0.0
It's 10 years since Michael stepped uptobecome CEO of FNB.Now, as he steps down, we remember the heights wescaledtogether, the thought leadership he provided, the things he'sdoneand the lasting impression he's left on the bank, its peopleandits customers.
Pick n Pay Super Animals 1.2
Meet the Super Animals, brought to you byPickn Pay! Keep track of your Super Animals cards, unlock badgesandearn rewards as your collection grows. Plus, watch the animalscometo life with movement and sound – look out for the ultra-cuteBigFive! Fun for animal-lovers of any age.- Scan the side of the card where you see the photo of theanimalto add it your collection- Collect all the animals in the 9 categories – Fastest,Fiercest,Showiest, Deadliest, Loudest, Smartest, Sneakiest,Toughest andWeirdest!- Watch the animals come to life! Pet the Big 5 and see themstomp,wriggle and waggle- Earn badges as you collect and unlock surprise rewards on yourwayto becoming a Chief Ranger- Take selfies with your favourite Super Animals and share themonsocial media- Know your Armadillo from your Orangutan? Learn more abouteachanimal with fascinating facts- Listen to every animal’s soundYou’ll receive 4 Super Animals cards with every R150 spentatPick n Pay.Download the app for free and collect them all!
Pick n Pay Stikeez 2 1.8
Stikeez are back, brought to you by Pick nPay!24 brand new Stikeez are waiting to be found in stores aroundSouthAfrica. Use this app to find them, play a game to catch themand addthem to your collection. Unlock rewards and show them offin specialStikeez selfies as your collection grows.  - GPS guided submarine allows you to find Stikeez in Pick nPayStores - Collect all the Stikeez, including 3 special types - glow inthedark, glitter and pearl!- Play a game to catch Stikeez safely in a bubble - don't letitpop!- Earn special under-the-sea treasures as you collect andunlocksurprise rewards on your way to collecting alltheStikeez. - Take selfies with your favourite Stikeez and share them onsocialmedia- Practise your Stikeez catching skills in our play-anywhereminigame.Download the app for free and discover Stikeez 2 - Creaturesofthe Deep!
RM Academy 1.0.2
Welcome to the Revenue Management AcademyThink you have what it takes to be a hotel revenue manager?Putyour skills to the test as we make you the chief in charge ofyourvery own hotel.Choose which guests to accommodate and which to avoid. Putthemin rooms you think will tickle their fancy, and accept orrejectoffers to maximize the revenue of your hotel.You only have 1 day and 5 rooms to play with, so thinkcarefully.Each decision you make could cost the hotel money!Finally, find out how you stack up. Complete the game to seetherevenue you banked vs. the actual highest revenue possible.Remember, after the comfort and satisfaction of yourguests,revenue management is the most important part of runningahotel.
Pingo Doce Super Animais 1.5.6
Vem conhecer os Super Animais juntamente com oPingo Doce e o Jardim Zoológico! Segue a tua colecção de cartas dosSuper Animais e ganha medalhas à medida que a tua colecção cresce.Vê os animais ganharem vida com movimento e som! É divertido paraos amantes de animais de qualquer idade.Faz o download gratuito da app e colecciona todas as tuascartas!· Digitaliza o lado da carta onde encontras a imagem do animal parao adicionares à tua colecção.· Ouve o som de todos os animais· Colecciona os animais das 9 categorias - os mais rápidos, os maisresistentes, os mais mortíferos, os mais espertos, os mais temidos,os mais estranhos, os mais sorrateiros, os mais ruidosos e os maisvistosos.· Ganha medalhas e desbloqueia as recompensas especiais ao longo doteu percurso até chegares a Ranger Chefe.· Existem 5 cartas especiais. Descobre-as!· Conheces o Tatu-de-nariz-comprido-comum ou oOrangotango-de-bornéu?· Aprende mais sobre cada animal com os factos fascinantesdisponíveis.Come and meet the SuperPets with Pingo Doce and the Zoo! Follow your collection of lettersfrom Super Animals and earn medals as your collection grows. Seethe animals come to life with motion and sound! It's fun for animallovers of any age.Does the free download of the app and collect all your cards!· Scan the side of the chart where you will find the image of theanimal to add to your collection.· Listen to the sound of all animals· Collect animals of nine categories - the fastest, the toughest,the most deadly, the smartest, the most feared, the strangest, themost devious, the most noisy and the most showy.· Earn medals and unlock special rewards throughout your journeyuntil you reach the Ranger Chief.· There are 5 special cards. Find them!· Know the Armadillo-nosed long-commonplace ororangutan-de-Borneo?· Learn more about each animal with fascinating factsavailable.
