SemperCreo, LLC Apps

Trump V Hillary: The Game! 1.0
SemperCreo, LLC
Only 1 Winner will prevail and reignvictoriousin the battle for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election!!!There canbe only one!!-Tap the screen to propel the candidate through D.C.'spoliticalgauntlet labyrinth!!
Calculator Classic 1.0
Rustic Old-World Style Calculator for those quiet mornings with acup o' Joe.
Math Calculator 3.0
Inter-Galactic Space Themed Interactive Calculator for any and alloccasions!
Comic Book Store Finder 1.0
SemperCreo, LLC
Find all the best Comic Book Stores nearby at the click of abutton! Works Worldwide!
Calculator Office 1.0
Classic Old-World Style Office Calculator for crunching thosenumbers and getting organized.
Calculator Jr 1.0
Beautifully Animated Interactive Calculator for pleasantpersonalities of all ages!