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R2TV 2.0.0
R2TV is a light entertainment channel thatdelivers top-notch content on talk shows, lifestyle, fashion,movies, sports, kiddies, music and more. Born out of the desire toprovide 100% quality entertainment for global viewership, R2TV cameto be.Our goal is not just to do things that have not been done beforein the history of television but to also do things that have beendone before differently.Aware of the fact that conventional TV is evolving and extendingits tentacles to other platforms; R2TV is taking a multi-dynamicapproach in meeting the needs of fun lovers, intelligence inspired,upwardly mobile, young in age and young at heart. By this we meanthat R2TV is not only to be enjoyed on conventional television butextends its tentacles to other virtual mediums with the option oflive streaming of programmes and content on demand for the internetsavvy users.The fun does not stop there; R2TV has a viable presence ofon-going conversation on social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, BBM, WeChat and WhatsApp.
TVC Entertainment 3.0.4
This is an Android App that enables you watchthe live broadcast of Television Continental, Nigeria.We aim to provide an accurate representation of the Nigerian voice,a voice, which is diverse but unified.Our objective is to satisfy Nigeria’s desire and quest forknowledge and information and we achieve this through high qualityand exclusive news and entertainment.Our programmes both entertain and inform Nigerians, through a smartand entertaining approach to news making and programmeproduction.
Rave TV 4.0.3
This App enables you to watch Live Rave TV programs from Lagos,Nigeria. A simple Application that brings you closer to usirrespective of your location in the world. RAVE TV is Nigeria’sfirst interactive multi-broadcast network, a brand from Inside OutMedia Limited, the producers of “Inside-out with Agatha”. RAVE TVpromises to be an exciting Channel, focusing on entertaining andeducating the young and the young at heart through its rich contentcutting across African borders. Our programming will be urbane andriveting. Rave TV is on Startimes and Consat Cable Network here inNigeria. We are the custodians of the past, present and future. Weoffer fascinating hours of non-stop, original programming withworld-class production quality. You can watch our TV Programmes onStartimes, ,and Consat as we also streamonline( Our Station is positioned tobe the home of quality entertainment. OUR STRUCTURE Our structureis built around CREATIVE PEOPLE with insightful knowledge aboutsocietal values. Our TV Programming is tailored to deliver to ourviewing audience quality contents that informs and educates whileserving to entertain, inspire and empower. We provide brands withhigh-quality advertising on our syndicated digital platforms. OURVISION To create a TV channel that is audience participatory andeducative. OUR MISSION To deliver rich television content that willimpact good societal values. OUR OBJECTIVES • To fill the vacuum inthe broadcast industry • To apply creativity in its utmost senseOUR VALUES • Integrity • Fairness • Diligence RAVE TV CABLE NETWORKDEMOGRAPH Rave TV’s digital Cable Demorgraph: According to researchstatistics, Startimes has covered 32 cities in Nigeria (i.e. SouthWest, South East, South South, North and Middle Belt Region) withtotal subscribers’ base of 2,381,727million. It also has 841,602Subscribers in other Africa Countries (i.e. Kenya 348,520Subscribers, Tanzania 112,875 Subscribers, Malawi 116,002Subscribers, and Uganda 264,205 Subscribers). Rave TV is also onCONSAT a new cable platform with a prospect of building a largepool of Subscribers. In all, Rave TV cable gives better platform topotential advertisers to reach their target market. By June 2015,Nigeria will be migrating to digital television. In less than oneyear, all TV stations will be operating on the same platform, whichgives Rave TV’s prospective advertisers an opportunity to be aheadof other brands.
TVC NEWS 3.0.8
TVC News is a 24-hour pan-African News Channeloffering a fresh perspective on African and world events.Broadcasting from Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and withoffices and correspondents across Nigeria and Africa, TVC Newsbrings its viewers the latest news 24 hours a day, telling the newsas it is, with reporting that is as fearless as it isinformative.
