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Incoming Calls Privacy Lock 1.0.1
You are the only one who receive you privateincoming calls...If someone disturbing your privacy by taking your call during yourabsence? Stop worrying now! we have an application "incoming callslocker" for you to keep you Private calls secure and protect yourprivacy. This application will protect your selective or allIncoming call to be picked by some one else. The application willnot allow any one to see the incoming caller's number, name or anyother details as the Pattern/Pin input screen will be up on thescreen.Calls Privacy mode:Features:-** Secure Incoming Call Lock Screen** Protect the privacy of your calls by being the only one tounlock and receive them.** Place a call lock on either all of your contacts or justspecific ones.** Easy User Interface** Add contact manually or from contact list** Draw Pattern to unlock incoming call** Set Pin password lock/unlock incoming call** Express your preferences by selecting unique incoming callwallpapers.** Try selecting photos that capture your favorite momentsThanks for choosing our app. Hope it will help you to improve yourcall Privacy..
Video Download For Facebook 1.0.1
Video Downloader for Facebook is the easiestVideo Downloader app to download and save videos from FB.Video Downloader for Facebook allows you to browse through your FBaccount, your news feed and your friends/pages walls using abuilt-in browser that allows you to select the video you want todownload and save them so you can watch it later and share it withyour friends via different apps. Install Video Downloader forFacebook and start download funny,Hot Desi, Social, Drama,Pranksand many more videos now..Video Downloader for Facebook application is especially designedfor people who spent allot of their time over social media. Nowuser can save the beautiful memories share by friends and familymembers on their phone memory in order to watch offline. DownloadVideos was never been easier before, this video downloader is aneasy to use with speedy download no matter what the size of thevideo is. The app is designed with a simple interface in order tooperate easily.App interface is simply designed with two tabs, one tab is used toexplore facebook profile while the other tab is used to store thedownloaded videos. Video Downloader allow user to either stream thevideo or download it to the Phone memory.Video Downloader Appenabling the user to easily download socially shared videosHow touse:1. Click on Browse FB.2. Login and browse your wall.3. Play the video you want to download.4. Click Download button to download video.Features:1- Easy to use.2- Small in size.3- Allows you to save videos to watch them later.Important Notes:- This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by the Facebookofficial network.- Any unauthorized re-uploading or downloading of contentsand/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the soleresponsibility of the user.Thanks for choosing our App. Hope you have good experience withit..
Duck Hunting Shooting 1.0
An intense hunting game brings realhuntingexperience to your android phone/tablet!Hunt the Flying Ducks!Big Bird Hunter is a dynamic physics game that hunts DuckswithHunting Shotgun.You can hunt Ducks successfully by taking aim of their heads.Bird Hunter Features:- Easy control with addictive touch of Shooting- Simple but outstanding graphic design- Jungle environment game sounds- Show off your Hunt skills by hunt maximum birds- FREE to play!Controls:- User Can experience hunting with 2 different Controls1- Accelerometer Control2- Touch Screen ControlDuck Hunter supports high resolution for an optimalgamingexperience on both phones and tablets.Download Bird Hunting 2D Game 2017 on your android smartphonesortablets and have unlimited fun shooting flying birds.
