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Senza 2.8.6
You've heard about the ketogenic way of eating and you want to doit right. Let Senza show you how. Get your macros, keto-specificfood tracking, recipes, and tips for getting started. Senza alsosupports intermittent fasting. Visit for a moreinformation. For beginners: - The 5 Days to Keto guide helps youmake the transition. - Our Macro Calculator determines your optimalnet carbs, protein, and fat in grams. - Barcode scanning, 200,000food records, restaurant menus, and more than 800 keto-specificrecipes make it easy to track everything you eat. - Getpersonalized recommendations every day, and share them with yourfriends. - Monitor your electrolyte intake: potassium, sodium,magnesium. For experienced: - Track glucose and ketones in the app.- See the insulin load of foods you eat. - Watch yourGlucose/ketone index. Therapeutic: - We can connect you with aketo-friendly nutritionist for live support. - An online coachingsite allows practitioners to monitor clients remotely.