com.servotronicstech.InspirationRadio 9.0.1
This App enables you to listen to Inspiration Radio 92.3, Lagos,and inspiration radio 100.5, Ibadan, Nigeria. Welcome to Nigeria’s#1 family radio station INSPIRATION FM. Inspiration Radio servesthe needs of our immediate metropolitan environment for promotions,intensive inspiration, and music 24 hours a day. The stationstarted over five years ago with 24hrs broadcast officially on the8th of Dec. 2008 with seasoned broadcasters staffs led by theversatile Soni Irabor who was able to put together a great teamthat is still to be reckoned with in the media industry. 92.3Inspiration FM is borne out of the need to inspire Nigeriansbetween the ages of 18 and 50 to live their dreams and achievetheir potentials. The station plays the finest blend of LocalNigerian and International Music. The station boasts of a blend ofthe best radio voices in Nigeria like eloquent Wana Wana, prettyTiti, Big Bold & Beautiful Chioma, Valentine, Terry, Teekay,Dallas, Eyo, Rufai and sultry Ego. The Inspiration Newsroom is ahotbed for breaking news with the strictest tradition of agelongjournalism, accurate, balanced and objective stories. The News roomboasts of experienced, tested and award winning journalists andsome of the best News readers on this side of the divide: if it’sNEWS that is TRUE, look to the INSPIRATION NEWSROOM. We are proudto say that Inspiration Radio is safe for the whole family! Everyaspect of the content broadcast on Inspiration Radio is subjectedto intricate systems of screening and scrutiny to ensure ourcontent meets the highest standards. Every song, commercial, promo,and possible personality talk is designed to be “Family Friendly”and to meet the specific needs and wants of our listeners. Themission of Inspiration Radio’s website is to be a reliable andoutstanding resource for listeners and viewers, providing them withup-to-date discretionary time information, live inspiration music,station information, upcoming local and relevant events, news,contests and more. The design and content, creativity inpresentation, and effectiveness of the Inspiration Radio websiteare intended to help fulfill our mission. As you would expect, has become a daily destination for anever-growing number of people from all corners of the world. Wehave introduced online streaming, which allows Inspiration Radio tobe heard everywhere in the world. We are truly a radio station foreveryone, everywhere. Soni Irabor who is a consummate mediapersonality with numerous of years of experience is presently theCEO of the station and he is repositioning the station to greaterheights. Office Address Pent House Suite Amazing Grace Plaza 2E-4E,Ligali Ayorinde street, V.I, Lagos 01-2770924- main switch board
com.servotronicstech.TopradioMediaPlayer 7.0.1
This mobile App enables you to listen to Top Radio 90.9 FM fromIkeja, Lagos Nigeria. - 08174719536 STUDIO PHONE - 08096702550 STUDIO SMS/WHATSAPP - 08099931035
UNIQ 103.1 FM Ara Station 2.0.0
This enables you to listen to Uniq 103.1 FM live from Ilesa, OsunState, Nigeria. Enjoy our reach ethnic values and culture.
Radio Continental 102.3FM 2.0.1
Radio Continental 102.3FM is authoritatively Nigeria’s number oneconversational Station, with complete audience interactivitythrough its choice programmes. The Station is Nigeria’s foremostindependent Talk Station. News, Current Affairs, Features,Documentaries, Sports, or Music, the conversation never ends’As the conversation continues, so does a commitment to socialreorientation from the immediate locality, unto regional andnational impact. Our ultimate goal is an Africa presented to theworld in its true light; one that is the new world’s destinationfor business, tourism and standard.
com.servotronicstech.ACBN 7.0.1
ACBN: Africa Christian Broadcasting Network is an App which bringsto you network streams of christian channel from the heart beat oflagos Nigeria. Its a conglomerate of most christian and religiousorganisation in Nigeria, Africa and the world. The App has twodistinct channel, ACBN Africa and ACBN international and also a website for religious news and article.
Lagos Television 3.0.1
This App enables you to get engaged with Lagos Television Ikeja andkeep you abreast of news all around lagos and environs. You canalso streaming live content from LTV from your mobile devices andeven on your smart TV. Lagos State Television which was establishedin October, 1980 was the first Television station in Nigeria tooperate on two frequencies / bands VHF and UHF but now on UHFchannel 35 and the first State owned Television station on cablesatellite DSTV channel 256 and later on Startimes channel 104. TheApp is integrated with LTV social Media links and a portal toenable you send videos or images of event in your community.
Trend 100.9 FM 2.0.1
This App enables you to listen to Trend 100.9 FM from Asaba, Deltastate Nigeria. It integrates with facebook, Twitter and instagramto enable you have quick access to our social media and follow upwith your favorite program.
This Application enables you to listen toTheLatter Rain Assembly Online Radio.We are an Apostolic Community of believers whose purpose istocarry forward the purpose of the Kingdom of Heaven onearth.We are a new breed without greed. A radical oppositiontocorruption. Men and women, boys and girls who choose to winbyrighteousness.We are a new society of persons unconditionally committed totheLordship of Jesus Christ in every aspect of life and whateverittakes, we seek to exchange the values of the surroundingsocietyand the world at large with the standards of God'sKingdom.Our constant aspiration in an unhealthy world is to be ahealthychurch full of wonderful, loving, friendly andsupportivecongregation with leadership that loves God and Hispeople as wellas serve with creativity, passion and joy.
Trend 100.9 FM 2.0.1
This App enables you to listen to Trend 100.9 FM from Asaba, Deltastate Nigeria. It integrates with facebook, Twitter and instagramto enable you have quick access to our social media and follow upwith your favorite program.
Rhema TV Nigeria 1.0.1
This Application enables you to watchlivefeeds and recorded events of Rhema TV.
