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Pear Watch Face 1.0 1.1
Android wear 2.0 version:, a watch facethat has a minimal design.It supports all android wear watches,round and square.Has lots of options that can be changed from yourwatch itself:★ Change the color to suit your style.★ Choose betweenticking and sweeping seconds★ Choose between flat, gold and silverstyle.★ Choose between multiple tick styles★ And more options inthe future based on your feedback!Give the watch face a minute toappear on your watch after installing the app.--------VersionHistory--------v1.1: Fixed time displayv1.0: First release
Line, a watch face that has a minimal design and is both analog anddigital. It supports all android wear watches, round and square.There are many options that can be changed from your watch itself:★ Show up to 4 android wear 2.0 complications. ★ Change the colorto suit your style. ★ Change background, you can even set the nowplaying music as background! ★ The notification indicator optioncan be enabled for unread or all notifications. ★ Looks great onsquare watches too! ★ And many many more options! Don't see theoption you're looking for? Send a message and I'll look into it.--------Version History-------- v2.8: -Fixed notification indicatorbugs. v2.7: -Added additional ambient mode options forcomplications. v2.6: -Added digital style. -Added more backgroundand color options. -Added more background effects. -Fixed bugs insettings. v2.5: -Re-analysed burn in protection(pixel shift)coverage and based on those results made burn in protection ambientmode more detailed. Burn in protection coverage is still 100%, keepin mind that 3rd party complications were not included in the testand can still cause a burn in if they do not provide a proper burnin protected icon. v2.4: -Fixed donation button, all features willalways be free but donations are always welcome. v2.3: -Addedbottom complication (supports long text complication providers).-Added color picker. -Added background color. -Added ambientgrayscale/color toggle. -Added donation button. -Fixed time format.-Fixed some performance related bugs. v2.2: -Added topcomplication. -Added support for background images. -Added filtereffects for background images. -Fixed all complication relatedbugs. v2.1: -Added support for square watches, there are no squarewatches in the android wear beta but rather add support sooner thenlater. -Added a notification indicator option. -Improved burn inprotection, lines are now less thick on oled screens in ambientmode. -Fixed bugs in settings. v2.0: -Complete rewrite for androidwear 2, now supports complications. -Proper ambient handling, watchface ambient mode has been made with support for burn inprotection. -Some previous options have been lost and will bere-implemented in the next few days. -Some bugs might beencountered, if you run into a bug feel free to send me a message(contact info is at the bottom). -Some complications might not showproperly. v1.4: -Got rid of bitmaps, drawing everything on canvasnow without bitmaps -Removed "Date" and added "Widget" in settings-Moved options from "Date" to "Widget" -Added battery option to"Widget" v1.3: -Redrawn backgrounds with smoother lines -Added daymode -New icon v1.2: Fixed bug that caused the watch face to crashwhen ambient mode was toggled. v1.1: Fixed app icon v1.0: Firstrelease
Pear, a collection of watch faces with minimal and modern designs.It supports all android wear watches, round and square. Thecollection contains the following watch faces: ★ Pear Simple ★ PearUtility ★ Pear Color ★ Pear Chronograph ★ Pear Modular ★ PearMotion ★ Pear Sport+ Digital It has full support for android wear2.0 complications! The following additional android wear 2.0complications are included: ★ Date ★ Date of week Android wear 1.0version: Full source code is available at: Tags: Banana, apple, pear, strawberry, cherry
Wearify for Spotify 0.1.1
Requires Spotify Premium and does not support offline playback dueto Spotify SDK limitations!Android Wear app for Spotify.Pleasecontact be my email for any issues and support questions beforeleaving a review.