Business Card Maker & Creator 1.0
🎄Sea pack solution wish you Merry Christmas & Happy NewYear🎄🎁Wishing you peace, Goodness & happiness through Christmasand the coming new year 2017.🎁Let's grow your business & earnyour reputation by acting as a role model, The best business carddesign tool which allow user to make professional Business Card,Visiting Card And Name Card in matter of minutes. It only takes amoments to create your own visiting card in a couple of easysteps.When you start a new business you need a professional lookingbusiness card and everyone pay huge amount to Designer for it, butwe are providing you an android app that makes free, Creative andprofessional looking name cards for you which are royalty free andyou can use them for commercial purpose without purchasing anylicence for it. Business Card Creator is designed with ease of usein mind and hence can be used by both professional designers andpeople without designing experience to create custom, creative andbeautiful looking Visiting Card in Minutes.Key Feature : • A simpleapplication which makes your business card in a minute.• Itcontains varieties of available card themes that suits yourbusiness.• A mini Design studio that inspires Your Mind.• Createany custom e-card • Save your business time without any designer.•Color panel to choose the color for your Logo's text.• Design yourbusiness cards with logos by using this ultra Logo maker app •Variety of attractive, eye catching and Heart Touching fonts• Youcan create you card with and without logo. How to make:• Chooseyour business (Visiting) card template • Design yourself as easy asyou can do: • Insert texts like your name, company name, mobilenumber, email address, website, etc... • Useful elements:Predefined symbol like mobile, email, website, location, Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, etc...• Powerful to edit your texts, elements,symbols: change fonts, size, style, color.• Save your business cardto gallery or share to your business networksBusiness Card Designtool lets you create e business card which you can use as businesscontact cards as well as social networking cards to share with yourclients, business partners or other mates and easily share with somany popular ways like Gmail, Whatsapp, WiFi, Bluetooth, Facebook,Google+ and so many easy ways.For any feedback or queries, pleasecontact us on :
GPS Fields Area Measure and Earthmap Route Guide 1.0
GEO AREA measurement app is a free area and perimeter measurementapp also referred to as GPS area calculator for land measurement,planimeter to measure area on map, or platometer and is used tomeasure field areas, collect ground samples, GIS surveys .WHATMAKES GEO AREA UNIQUE?- Highly accurate area measurement and landsurveyor app, verified and tested with ground data- Mapping appwith multiple area and perimeter units- User friendly- Tap the mapto mark area- Use the phone GPS receiver- Unlike our competitorApps, Geo Area has NO RESTRICTIONS ON SHARING your data- Not justan area calculator, it’s much moreAREA MEASUREMENT ACCURACY - checkthis yourself to see how accurately Geo Area works:Open App andClick on “GPS Route Finder” option / Button.Click on Locationbutton on Map screen to get your location OR Search your desiredarea (location) in Navigation menu on left side.For Distance: Clickon map on one point and on 2nd point of area you want to calculatethe distance. it will automatically calculates the distance anddisplays on screenFor Area Measurement: Click on map on multiplepoints on your desired area to calculate area .Geo AreaCalculator.Geo area measurement.You can change units from theapplication settings from feet to meters OR to acres OR to hectaresOR to kanals OR to kilometers. Your choice!GEO AREA MEASUREMENT APPLETS YOU DO THE FOLLOWING:1. Measure the land area and perimeter ofjust about anything on the ground as seen on Google Maps2. Use areameasurement and perimeter units of your choice including feet,meter, hectare, Kanal (area units for India), kilometer, yards, andacre.3. Either tap on the points of interest on the Google Maps tomark area, OR4. Use the phone's GPS to mark the field boundary5.Create Categories of your choice where you can group fields6.Create unlimited categories7. Share and see the marked fields onany GIS for instance the Google EarthGEO AREA MEASUREMENT APP isfor:1. Mapping and Land surveys2. Farmers, for farm management3.Land area measurement4. Construction surveys5. Agronomists6. Townplanners7. Construction surveyor 8. GIS data collection9. GPSfields area measure10. Farm fencing11. Sports track measurement12.Construction sites and building sites area13. Asset mapping14.Landscape artistsGeo Area Measurement app is used by farmers for:crop yield estimation, crop area measurement, and agriculture landand area measurement. Geo Area has been used in conjunction withremote sensing (satellite imagery e.g. SPOT 6, SPOT 7) and GISapplications, to collect ground truth data, field records, and farmdata. Geo Area measurement app is ideal for land cover analysis,vegetation mapping and remote sensing where Regions of interests(ROIs) or the Points of Interest (POIs) or Area of Interest (AOI)collected through Geo Area measurement app. As seen in the example,Geo Area is ideal for area measurement (area calculator) andperimeter of sports grounds, cricket grounds, football pitches,tennis courts, badminton courts, parking lot area, residentialspace, running track and rental space. Other applications of Geoarea measurement app include Patwari or Patvari and the oldtape-measure system for land record management. Geo Areameasurement app is also used for crop yield estimation for cotton,wheat, rice, sugarcane, maize, tobacco, Virginia, FCV tobacco,vegetables, banana plantations, dates, orchards mapping, forestmapping and GPS based area measurement of deforestation area. GeoArea measurement is also used to estimate fertilizers required foragricultural lands based on the calculated area. It is a free andsimple planimeter to measure distance and land area on amap.Nothing is complete in itself - we are learning from YOU tomake Geo Area measurement app more useful. Thank you for yourcomments and feedback.
