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Go Sanic Goo! Runner MLG Hyper Meme Dash 1.9.5
SanicDa hghbhogg and his thoughts enjoying the day going fast andstuff until those annoying enemies shows up and ruinseverything.Now Unleash the power from SanicMANA hyper Dash, andBroke the sound barrier ! . Speed is at max!Play as ModernSanic ,the runner Classic Sanic 2D Meme and a Sanic runner from Future.GoSanic Goo! run fast!
Free Version for Sanic Ball 1.8.8
Thats it, MLGThe Noscopers´ Choice !Note:This is a Mobile port forthe original SanicBall game made by Thomas BK-TN.
SADASI Mérida 1.7
Esta aplicación permite al usuario descubrir contenido multimediade Grupo SADASI Mérida y de sus desarrollos habitacionales. Latecnología de Realidad Aumentada permite escanear imágenes quecontengan el logo de SADASI Mérida AR para descubrir galerías,video o maquetas virtuales.IMPORTANT: To start touch "COMENZAR"ThisAugmented Reality App allows you see tridimensional content fromSADASI housing as well like promotional videos and impressive 3Dvisuals using printed or digital media published by SADASI.Thisapplication allows the user to discover multimedia content SADASIGroup Mérida and its housing developments. Augmented Realitytechnology allows you to scan images containing SADASI logo ARMerida to discover video galleries or virtual models.IMPORTANT:Tostart touch "START"This Augmented Reality App Allows you seethree-dimensional content from SADASI housing as well likepromotional video and impressive 3D visuals using printed ordigital media published by SADASI.
Aracno Shooter Arena Zombie 3D 1.0.2
Are you tired of shooting games where you can't move? This is theexperience you are looking for.Those Zombie spiders will never knewwhat did hit them. Blow off some spider headsArachnophobia Arena isthe new 3D shooter where you kill waves of enemies using a powerfularsenal.Amazing 3-D graphics and excellent environment music.Butthey are not defenseless , those aracnids fiends are fast, they arevery aggressive and have fire projectiles. You can't stand still oryou will become spider´s food.If you are afraid of undead spiders,don't play it.Happy ShootingOptimized for Intel x86 mobile devices
Sniper Apocalyptic Escape Z 1.0.1
An advice to finish this game: Never give up.
Sanic MLG JUmper gottaGoHIGH 1.02
Going fast at the ground is not enough, go sanic to thesky!Suddenly Sanic crashed through your window and go took yourhand. Told you everything would be fine and took you and goojumping to the hight council of the illuminati at began the travelto top of the world , full of MLG!. After thatSanic then took yourhome and I've never been the same since. Thanks Sanic .! the nextMLG adventure jump after Go Sanic Goo! is now available now go andjump high!
Sanic Clicker Maniiia 1.01
Tap the screen until Break that !#·**! Sound BarrierLeave a reviewif you like going ###FastT!Sanic is back with his friends !PRepaREyourSoelf! for hours of endless speed !Become SuperSanic and go sofasta that even the sound can't equal your speed !And you and Sanicare not alone this time, call your friends to help you to collectmore rigsns FASTER! !
Sanic GottaClick Fast! 1
Snaic is back with his friends !PRepaRE yourSoelf! for hours ofendless fun !Make the clicks not stop and goo sanic!,SanicTap tapand go fast!You are not alone this time, call All your friends sothey can help you to collect more rigsns FSaATER! !,
Dead Mist : Zombie Defense Killer Shooter .9
First Person Shooter survival horror game Killer Zombie , based inenemies waves. Zombie Call of Killing enemies will give you points.slender typeAround the Camp you can find "icon weapons" floatingthat will give you weapons or Ammo for points.Zombie, defense,Walking,, residence of evil, Battle royale, multiplayer, dead,shooter, 3D, slender manIf your barrier get destroyed, you can makeanother one for 1000 points. (you can only rebuild when barrier isdestroyed)Find the health packs to get more chances to survive theattacks.Features: Creepypasta-10 different zombies.-First Personperspective.-3 different Weapons.-More inclined to survival horrorthan Action.You play as a Soldier who have to protect the Camp formHordes of Zombie Undeads. You will have to face Fast ones that aredeadly agile and slow ones that can get you and are stronger.How towin the game? shoot them in the Head.
Guns of Wars 1.5
New First Person Shooter OnlineGuns of Wars Multiplayer Online is afree game where you can play with your friends or other players inother parts os the world.Play in any place you want. No moreconsoles and Tv, relax wherever you want.Show your skills with theDeathMatch mode.Use one of the available weapons,Sniper, pistol,shotgun, and machine guns. How to:Create a Match or Just tap inFind Match, select one of the server on the list and you are allset.Features:-Two styles of characters.-All vs All DeathMatchmode-Easy to use Touch Controls.Coming soon:Zombie mode.Skins foryour character