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Seesaw Parent & Family 7.4.0
Seesaw is a digital portfolio that gives you real-time glimpsesinto your child’s school day. Seesaw helps you stay in the loop andgives you an opportunity to support your child's learning at home.Used in over 200,000 classrooms, 1 in 4 schools in the US, and over100 countries! **Named Best Website of 2016 by American Associationof School Librarians, 2016 Top Pick for Education by Common SenseMedia, and featured in by Apple as "Perfect for Every Classroom"for 9 months.** +REQUIRES A SEESAW SIGNUP CODE FROM YOUR CHILD'STEACHER TO USE+ When your child adds a new post to their journal,like a photo, video or drawing, you'll automatically get notified.Follow the notification to view the new addition to your child’sjournal and support their learning. FEATURES Simple Sign Up ∙ Scanthe QR code on the handout you received from your child's teacherto create an account Automatic Notifications About New Posts ∙Check out what your child is doing at school, wherever you are! ∙Customize your notification preferences. Receive all notificationsor a daily digest ∙ Leave a text or voice comment to encourage yourchild! Easily Message Teachers ∙ Message privately with yourchild’s teacher ∙ Receive class-wide announcements All of YourStudent’s Work in One Place! ∙ Browse your child’s journal fromeach class ∙ View posts on a calendar or sort by folders ∙Translate notes, comments and captions into 50+ languages,including Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and more! ∙ Saveanything to your device's camera roll All Content is Private andSecure ∙ Student content is secure, and is never shared with 3rdparties. ∙ Check out our Privacy Principles at Export a Zip Archive of Your Child'sWork ∙ Available anytime on the web anytime at: Needhelp? Visit our Help Center at
Seesaw Class 7.4.0
Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that inspires yourstudents to do their best work and saves you time. ∙ Any device,shared or one-to-one ∙ Always free for teachers ∙ Used in over200,000 classrooms and 1 out of 2 schools in the US Awards Include:∙ 2018 Top Pick for Learning by Common Sense Education ∙ BestWebsite of 2016 by American Association of School Librarians ∙Richard Byrne's Free Tech for Teachers How Does Seesaw HelpTeachers? Seesaw’s creative tools encourage student engagement ∙Students express themselves, reflect on their learning and create aportfolio they're proud to show others. Get ideas and save preptime ∙ Browse thousands of great activities ready to use in yourclassroom today. ∙ Collect student responses digitally and lug homefewer papers. Focus even more on your students ∙ Seesaw helps yousee and hear what each student knows so you can better understandtheir progress ∙ Give more differentiated support through commentsand feedback. Other Seesaw Features ∙ Compatible with 100s of otherapps, including Apple and Google apps. ∙ Translate notes, commentsand captions into 50+ languages, including Spanish, French,Chinese, Japanese and more! ∙ Seesaw is COPPA, FERPA and GDPRcompliant. Learn more at