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AutoTagger - tag editor 1.3.0
You don't need another tag editors anymore -this one is most handy and advanced from them. You no longer haveto edit tags for each song individually - app is focused on batchtag editing and auto tagging. AutoTagger help you to keep yourmusic library in cleanliness and tidiness!Features:- Editing the name, cover art, artist, album, year, genre, tracknumber, disc number, a comment, song lyrics.- Batch auto tagging songs\folder\аlbums\artists.- Batch tag editing songs\folder\аlbums\artists(ID3v1,ID3v2).- Batch renaming files by mask (album, artist, title e.t.c).- Automatically downloading cover art and choosing from a gallery,search in Spotify.- Viewing music folders.- In-built media-scanner.- Searching by album\artist\name.- Sorting by album\artist\name\year.- Excellent Material Design!The basic format: mp3. Extras - flac (experimental).Warning: on Android 4.4 Google has blocked the ability to write toan SD card.Supports editing files on SD card on Android Lollipop+!Properly app work are not guaranteed on MIUI roms.
AutoTagger - automatic and batch music tag editor 3.1.2
App will help you organize your music collection with ease, findand edit music tags, download high quality cover art. AutoTaggerallows you edit music in batches, change cover art in batches andautomatically search tags using music recognition. Edit any tags📝Editing song title, cover art, artist, album, album artist, year,genre, track number, disc number, comment, lyrics. App supportsediting tags for MP3 (ID3v1, ID3v2), MP4, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WMA, WAVand editing music on SD-card. Auto tag search 🔍App will find tagsfor your music in seconds and you need only choose best result!Batch editing 📦Edit songs, albums or artists in batch. Rename yourfiles in batch using customizable patterns. Also you can set coverart for multiple songs at once. Cover art editing 🎨Automaticallyand manual downloading high quality cover art, choosing from agallery. Reliability 🛡️ Music tags and cover art are writtendirectly into files and don't disappear after files moving ordevice rebooting. And more: ⭐ Album tracks numeration. ⭐ Viewingmusic folders. ⭐ In-built media-scanner. ⭐ Customizable sortings. ⭐Dark theme. ⭐ Excellent Material Design! 👉Join to communities:Telegram: Facebook Вконтакте