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WahackDex - VI Gen. Pokédex 1.8
(Note: older androids can't connect to the dex, sorry, seeinstructions below)You are facing the best species encyclopedia.Dont't let it go.This is the only one updated to X / Y.ө Newest information has not been realeased yet, please stay tunedbecause the new data will be announced here prior arrival.ө Coming features: kalos locations, improved attackdex.Send errors and information at this website:Planned features, coming very soon:1. Abilities info2. Improving information about the attacks3. Where to find every pokemon in Kalos (encounter locations).Pokémon Pokédex Kalos DexCredits:This app is posible just because of the help provided by:ө Info: Veekunө Info: Elite2000ө Info: Serebiiө Sprites: zerudezө Sprites: NosciumOlder versions of Android can't access to the information insidethe app, but you can check it anyway using you mobile browser andpointing to the app website:
GoT Base - Game of Thrones 1.6.2
Do you know why the Sand Snakes are seekingrevenge?Or how many Starks are alive?If you want to know who is who in Game of Thrones, as well asthe locations, traditions and many more, stop searching anddownload this app.This online app knows everything!- Online encyclopedia- Needs internet conection- Support Community- Constant growing
GoT Episodes - 1.0.1
Ok, we don't know whether or not Jon Snow is alive but you canrecap all Game of Thrones episodes here, see the synopsis, learnmore about the characters and explore the maps.This app needsinternet connection to work.Beta status means that is still inprogress.