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JOBOY - Home Services, Maintenance, Repairs, Deals 2.2.13
Joboy - Someone who is good at everything. Literally EVERYTHING.(Urban Dictionary) JOBOY brings the best of experts in Homeservices, Home maintenance, Appliances repairs, Utility services,Lifestyle services, Beauty services, Medical services, Repair &Maintenance, and other professional local service experts, localbill payments, and a local marketplace for shopping, right to yourhome or where you want us to. With a large service provider base,on-time services, flexible pricing, and service guarantee, JOBOYensures that you get the best of services. You also have the optionto pay by Cash on Delivery, from your E-wallets, or by onlinepayments using Internet banking, Credit cards or Debit cards Youcan also do local shopping on the JOBOY app. We have a wide varietyof cakes, flowers, home-made pickles and squashes, clothing, andleather accessories from your favourite vendors in your city Ourservices include, Home Maintenance: Electrician, Plumber, Handyman,Carpenter, Painter, AC Mechanic, Gardener, Pest Control CleaningServices: House Cleaning, Laundry, Ironing, Dry cleaning, Car wash,Car Detailing, Carpet wash, Sofa wash, Curtain wash Home ApplianceRepairs: Computer, Laptop, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Air Conditioner,Refrigerator, Television, Microwave Oven, Gas Stove, Chimney,Washing Machine, Water cooler, CCTV, and other electronicappliances Health and Beauty Services: Beautician, Beauty Salon,Hair Care, Medical Services, Parental care, Physiotherapy, HomeNursing, Lab testing Lifestyle Services: Cake delivery, Surprisegifts, Flower delivery, Pickup and delivery, Tuitions, Packers andMovers, Event Management, Decorations, Photo Shoots BusinessServices: Accounting Services, Background Verification, PrivateInvestigation, Mobile App Development, Website Development, TaxServices, Document Collection We are constantly working on updatingour services, and increasing our service network, so that we cansupport you with more services Currently our services are availableat the following locations, United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Sharjah United Kingdom: Croydon, Sutton India: Kochi, Thrissur,Trivandrum, Calicut, Kottayam, Thiruvalla We are coming soon toBangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chandigarh,Jaipur, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, and other major cities in India andto the rest of London, Dubai, Sharjah, and other locations acrossthe globe. Our mobile app may request you for access to thefollowing, Phone and network information: JOBOY works with networkdata, and it also uses the mobile network for calling our customercare or service providers directly from the app, if in case youwant to do that Read or write text messages: just in case the appneeds to read a PIN sent by us Access to storage and media files:used only while adding a picture to your profile and some cache tomake the app faster Location: Our services are location based, soswitching on your location makes it easier for you and us However,please be assured that we cannot access any of your personalinformation or media in your phone. All the above accesses are onlyfor the purpose of logical functioning of our services. We accessyour personal data or share any of your personal information withany outsider. Your privacy is as important to us as ours!Uncomplicate life!
App for JOBOY Service Experts 1.1.11
Joboy - Someone who is good at everything. Literally EVERYTHING.(Urban Dictionary) This mobile app is made specifically for ourservices experts and partners to manage their schedules and helpthem provide services to our customers on time. JOBOY brings thebest of experts in Home services, Local services, Home Maintenance,Appliances repairs, Utility services, Lifestyle services, Beautyservices, Medical services, Repair & Maintenance, otherprofessional local service providers, and local bill payments, toyou, right where you are. We have built our services and technologyfrom a customer's view, so our services are centred around thecustomer's needs Our services include, Electrician, Plumber,Carpenter, Painter, Driver, AC Mechanic, Gardener, Security,Cleaning services, Laundry, Ironing, Car wash, Beautician, BeautySalon, Hair Care, Computer repairs, Medical Services, Parentalcare, Physiotherapy, Home Nursing, Lab testing, Cakes, Surprisegifts, Flower delivery, Pickup and delivery, Tuitions, and manyother local services.You can service and repair your AirConditioner, Fridge, Refrigerator, Television, TV, Microwave Oven,Gas Stove, Chimney, Washing Machine, Water cooler, and otherelectronic appliances, through experienced professionals. We areconstantly working on updating our services and increasing ourservice network. Currently, our services are available in Kochi,Thrissur and Trivandrum and we are coming soon to Kozhikode,Thiruvalla, other cities within Kerala, Bangalore, Chennai,Coimbatore, Mangalore, and other major cities in India. You canalso make bill payments for local utility providers using JOBOY!With a large service provider base, on-time services, flexiblepricing, and service guarantee, Joboy ensures complete customersatisfaction. You also have the option to pay by cash on delivery,from your PayTM/Citrus/PayU wallets, or by online payments usingnet banking, credit cards or debit cards Our services and pricingare based on customer specific requirements, ensuring that thecustomer gets the best service, at the right time, at theirdoorstep, every time. Customers have the flexibility to choose fromon demand, or scheduled services, and also have the option ofavailing services from listed service providers. Our serviceprofessionals are selected based on their experience, andon-boarded after a professional background verification, to makesure that our customers get good value for their money spent, andfeel safe at the same time. Our app will request to you for accessto your phone and network information, read or write text messages,access to storage and media files, and location. However, please beassured that we can not access any of your personal information ormedia on your phone. All these accesses are only for the purpose oflogical functioning of our services. Your privacy is as importantto us as ours! Use JOBOY! Uncomplicate life!
