Seasia Infotech Apps

Remote Access 1.2
Wanna have fun along with security in yourphone? Here comes the Remote Access App which comes with taglinePranks With Security.. A very useful app in terms of safety as itenables the user to control the phone through a PC.The functionality of the app is very simple and handling is veryeasy. The user needs to download the app to the phone and create anaccount. The same id will be used to login through website.Security features of the app are:-If the phone gets into wrong hands the user can lock the devicewith a password. It can also click the pictures of the person usingthe phone through the front cam available.The app also provides the location of the device.The user can have a fun time with this app too, as it enables tochange wallpapers. One can also send messages to the device.Brightness of the screen can also be controlled. And, the mostamazing feature is that we can have control over the volume of thephone.One in all, a useful app that provides safety and entertainmentsimultaneously. So, just download Android App from Google play ,create an account and feel secure and happy.
Slam Book 1.0
Description"Slam Book - A Home Of Memories" is application which enables youto create a collection of memories of friends, loved once, yourcollege/class mates, your colleagues likes, dislikes, what theythink about you, birthday and other stuff which other wise becomescumbersome to remember.• Add Friends feature -> You can add your friends and theirinformation viz. what music they like, what they like to eat andwhat are their dreams etc. and also add the photo of yourfriends.• Search Feature -> If you want to search a particular friendthen you can use the search function of this app.• You can delete any page at any instance if you want to dothis.
Weather Guide 1.0
DescriptionThis application provides you with a detailed weather forecastfor the present time, current day as well as the weatherpredictions & forecast for next 3 days as well. The applicationworks for all the locations all over the world. You are bound tofind this a very useful app.Features1 With this application we can search the weather of any citywith the help of a map, as well on a single click.2 This application helps you to keep yourself connected to Facebookas well. You can update your current weather data on your Facebookwall.3 This application is for Android Phones as well as Tablets.
Jumping Jack - The Bird 1.01
We know that you have been waiting for an exciting game like this!Don’t worry, now that we have the new engrossing, ever-entertainingJumping jack - The Bird. Enjoy the excitement, challenge andpleasure of playing this new game. In this game, all that theplayer needs to do is to avoid the obstacles, while playingendlessly. So it is as simple as that. Keep playing and scoringyour best scores.How To Play1. Tap to fly the bird2. Move throughthe obstacles to score highest or maximum pointsPlay, play and playto grab the top position on the Leader board !!!I bet you will getaddicted to it.
Insane Polygon
Insane Polygon is a hypnotic musical maze.It's simple yet not so easy. Move your Player in either clockwiseor anti-clockwise direction to get escape from being trapped inpolygon maze, but watch out your game will be over when collidewith polygon pattern.Insane Polygon is a rhythm based game and ramps up the difficultygradually along with visual themes, effects and sound tracks. Playthrough three given shapes viz. Triangle, Hexagon and Square rangesfrom simple to challenging. You will get trapped in complexpatterns but will rejoice when figure out the patterns and how tonavigate the tricky polygon world.Give it a try and Enjoy!
EasyPic Editor 1.0
EasyPic Editor, the name itself definestheinside story. Yes it provides you the simplest way for editingyourphotos. You must be having hundreds of photos in your phonegalleryand hardly see them after sometime. Now it’s time to makeyourgallery look more colorful and interesting. Edit your own oryourfriends/family photos add various effects and make themhumorousand share it over facebook. Draw your mood and emotions onthephoto and let others also know.Feature List1. Image Selection – You can choose an image for editingeitherfrom your gallery or click a new one from your camera.2. Facebook Synchronization – It provides you access to allyourfacebook friends. You can easily navigate through all theiralbumsand photos. And finally select one for editing.3. Editing Options:• Add various frames• Add various effects like Sepia, Gray scale, Black andWhiteetc.• Add various components like mustache, hats, goggles etc.• Add various emotions to your photo.• Add various stickers.• Write text on the photo using different fonts and colors.• Rotate the photo in any direction.4. Saving- Save the edited photos in your gallery in adifferentfolder.5. Sharing- Quickly share these photos with friends and familyoverfacebook.Still to come:1. Photo cartooning2. Photo sketching3. More frames, effects, components etc.
Fruit Arrebatar 1.0
Fruit Arrebatar descriptionWe can not only cut the fruit,but also eat the fruit!!!!!!If you love Fruit Ninja,you will love Fruit Arrebatar!!!!Now we have Fruit Arrebatar for iPhone version…..A very good game to collect fruits.The fruits willinstantiatefaster and faster with respect to time.And take care,d'nt collect or in contact with enemy otherwiseyouwill loose one life,or there should be a gold and silver coinsthatcan increase points as well as life...