Condis Super Animals 2 1.0
Coneix els Super Animals que Condist’haportat! Fes un seguiment de les teves targetes de SuperAnimals,desbloqueja insígnies i aconsegueix recompenses a mesuraque vacreixent la teva col·lecció. A més, mira com els animalscobrenvida i es mouen i emeten sons! Ideal pels amant dels animalsdequalsevol edat.• Escaneja la part de la targeta on hi ha la foto de l’animalperafegir-la a la teva col·lecció• Col·lecciona tots els animals de les 6 categories:Carnívors,Frugívors, Herbívors, Insectívors, Omnívors,Piscívors.• Mira com els animals cobren vida! Aplega els “5 grans” i miracomtrepitgen amb força, es revoltillen i es balancegen• Guanya insígnies a mesura que vas augmentant la col·leccióidesbloqueja recompenses sorpresa mentre recorres el seu camíperconvertir-te en el cap dels guardes forestals• Fes-te selfies amb el teus Super Animals favorits icomparteix-lesa les xarxes socials• Coneixes el teu armadillo i el teu orangutan? Aprèn més sobrecadaanimal amb informació fascinant• Escolta el so de cada animalRebràs 4 targetes dels Super Animals per cada 10 euros de compraaCondis.Descarrega l'aplicació gratuïta i col·lecciona-les totes!
Livin' It Up 3.0.1
A new innovation by Capitec! Start living your best life with thisunique mix of 3D home design, exciting minigames and strategy!Livin' It Up gives you the choice to play different characters, alltrying to reach their dreams. Use savvy money management to dealwith work and life events, including (occasional) load-shedding,while trying to save enough money to reach your characters’long-term dreams. Can you balance your happiness, home and careeron the path to success? Features: - Living visualisation of SMARTdreams. - Immersive 3D homes which you can personalise – build yourideal studio, apartment or mansion! - Fun, fast minigames thatrepresent each character's career. - An account for tracking andmanaging your money using the power of saving and interest. Havefun, and get better at budgeting while you're at it! - A series oftips and mails to enhance a living, learning experience - Unlocknew furniture, characters and dreams when you win, or learn fromyour mistakes and try again! - Various long-term character dreams:help Lerato get her sister into university, or start a new businesswith Zane. Every game session presents new opportunities andchallenges. - In-game 'life events' which represent real living:have you saved enough to help your family? Can you afford to buy acar? And what do you do when Nandi's lights go out? What better wayto teach people the importance of planning for unexpected events,than allowing them to experience the impact.
Maxi Zov divljine 1.0.3
Ослушни Зов дивљине и упознај најневероватније животиње.Пратикартице Зов дивљине, откључавај значке и како твоја колекцијабудерасла, освајај награде. Гледај како животиње оживљавају узпокрет извук! Придружи се забави за љубитеље животиња. - Скенирајстранукартице на којој се види слика животиње да би је додао/ла усвојуколекцију. - Сакупи све животиње у 9 категорија –Најбрже,Најснажније, Најопасније, Најлукавије, Најпаметније,Нејнеобичније,Насјмртоносније, Најбучније и Најчудније. - Гледајживотиње какооживљавају! Помази 5 Величанствених и гледај их каколупају мигољесе и клате - Освоји значке док будеш сакупљао/ла иоткључавао/ланаграде изненађења на путу да постанеш Главни ренџер.- Направиселфије са омиљеним Супер животињама и подели их надруштвениммрежама - Да ли можеш да разликујеш оклопника иорангутана? Сазнајјош невероватних чињеница о свакој животињи -Слушај звук којиправи свака од животиња СаСамо у Маxi и S&Gпродавницама,добићеш 4 картице Зов дивљине за 1 динар, уколиконаправиш рачунвећи од 700 дин и ако купиш макар један од обележенихартикала.Преузми апликацију бесплатно и сакупи их све!
Ultimate Celebrity Manager 1.3
Think you have what it takes to be famous? In this virtual petgame,you assume the role of a celebrity’s personal agent, guidingyourbudding star from the life of basement-dwelling Youtuber toared-carpet avatar of glamour. As an agent, you’ll be attendingtoall areas of your celebrity’s public life. In the process,you’llbe customising their avatar to match your own personalstyle,playing minigames to increase wealth, and figuring outriskyconnections with detective work. … and when the scandalinevitablysurfaces, it’ll be up to YOU to pat out the fires andrestore yourclient’s unjustly damaged reputation! scription aboutthe game.
Zuri's Lab VR 1.1
It's time to ditch the white lab coat and explore acolourful,curiosity-driven take on science through this next stepin mobileVR! Left to your own devices inside a whacky virtuallaboratory,this unique demo gives you the first taste of Zuri'sworld --including immersive environments, hidden interactibleobjects andsubtle storytelling interwoven with scientific insights.Helpedalong by a friendly robot companion and Zuri's own scatterednotes,discover all the fun stuff you DON'T get told about inschool! Thisdemo is made to be an engaging, playful experience thathighlightsthe potential for accessible VR education and opens upthe world ofSTEM subjects to a younger audience. It's a perfectbite-sizedexperience for use at home or in schools, with afully-developedastronomy station serving as an example of the app'spotential. Theend goal will be turning Zuri's Lab into a fuller,multi-mediaexperience to entertain and inspire confidence inchildren whousually find science intimidating. Development will befurtheredwhere possible through donations and other funding: if youwant tohelp out or learn more, find more detailsat . Any feedbackorsuggestions will be welcomed in order to steer the project inthemost valuable direction possible!
Destination AR 1.1
Explore the world's destinations in Augmented Reality. In thisearlypreview, explore Cape Town, South Africa, to learn aboutitshistory, myths and legends.