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Sword of Scyllia 1.0.4
Serah Reikka
« Courage never lets itself be overcome … » –Alphosys relic – AC 45In an enchanted kingdom named Lulalys, was an old legend tellsthe exploits of a young warrior named Alphosyus. The legend said hesucceeded and unifying all the peoples with his legendary swordcalled: Scyllia. With the help of two Saeth Daeyna and Daeynis, allthree defeat a powerful evil wanting corruption and destruction onLulalys …To avoid another catastrophe, Alphosyus created the order of theChildren of Sthella, a very powerful Academy composed exclusivelyof young faculties having to carry Sthella.Millennia passed and this act of bravery soothsayer over time alegend recounted for children afraid to face their faith.But this fabulous kingdom could live in a prosperous peace … Oneday, an unknown evil struck and divided the kingdom into smallfragment of the world accessible only by magical portals. Theseworlds contained the essence of evil and was guarded by hordes ofevil monsters called Archast. Evil comes from an old legend was nowa reality for the people of Lulalys … Passionate Alphosyus relics,a young Sthella called Koyuki wants risking her life to save thekingdom Lulalys.