Smiley Shots 2.0
Smiley Shots is a Match 3 puzzle game. Match up three or more ofthe same emoji to earn points. You can move all emoji but jellycannot be moved. Bonus points for destroying the jelly.Strategically plan your moves wisely to make big combinations andscore huge points. If you’re stuck, use one of the bombs to blow upthe board. If you are lucky you may just get a match.
Use yourmemory to take down the levels. Solve Brain busting puzzles with 50difficulty levels

Sharping your memory by playing the Emojimatching game through multiple levels with increasingdifficulty…
Good Luck!!
Tap N Blow 1.0
Your wait is over, The amazing Tap'N'Blow is now for Android aswell. Bored with the old fuzzy games and you think there is stillsomething missing? Don’t worry, just a perfect time for anotherAddictive Ball Game – BlowAir. The name itself speaks what you haveto do. Game Play- Blow the Ball using Air Blow or tap the screen.Move it left-right by tilting it. Enjoy an endless journey, butbeware of the hurdles and score the maximum you can. You can moveup in the Sky, pick up the Magnets, collect the Stars, jump on theSprings, avoid Fire and other obstacles, collect as much stars thatcomes in your way. The ultimate goal is to Maximize your Score bycollecting the stars and traveling more and moredistance.Features:# Classy and Attractive Background# CrazyHurdles: Moving & disappearing Fire platforms# Your helpinghand: Magnets, springs, Go Invisible#Special Power : Wings torescue yourself# Save your life: Avoid Fire, Saw, Cactus and othertraps# Share Score on Social Media Apps such as Facebook &twitter# Challenge your friends and beat them up. Try it out, It’sreal fun…How to Play:-Select the mode Blow or tap from the settingscreen to move the ball in upward direction.-Use tilt forleft-right movement and carry on collecting the coins
Travel Master 1.0
Goal: Travel Master Application aims to make a user familiar withthe places, which he wants to visit. In other words it is acomplete guide for a user who is not familiar about any locality. Auser can get necessary information’s about routes, places anduseful sites for the desired search.Description:• This app willshow user current location on its first tab. User can search forplaces he want to visit (such as restaurant ,café , bar , theaterand many more) .Respective annotations or pins will show the sameand also trace for the user the path with distance. User can alsocheck weather forecasts. At the same time, it will forecast weatherdetails for the present day and also for up-coming 3 days.• Thisapp allows entering the source location and desired destinationlocation on its second tab. It will show user four modes to reachits destination i.e. (Driving, Bicycling, Transit, and Walk) .Afterselection of the desired mode, it will show a user the possiblenumber of routes available between the source and destinationlocations. • In the third tab, a user can read his SPEED &ACCELERATION and manually trace path as he travel from its currentsposition to another position. • For the first tab, a user will beprovided with taking a snapshot button. That will enable user totake any snapshot at any instance of time and also if he wants hecan POST it to “Facebook”, “tumbler” or “Flickr” or attach as a“Gmail”. So he can share the same on social networking sites.•Fourth tab is for some useful sites that user can browse, just forentertainment which includes, Social networks, News.
Ninja Duck 1.1
Enjoy Ninja Duck!Unfortunate has happened with this "Duck" .Everybody used to makefun of him.But to show them what he got, he is on a mission.This time he will going to prove that he indeed is a ninja.He not only wants to show all that he is a ninja but the best ofthem with the greatest powers ever bestowed on ninja before.Highlights:-5 challenging levels(and we know that they’ll be more tocome).-Cool and Unique Graphics.
Carnival Shooter 1.1
Are you missing a carnival? Do you feel like playing the balloonshooting game, one of the most popular games in a carnival?Thenthis game is what that you need. Carnival Shooter is a superexciting game, that will keep you engrossed and hooked on to it.You get to play this game with a gun and some moving balloons indifferent patterns, colors and sizes. All you need to do is toburst these balloons with the touch of your fingers. As long as yougo on bursting these balloons, you keep adding your score. Go getstarted to achieve the highest scores.Powers:You even get to usesome special powers, that make game even more entertaining. Thepowers are1) Endureline power, which can be used to slow down thespeed of the game for few seconds. This power is gained to ‘full’,after you successfully burst the bulb shaped balloons2) +Rballoon’s power to reload the gun3) +10 balloon’s power to earn tenbulletsHigh scores of the game get summited to the Gree Leaderboardand you can also post your high scores on Facebook andTwitter.Upcoming features in our next upgrades are expected to beeven more exciting.
EduApp 0.0.1
Edu app provides you an easy to access solution for variousactivities that go on between the institutes and their students. Itis build using latest technology available for smart phones. Itconsists of an attractive UI and distinct features that enablestudents to get data regarding their courses in a more interestingway. It alters the way of managing institute data.StudentFeatures:- Courses- Inquiries- Notes- Check Fee status- OnlinePayments- Attendance records- Blogs- Discussion Forums- Time Table-Institute Gallery- Notificaiton