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Avalanche Forecasts 1.1
The easiest way to see current avalanche danger levels at-a-glance,for areas around you (see coverage information below).Bottom-linedanger levels are shown color-coded for each forecast region on amap, based on the selected timeframe (Today/Tomorrow/2 Days Out).Click on any region to view the detailed avalanche forecast fromthe source forecasting center.All content you've viewed is cachedfor offline use, so you can refer back to the information you'veseen even if you lose coverage in the mountains.We support 100+forecast regions, sourced from the NWAC (Northwest US), CAIC(Colorado), UAC (Utah), SAC (Central Sierras), ESAC (EasternSierras), MSAC (Mount Shasta), BTAC (Jackson Hole), GNFAC(Bozeman), WCMAC (Missoula), FAC (Kalispell), SNFAC (Sun Valley),IPAC (Idaho Panhandle), PAC (McCall), MWAC (Mount Washington), KPAC(Flagstaff), WAC (NE Oregon), CBAC (Crested Butte), CNFAIC(Chugach), JAC (Juneau), AAC (Anchorage), HAIC (Haines), VAC(Valdez), Cordova, HPAC (Hatcher Pass), Avalanche Canada, ParksCanada, WhistlerBlackcomb, VIAC (Vancouver Island), and AvalancheQuebec (Chic Chocs) forecasting centers. This is every forecastcenter in North America!Please contact us at [email protected] feature suggestions, bug reports, or other feedback.