Unblock Sites unlimited free VPN clients 1.0
Unblock Websites (Free VPN proxy) - Faster, More smooth, and easierto use. It is the best app for Unblock sites.It brings a high-speedand encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone. Unblock yourfavorite websites and apps with Amaze VPN any time!100% free PhoneVPN ! Totally unlimited bandwidth! Super fast and high VPN speed!The best unlimited free VPN clients for android. Phone VPN Free issuper fast VPN to unblock sites watch videos and movies. VPN FREEis the most trusted security, privacy and access platform with topperformance on speed, stability and security. Amaze VPN gives youtrue online freedom – bypassing geo-restrictions and accessingworld’s content from anywhere, with just one tap.Highlights of VPNProxy – the Best Free Unlimited VPN for your Android✓ Free VPNproxy-Amaze VPN✓ Fast - Connect successfully just a snap.✓ Easy -Auto vpn connection. Non USERNAME, Non PASSWORD, Non REGISTER!✓Stable - Have lots of free cloud proxy server to provide better vpnservice. ✓ Bypass censorship, firewall & proxy contentrestrictions, and get internet freedom!✓ Watch Hot US & GlobalTV shows, Movies & Sport.✓ Use All Websites and Social apps inmiddle east. UAE, Saudi Arabia, ✓ Super Fast, Safe & Secure vpnconnection & Wi-Fi Defender.Unblock Websites and Apps UnblockFacebook, Youtube, Twitter and other your favorite websites andapplications at super fast speed. Unblocked games at your school oroffice.Bypass CensorshipUnblock any websites and apps at yourschool, workplace/office or geographic regions (bypass locationrestriction) with best free VPN Proxy.Protect Your PrivacyHide yourIP address from websites and trackers. Your online identity cannotbe intercepted, tracked and recorded by your ISP, company, schoolor government with our free VPN tunnel service. Enjoy anonymous andprivate surf the web.VPN Free for unblock websites in UAE (Dubai),China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar andYemen, where using Deep Packet Inspection Firewalls.
Caller Name Announcer and SMS Speaker 1.0
Caller Name Announcer & SMS speaker announces the caller namethe instant you receive an incoming call or text messages.This is apowerful tool that finds out who called you immediately, evenbefore you take out your phone and see the screen. Our app alsoidentifies unknown numbers so you can know who called you even ifthe number is not in your Contact list. This call announcer &SMS announcer app is very handy when you are working, driving, ordoing other things and you need to put your phone on hands freemode. The best thing about Caller Name Announcer Pro is our app isFREE to download and use! Caller Name Announcer & SMS speakeris quite useful for the situations below:1. When you are driving,it's dangerous for you to pick up your phone when there is anincoming call. With Auto Caller Name Announcer & SMS speaker,and you can easily know who's calling you without picking up thephone.2. When you are sleeping or busy doing something and thephone is out of your hand reach, This Auto Caller Name Announcer& SMS speaker will help you announce the caller name, and youcan decide whether to pick up the phone according to theemergency.3. When you are going outing under a bright sunshine, SMSAnnouncer will help you read out the incoming message even yourphone is in the pocket.4. When your phone is charging, Caller NameAnnouncer & SMS speaker will announce every call and message,you have no need to run to the phone every time.Our solution toyour pain is Auto Caller Name Announcer & SMS speakerannounces. It is not easy to find a call announcer app that is bothFREE and powerful at the same time. Caller Name Announcer Prospeaks the caller’s name for incoming calls. Caller Name Announceris connected to our Caller ID function, which enables our announcerapp identifies unknown callers so you know if you should accept thecall or not. Our SMS announcer feature announces the name of theperson who sends you text messages. Caller Name AnnouncerAnnounces1 Caller Name if exist in contacts2 If does not exist incontacts, call that unknown3 Speaks incoming SMS contents andsender name4 Flash Light Alert on call/SMSCaller Name Announcer& SMS speaker Highlights:✔ Download and use our announcer appfor FREE on any Android phone.✔ Our app identifies caller and textmessage sender and announce it loudly. ✔ Find out who called you orsend you text messages immediately even before you take a look atyour phone.✔ Speaks message sender name. With full SMS contentreading..✔ Our Call announcer & SMS announcer app is very userfriendly and easy to use. ✔ Turn ON or OFF our caller announcerfunction as you like. ✔ Built in Caller ID function to identifyunknown callers & text message senders. ✔ Bright FlashlightAlerts on incoming call - SMS✔ Super Flash Light Torch Brights thenights.Note : Caller Name Announcer uses the built-in Androidtext-to-speech engine to speaks the incoming caller name or SMSsender name and contents of the SMS. Caller Name Announcer will notwork if your smart phone does not have text-to-speech library butthis is not a problem you can easily download it from Google playstore.