Traffic Radio 96.1 FM 1.0.2
Lagos State, since its creation on 27 May 1967, has experiencedgradual surge of humans and vehicles. The making of the state asthe capital of Nigeria increased the surge of people into Lagosmany of who have founf it difficult to relocate from the state evenas the capital moved to Abuja. Even with the movement of capital,till date, Lagos still remains its economic relevance. This haskept the surge. The surge has created attendant effect ofinfrastructures especially the road. Congestion and heavy traffichas become a regular feature on Lagos roads. The heavy traffic andcongestionbrought negative effects to the people and the economy.The associated stress is enornous; the loss of man-hour leading toreduction in productivity is related to the economy. Birth of LagosTraffic Radio The State Government realised these challenges andcame to the conclusion that congestion and heavy traffics on ourroads should be eliminated. HIS EXCELLENCY, Mr Babatunde RajiFashola (SAN) thus approved that a dedicated traffic radio beestablished to monitor traffic and safety matters in Lagos state.This is what led to the birth of Lagos Traffic Radio. Objective Thestation will give motorits firsh hand information ontransportation, and traffic news, traffic alerts and diversionswhile they drive or before they leave their homes. Informationreceived from the station will help people to plan their routes andschedule their business plans effectively. Coverage The facilitiesare strategically located that the reach covers Lagos state andparts of neighbouring Ogun State. Leadership The listenership cutacross the old and young, poor and rich, male and female. ClienteleAll users of roads and other transportation modes (including railand air) around Lagos State. Our Product Reliable information ontraffic situation to enable motorists plan routes around Lagos.Drivers can maximise the comfort of the road by avoiding routesthat are prone to heavy traffic. Information gathered from ourfiled officers will be packaged for transmission to the public.Back Up/Field Report The station will be fully backed by a team ofLASTMA Personnel. The personnel will file in reports live fromlocations around Lagos.Phone calls recieved from members of thepublic on traffic matters will be verified by the nearest LASTMApost. Hours of Transmission At start, the station will transmitbetween 5AM and 12 Midnight. It will later assume a twenty four[24HR] service.
Songtest 1.0.0
With Songtest, you are saddled with the task of unscramblingletterswhich makes up names of Nigerian Artiste, both current andoldschool.Each successful unscrambled Name earns you 5 points. Youcanloose points if you decide to reveal the artiste name or whenyouget help from a friend.This is a brain teaser for you toexerciseyour knowledge of music.Happy unscrambling!!
Hot FM Nigeria 1.0.6
With 3 successful broadcasting stations in Abuja, Asaba and Owerri,Lagos is our next stop. We introduce to you Hot Fm 93.3. We are notjust another radio station in town. We are the radio station. Ourvision for our Lagos is to provide a platform for the best musicavailable and the highest quality of entertainment in the Nigerianmarket. Our primary target audience are cosmopolitan, urbane andupwardly mobile people between the ages of 24 – 35 while thesecondary target are people within the ages of 16 -24. Hot Fm 93.3Lagos is bringing radio in different facets. Radio in thetraditional sense and radio as a convergence of audio and video,which we call Visual Radio. Visual radio allows audiences tostream/watch music videos of the songs they hear on radio inrealtime. So you hear the song on the radio, you see the videoonline, simple. In addition, 93.3 Lagos will have a very activeonline presence with lots of original and interesting content ouraudience can key into. Hot Fm is not just another radio stationit’s “More Than Just Radio”, this epitomizes Hot FM Lagos and it’saudio visual outlook. For our listeners, more bang for their buck.
Docdey 2.0.7
About this app DocDey is a MedTech solution that has been developedto address the increasing rate of NCDs in our society. In 2014, theWorld Health Organization (WHO) Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD)Country profiles on Nigeria reveals that the probability of dyingbetween ages 30 and 70 years from the 4 main NCDs is 20%. Studieshave shown that major factors suffering the cure ofNon-Communicable Diseases NCDs include poor adherence to medicationand lack of awareness of NCDs which accounts for 60% of all deathsglobally. NCD, for example, are hypertension, diabetes,dyslipidemia/obesities and cancers With poor awareness andpatient’s nonchalant attitudes to medication as key bedevilingfactors of hindering the management of NCDs coupled with theinadequate medical and health management system in Sub SaharanAfrica, DocDey aims to reduce the impact of these threateningfactors with the adoption of some technological features using thisapplication. Key Features • Medication reminder • Health tips •Ambulance directory • Specialist Centers directory • Drugclassification, uses, and side effects • Drug-druginteraction/effect • Live Chat Features in Detail • DrugsManagement: This app will serve as a reminder for users to taketheir medication which enables individuals to take their drugsas/at when due. It will also tell the patients about the drugclasses, uses, side-effects, and drug-to-drug impact. • HealthcareSpecialists/Centers: DocDey will links patients to health carespecialists and specialist centers. • Ambulance Services: It willprovide online contact with ambulance services for emergencies.This feature is still being developed to enable it more localized •Health tips: This app will be talking about lifestyle, diseases andits current management on a weekly basis. • Live Chat: A platformthat will bring medical consultation closed to patients such thatUsers will be able to chat with specialist/consultants real-timeand on time
Docdey Specialist 1.0.1
Interacts with users on Docdey Application