LifnaExporters 1.0.0
LIFNA EXPORTERS LLP focuses on exporting fresh chilled seafoodtocustomers across the globe from India. Emerging as the best inthefield of chilled seafood exports, there was no turning backforLifna exports after its inception. Lifna Exporters isestablishedwith its corporate base in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu - thehub of theIndian Seafood exporting industry. Lifna exporters is nowamong thetop seafood exporters in Tamil Nadu specialising insupplying freshchilled seafood to various countries across theglobe. Wespecialise in providing the best quality chilled seafood,in thehighest packing standards, on time. We have a strongexperiencedteam spread across various coasts of India from where weprocurethe best quality 100% organic seafood.Our growth strategy isbasedon investing in state of the art infrastructure andmodernequipments to export the best quality seafood. We haveestablishedbest in class packing system, multiple quality testingstages andsafe storage mechanisms. We are situated in the eastcoast, just 3kilometres from the sea port and 1 kilometre from thefishingharbour.We procure raw materials directly from the fishingtrawlersalong various centres of coastal India. The raw material iswashedat the centres, packed in insulated boxes with ice andtransportedin a fleet of insulated, refrigerated vans to the hub atTuticorin.We have also established packing units along differentcoasts whichenable us to pack the products fresh and send it to thebuyers fromthe nearest airport.We export our premium products tonumerousdestinations all over the world. Each lot of our productsareanalysed for microbiological, chemical and organolepticstandardsand is sent with utmost care to the buyers.The LifnaExporters appis our next stage of development. The app willfacilitate as theofficial app for Lifna employees, and also caterto B2Binteractions amongst Lifna and its clients. The app willprovideemployees with A-Z information required for seamlessfunctioning ofthe organisation.
JOBOY Merchant 1.0.2
The JOBOY Merchant App makes it possible for active merchants tooffer the users the most attractive and catchy deals with the blinkof an eye. Manage your deals on the JOBOY app without anyunnecessary paperwork, unnecessary phone calls and all the hasslethat comes with it. Just a few clicks and your work is done. TheJOBOY Merchant App makes it possible for you to decode the DEALgiven to the user just by using your smartphone. In order to entera new DEAL just enter the necessary details into the app and watchhow your deal takes shape and is displayed on the JOBOY platform.Note: Merchant sign up option is not available at the moment.Merchants must go under our on- boarding process in coordinationwith JOBOY business team and complete necessary documentation. Theon-boarded merchants can use the app to track the deals and add orupdate deals via JOBOY Merchant app. Make your Deals instantlyavailable, hassle-free and efficient.
Serville Employee App 1.0
Serville Technologies Task management app is company's in-houseappfor employees to manage their task and mark attendancewhereverthey are posted. This app focuses on the following tasks attheinitial version. - Attendance - Travel reports - Task allotmentandmanagement - Task Report for management - Meeting Updates Thisisstrictly for Serville employees and users outside arerestrictedfrom using this application.