Send Word Now, Inc. Apps

AssuranceNM 1.9.19
The Assurance Notification Manager Mobile Android App provides aneasy-to-use alerting and response platform designed for quicklyexecuting and tracking alerts and responses even while away fromthe office. Unlike other notification applications that only makeuse of the Android’s web browser, Assurance Software’s nativeAndroid application provides an additional custom-built interfacefor allowing administrators to directly send voice alerts to mobileand landline phones, text alerts via SMS and email, and more,ensuring that important messages are always received. Alerts aretracked from initiation to response, right from your Androiddevice. The App also supports Offline Mode, which allows AssuranceNM administrators to access their contacts even when their mobiledevice does not have a working network connection. This apprequires a paid Assurance NM subscription with Assurance Software,Inc. Please visit for details.
SWN Direct 3.1.1
SWN Direct is an emergency notificationapplication with integrated voice alerting/conferencing, messagingand file management for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery andCrisis Communications professionals.
NM Direct 4.3.9
Assurance Notification Manager Direct (NM Direct) is a powerful,next-generation mobile recipient app used for criticalcommunications with employees and other key stakeholders. The NMDirect app addresses many of the challenges that exist today withcurrent communication channels and supports a new groundbreakingAudience Visibility capability, where you can know who is “on-net”and available to receive a message before the alert is sent. Thisapp also includes a variety of impressive interaction andcollaboration tools; Express Messenger (a cost-effective SMSalternative that supports up to 2000 characters), Express Voice(fully integrated IP voice capabilities bypassing traditionaltelephone networks and saving costs for end users), LockBox (sendand manage encrypted/user-credential-protected files to recipientswho can access these documents even if their mobile device isoff-net), and One-Click Connect (instant access to inbound messageBoards, the IVR platform). NM Direct provides easy andcost-effective critical communications, all at your fingertips. Useof this app requires a current Assurance NM subscription withAssurance Software, Inc. Please visit fordetails.
Segui La Terapia 2.2
Segui La Terapia è un'applicazione dinotificavia voce e messaggi di testo sviluppato per aiutare ipazientidurante la loro terapia medica.Follow Therapy isanotification via voice and text messaging developed tohelppatients during their medical treatment.
Stay Safe with K-C 1.1
Stay Safe with K-C is managed by Kimberly-Clark and owned byK-C’sthird party emergency communications provider, Send WordNow.  Any K-C employee with an active K-C email addressiseligible to download this application. Smartphone capabilityisrequired, a company issued mobile device is not required.AllowingLocation Services during the download process ishighlyrecommended.   Stay Safe with K-C provides capabilitytoreceive emergency alerts via “My Alerts”, as well ascriticalinformation such as emergency contact numbers and travelhealth& safety information. It also provides keystakeholderseverything needed to prepare for and manage a crisis.All K-Cemployees can look up any K-C location by region.