SeptemberCrab Apps

OS Siege 1.1
Take a role of friendly virus and lay siege to evil operatingsystem, whilst battling waves of enemies. Acquire upgrades througheach level, to boost your performance!
Storage Cleaning Simulator 1.4
Brave USER!GARBAGE_COLLECTOR fell into slumber and cannot be awoken.Yourcomputer is in danger.Avoid data overflow by managing your memory resourcesorobliterating useless sectors.Game consists of two modes:RECYCLE_BIN - Managing memory in puzzle game, withouttimepressure.FULL_FORMAT - Obliterating tons of data, whilst avoidingdataoverflow.Reviews of game:FR - FrAndroid - - AppsZoom - free to leave your feedback or send a message atFacebook support is discontinued! Check out its successor -NeuuScsim!
Neuu Scsim 1.2.2
Embark on endless voyage in Neuu Scsim! Fast paced puzzle actiongame with multiple game modes with distinct black and white artstyle. Master and hone your skills whenever you have time. Learn tobalance your decisions, it's sometimes best to wait or do nothing.And best of all, the game is free of charge, without intrusive, orany sort of, adds and mictrotransactions!