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Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank 3.7
Disclaimer:Fingerprint Lock Screen is designed for you to prankyour friends, it simulated the process of Fingerprintidentification. No app can really identify the fingerprint viaphone screen. Just for fun.Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is apretty customizable screen locker that simulates the finger scan tounlock your phone screen. When you press your finger on thefingerprint detector panel, the fingerprint scanner will start toscan your fingerprint and verify the authority. The phone will beunlocked if the validation passes, otherwise the phone screen willstill be locked.As mentioned above, Fingerprint Lock Screen Prankis a simulated app which is used to prank your friends. Then how tounlock the screen? You need to press your finger on the fingerscanner and hold for 2 seconds, your phone will be unlocked. Ifyour pressing time is less than or more than 2 seconds, the phonewill still be locked.Finger Print Lock Screen is highlycustomizable; it provides several cool hi-tech wallpapers for youand allows you to set the time & date format. You can also setthe pressing time (the default time is 2 seconds) of unlock.
Bass Booster 2.4
Bass Booster is a dream music app which professionally optimizesyour phone's bass sound effect and improves your audio quality tothe best. With our Volume Booster, boosting the bass of your devicehas never been easier. It is your music equalizer to let you enjoythe best sounds and music.How to Use:☆Simply use the slider toadjust the desired volume level.☆Simply rotate the spin button toboost the bass sound effect.Disclaimer:Make sure to use externalspeakers or headphone! Otherwise the effect might not be stunning.
Music Equalizer EQ 4.2
Music Equalizer EQ is a dream music app with multi functions: MusicEqualizer, Bass Booster and Music Player are all in one app. Youcan adjust the equalizer, boost the bass and control the surroundvirualizer to improve your audio quality to the best. It is yourmusic paradise to let you enjoy the best sounds and music.AppFeature:☆ Five-band equalizer to adjust your sound tracks.☆ 10equalizer presets based on music genres.(Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop,Latin, Metal, Classical, Flat, Normal, Custom)☆ Music Player withdynamic and colorful equalizer bars.☆ Volume control and volumebooster to boost your phone sound to maximum.☆ Music Bass boosterto boost your bass effects.☆ Surround Virtualizer control.☆ Supportboth headphone and speaker.☆ Support both Android tablet andphone.It's time to improve your music listening experience,download this free Music Booster PRO and enjoy your favorite mp3songs now.
Volume Booster Pro 3.6
Volume Booster Pro is a totally new and professional volume controlapp and sound booster. You can easily boost all your phone soundsto a maximum value. You will never feel trouble to load alarmclock, loud ringtones or louder music volume. Volume Booster forAndroid is also a dream volume control tool, after you use the"max" mode of the Speaker Booster, you can easily return to theoriginal volume status by clicking the "normal" mode. And when youare on meeting, in the library, going to bed or any other occasionthat needs silent, you can just click the "silent" mode. Our VolumeBooster is not just a volume increaser that increases volume, butalso a music equalizer that improves the sound quality and bass.Volume Booster Feature: ★Easily volume control. One tab to boostthe volume to maximum. ★Support three mode: Max Mode, Normal Modeand Silent Mode. ★Show on notification. ★Compatible with AndroidPhone and Tablet.
Caller Name Announcer 3.6.2
Caller Name announcer speaks out the Incoming caller name id andSMS sender that helps to identify the call even without taking alook at your mobile. What's more, it will help to read and speakout your message content and you will never miss any message andrelease your eyes.Caller name talker provides powerful functionsbut it is highly customizable to meet all your requirements. Alladvanced features below are all free for you.Caller Name AnnounceCustomizeAnnounce Caller NameSet announcement repeat timesSet textbefore caller nameSet text after caller nameSMS AnnounceCustomizeAnnounce message Sender NameRead and speak out messagesContentSet announcement repeat timesSet text before SMSSet textafter SMSAdvanced Audio CustomizeSet Speech VolumeSet SoundPitchSet Reading SpeedSilent on shakeDisclaimer:Caller Name Speakeruses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the calleror SMS Sender ID. If your mobile do not have pre-installedtext-to-speech engine, please go to Google play to download theengine app.
Music Player 2.0
Music Player Pro will greatly improve your music listeningexperience with its beautiful interface and lets you easily andquickly enjoy your local music. It is a stunning & tiny MP3player to let you enjoy the best music experience and best highquality sound.Download this free MP3 Player and enjoy your favoritemusic now![Music Player PRO Key Features]★ AttractiveUserInterfaceThe intuitive interface will greatly improve your musiclistening experience. It is the brightest star among all the musicapps.★ Tiny & fast & smoothMusic Player Pro is a tiny butpowerful music player. You will love the fast start and smoothoperation.★ More convenient navigation to find your musicBrowse andplay your music by albums, artists, songs, recent playlist, customplaylist.★ Custom background skinReplaceable background skin makesthe MP3 Player extraordinarily brilliant.★ Powerful Music Equalizer- Music BoosterControl your music style and boost your bass, makeyour own music.★ Notification - music status & controlProvide"Play/Pause", "Next track" and "previous track" controls.Displaymusic title, artist and album artwork.★ Headset controlEasilycontrol the music by headset, no need to pick up phone.★ SleepTimerSet sleep time to pause the music.★ Support popular audioFormatsAudio Player Pro supports mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg,wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff etc.Disclaimer: MusicPlayer PRO is a free music player. It can only play local music,which means it doesn't provide music download function. Please benoted.